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  1. I have for sale my much loved Cube MK1 in orange. I have had it for around 6 years and have thoroughly enjoyed keeping my chooks in it. Apart from a bit of fading it is in fab condition. Also comes with the 1 meter run extension I also have my 3x5 WiR for sale too (mk2). This is only around 18 months old and so in excellent condition. I am looking for the following: Coop £400 ono WiR £650 ono Bundle £1000 ono Sensible offers will be considered for all of the above. If bought as a bundle I also have some accessories that I will put in too like drinkers and feeders (Dine a Chook not Omlet). If you would like any more info please ask. .
  2. Hi Fiona-b, Was that message meant for me as Jo Mac was looking to buy not sell? If so, yes my cube is still for sale, I’m in Wiltshire and was looking for £400 for the cube, it comes with a 1m run extension and the omlet sun shade cover 😊
  3. Hi, I’m happy to sell separately. I do have someone asking after as a package just now but if they don’t want it then of course 😊
  4. Hi Jo Mac 😊 I was looking for £1000 together as the run is only 18 months old but I am open to offers too x
  5. That’s fine, thank you for getting back to me 😊. As I say I am open to offers too. Good luck with your search
  6. Hi, Yes it does have side mesh but not floor mesh, didn’t think about that for a rabbit 🤣 I would like £700 as it’s immaculate but I am open to offers
  7. Hi, as it comes with the 1m run extension and heavy duty cover I was looking for £450 but I am open to offers. Let me know what sort of price you were thinking and we'll see if we can come up with something
  8. Hi Iain, I haven't had this problem myself ( I think I worried more about the noise my chooks made than my neighbors' did )but I have read a lot recently of people going through the same. All of the outcomes I have come across seem to be the same - no further action was taken by environmental department but they have to follow up complaints thoroughly in the first instance. As you have said that you have already spoken with your neighbor about ways to alleviate his concerns and even come up with suggestions yourself, I would say try not to worry too much and just let him continue. Birds do make noise and I don't suppose he has been complaining about wild birds that happen to make a noise as they are going over It sounds as if he is a lonely guy who needs to occupy his time complaining about others - each to their own I suppose!!
  9. Hi Miss Waller. I have for sale a 3x5 WiR, it's only 18 months old. Pictures attached.
  10. Hi Dannyj, I'm in Wiltshire but would be happy if you wanted to arrange a courier. The run is around 18 months old so still in excellent condition.
  11. Hi, have you found what you were looking for yet? I have a cube mk1 in orange. It's a bit faded as its 6 years old but other than that, it's in great condition. It comes with a 1m run extension. I also have for sale a 3x5 WiR. pictures attached.

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