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  1. El Jefe

    A game

    Good grief! Jennifer needs a smack daddy!
  2. I was rather hoping you might pick some of those mysterious titles at the end of films. Gaffer Boy Dolly Grip Chief Dolly Grip etc etc On reflection I feel that perhaps you have picked a happy mix of words that ensures you can demote him immediately. As Murdo is now in charge of communications does this now mean that you simpky dictate your postings to him for typing?
  3. El Jefe


    Congratulations! A lady at my dog training class has had quite a few puppy guide dogs - her own dog was a puppy she had which never made the grade as a proper guide dog. I loved your photos of your old dog (Bartok?) and wish you loads of fun with your new addition
  4. Henrietta Maria (Charles I wife) Could this be a name for a future hen? So sorry to hear your news - but pleased that Lottie has bought some happiness - sounds like she is really living it up in her new home
  5. Good idea Murdo - its so easy to forget to sow that one veg
  6. You can have them with my love! Do you want to PM me your address and I'll pop them in the post to you. I'll toddle off and have a look at your WWW - just starting to turn my attention to getting ready for the next batch of veggies - Full production time soon
  7. Hi Grow Your Own mag had a packet ofBrssels Sprout "Falstaff" seeds on the front. Whilst they look quite pretty (purple) I can't abide sprouts, so I'm more than happy to post them to a loving home. Any takers?
  8. El Jefe

    Pink Eglu

    Fabulous news - it must mean a lot to know that Rita and Beryl have gone with their Eglu to a good home too
  9. I thought it was a spoof ad too! Both my boyfriend and I were amazed.
  10. Just wanted to add my sympathies - thinking of you both. I'm sure it will be of comfort in the future to think what a fabulous time she had at Christmas with you all. Good luck for 2006
  11. Hi Giina As Red said - the local churches often organise soup runs, my local town has food available every day all organised by the local churches.
  12. Just to be different I have always found older male cats to get on better with a female - Sorry, that doesn't really help does it?
  13. I work for Highways - so obviously the wether is always a subject of conversation because we have to decide to grit or not. Irs certainly cold in Essex, windy and we have just had a very brief and light snow shower - and apparantly that is what is expected for the rest of the weekend. Brrrrrrrrr
  14. Eyes Wide Shut - what a load of pants! The Avengers - love the TV show, but the film? Actually walked out of the cinema
  15. El Jefe

    X Factor

    Colin Jackson to WIN

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