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  1. Hello, I am keen to source a red glug and grub, and was hoping someone might have a set in good condition for sale. Please message me if you can help. Thanks Nicki
  2. Green Eglu classic with 3 metre run (std 2m plus extension kit a) In very good used condition. Includes green glug and grub feeders, 4 omlet egg boxes, a new Lynch pin and run clips. Dismantled and cleaned for easy collection. Only selling as upgraded to a cube. Collection only (Bristol/North Somerset area) £220 Ono
  3. Hello, I am looking for a Cube or a Go Up with a standard run as minimum to go into our walk in run. We are located in North Somerset, so can collect from Bristol, Newport, Somerset etc... Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thank you.
  4. My son and daughter chose a name each. Treacle, my daughters chicken has been laying each day, small but not tiny, perfect eggs. Their new home arrived yesterday, and we built it tonight. The girls are tucked up nice and warm on their new roosting bars. Although the henhouse is quite small. It will seem a mansion compared to their rabbit hutch, and eventually they will have the but the rabbit is in there at the moment, and loves it. I can't wait until the weekend when we can play properly.
  5. After a long time away from the board following our final two chickens being caught by foxes, on Friday night we were given the opportunity for two chickens of fate. A neighbour knocked on the door and asked if we would like two RIR bantams. He breeds banties and these were extras he needed to sell. They are currently in a rabbit hutch, awaiting a new cage tomorrow as the rabbit is in the eglu and spent some time on our lawn in the dog cage to get some air. We even had our first this morning! The best thing is, our daughter who was scared of the big girls loves the banties. So back to the world of chicken keeping and welcome to Treacle and Mocha.
  6. In the pump rooms? Longleat? The Roman Baths?
  7. Shocking news, but I'm glad to hear Rosie is making good progress, best wishes to both of you xx
  8. Just wanted to send you and your family my heartfelt sympathy, my thoughts and prayers are with you all xx
  9. Address: 9 Rue De La Grande Chaumiere, Paris, 75006, FR Phone: +33 1 43266086 Fax: +33 1 43547370 Welcome to BEST WESTERN Villa Des Artistes! The BEST WESTERN Villa des Artistes is in the heart of the Left Bank with a car park nearby. Featuring an interior garden, all rooms with air-conditioning, renovated arty rooms, free WiFi access, mini-bar and satellite television. We offer a buffet breakfast for a nominal fee, lounge, 24-hour front desk, elevator and complimentary newspaper. We stayed in the hotel above - it was lovely, we went in February 2010 and it was in walking distance to Montparnasse - well worth a night time trip to see the Eiffel Tower lit up from the top floor (cost only a few £'s in tesco vouchers too). There were lots of lovely restaurants nearby to sit and watch the world go by, and the hotel rooms are painted in the style of famous artists. We had a Dali room and it was amazing!! We didn't have breakfast, as we wanted to munch a croissant and coffee at the local cafes, but the hotel service was great, nothing was too much trouble. The metro was about 5 mins walk away.
  10. Head of House and English Teacher in an 11-18 comprehensive. It is the best job in the world, and gives me the hols to spend with my own two monsters - and the chooks of course! I feel privileged every day to enjoy going to work as much as I do, nothing beats having a job you love.
  11. Most of the games for little ones include elements of counting, organising facts, learning how things happen, and I agree, used properly, they are a great educational tool. 6 year olds today need a completely different take on the world, and technical know-how is crucial. My 7 year old loves the nintendogs type programme - teaching her how to care for an animal without me needing to nag! She also loves the traditional mario type games. Her favourite is mama cooking. I think a DS is a great 6 year old toy, they don't need to be a substitute for real life - in fact my kids have both had them since 6, but only choose to play with them when we are on a long car journey, or at a function when they need to be quiet, the rest of the time they sit gathering dust on the bookshelf. When used they are invaluable to us and a great way for the kids to prevent boredom.
  12. Totnes is lovely, quite hippyish and alternative, but a friendly feel, however it can get mobbed with tourists in the summer. Ashburton is smaller and a bit more cut off, but the local secondary school is brilliant and would be my first choice if I moved back down that way. Both are lovely, but also also miles from Coombe Martin and North Devon - it is a small county, but connected via the moor roads which can be a nightmare in summer and poor weather. Good luck with your move.
  13. They could have mixed corn and any left over greens from your neighbour. They will be fine with just layers pellets for your holiday though - they may even appreciate you more as a result!

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