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    Thin shells

    OK. I’ve tried all of the suggested methods but we still have a thin broken egg in the neat box everyday. I’m now concerned that they will get a taste for egg. I’ve had a stern word with them but to no avail.
  2. acbruce

    Thin shells

    One or maybe two of our hens have now been laying such thin shelled eggs that they are broken all over the nesting box. As a result we are only getting one or two eggs a day. All four hens have access to a grit/oyster shell mix, good quality layers pellets, fresh water. As they lay quite early in the morning I can’t discover which hen(s) it might be. Any help gratefully received.
  3. I have an Eglu Go Up housing four medium hens. I find I'm having to clean them out every other day at the moment - reading as I do that many people just do this once a week - but more concerning is the fact that the eggs laid are covered in mud and poop and take some cleaning off. Now this may be just a winter issue but I wondered if anyone else had this issue?