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  1. Hello Is there anyone on here who lives in the Thanet area who knows how to fit bumpa bits? I'm a slightly nervous newbie who needs to fit some. I'm worried about hurting my girls, and wondered if anyone lived close enough to help me out. I can supply tea, gratitude and biscuits. I thought offering eggs would be redundant lol.
  2. Mim

    Loss of feathers

    Thanks, a shout out is a good idea. Which part of the forum do you think would be best for that?
  3. Mim

    Loss of feathers

    Those look tricky put on them on your own, plus I'd be frightened I might hurt them. 2 of the girls have all of their feathers. I've only seen one of them peck the others. I've called her Regina as she is the mean girl of the bunch. I'm in Margate. Sorry about the bold type. I don't know what happened there.
  4. Mim

    Loss of feathers

    Sorry, what are bumper bits?
  5. Mim

    Loss of feathers

    Bumper bits???😕
  6. Hello I'm new to keeping chickens so would really appreciate some advice. I have 5 lovely girls. They are all sprightly, interested and basically as chickens should be. The only thing is that 2 are losing feathers around their butts and another has some missing from the back of her neck. This has been going on so slowly for weeks, that it didn't seem to be getting worse, but one definitely is continuing to lose feathers. The others don't seem to be losing any more, but they don't seem to be getting any better either. I've checked them all for critters and blood, but there is no sign of anything untoward. I regularly clean out their coop. I've been using Auboise with diamataceous earth and dried lavender mixed in. They have water with cider vinegar in, and on cold mornings, I give them porridge as described on the blog here. In the afternoon, I give them either mixed corn or live mealworms. They are laying. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Beantree I've just thought, maybe they're picking out the dried lavender I mix in with the auboise. There's no sign of mites or any other critters and their eggs are fine.
  8. Hi I've got auboise in the coop and there's wood chip in the run. It's just funny how sometimes as soon as I've put the new bedding in they kick it out 😮
  9. Hi I'm a newbie and wondering, is it normal for the girls to go into the coop and kick out their bedding? They also seem to be eating some of it. They are on organic layers feed, I give them mixed corn and live mealworms as treats and occasionally the porridge recipe found on the blog here. They're all healthy and lively and at least one of them is laying. I got them as POL this November. Many thanks in advance 🙂

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