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  1. Hi Mullethunter I think I must have answered just as you posted! I've had my chip down only since June...so not that long. I expected it to last longer. However having hosed it down today I can see why there are problems as a few slabs drain away and others dont so just collect water. Those that collect the wood chip is just rotten and smelly. I do think in spring I probably need to take the slabs out and start again but cant do that now due to time/money. Maybe some kind of membrane instead of slabs. Do you have a slope on your slabs Mullethunter? And how thick is your layer of chip? Thanks again...going to bed achy after today and little bit defeated but tomorrow is a new day!
  2. Thank you. I have spent all day cleaning the slabs, old wood chip out and trying to give more or a slope on the slabs where pools of water was resting. New wood chip tomorrow and a new tarpaulin. Thanks for your help x Can I ask how you keep your coops completely dry. I have a few Omlet covers with bungy chords and some plastic old banners cable ties on the sides. But there is always going to be a join and water always gets in. If keeping it dry is the key now do you do this? Thanks again
  3. I have a covered lo rise run with paving slabs and then wood chip on the top. The wood chip is in an awful state at the moment muddy and wet and is needing to be replaced. I have read that because my run is covered my wood chips wont stay as clean (as the rain is able to wash them off) I do hose them down occasionally and leave to dry but this obviously isnt as easy now Autumn is here. I pooh pick every now and again. Anyone else use wood chips and not cover their run? Does it work better to just let nature wash them? I'm wondering whether my slabs under the wood chip are also hindering the drainage too.... I guess the problem is they are muddy and smelly and when I researched what to do on my run floor slabs/wood chip seemed the most favoured option...but it doesn't seem to be as good as I thought it would be. Can you leave a run not covered all winter? The ladies do have a covered 3m run from their Go coop to the lo rise for shelter. I'm thinking of throwing a bag of Arboise in with the chips too to try and tidy it up a bit but not sure if that will be a disaster!! Thanks for any advice x
  4. MamaCoop

    Where in the world

    I follow a few people on instagram just because they live in Norway! It looks stunning in both winter and summerπŸ₯°
  5. MamaCoop

    Where in the world

    Ooh a good question....I love Donegal and would happily live there tomorrow however when it's cold it's cold. I would love to live somewhere as warm as Australia with the beautiful Rocky Mountains! Oh and isnt too far away for family and friends! So Donegal I suppose on the one day a year its warm πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. I have a current Go run but as the previous poster mentioned the sides slope quite a bit. I suppose it could work if you cut the mesh so that it fit. But that would mean losing panels. And also you would need to add something on the corner to give it some stability. I think anything is possible with a bit of creativity and I also think that's the beauty of the Omlet stuff as its modular. Oh and nothing a few cable ties cant fix!! Would be great to see how you get on!
  7. Brilliant that's great news! Will message you now.
  8. Hi could I have this please if still available? *fingers crossed *
  9. Beginning I meant!
  10. Hi thanks for the replies amd advice. Forgot to add I wormed them at the begonning of May. Should I do it again do you think?
  11. Hi Im fairly new to keeping hens but absolutely loving it. Wanted some advice about feeding as I just fill their feeder when empty and it hangs on the side of the run all day. I take it in at night to avoid attracting pests. Should you put a certain amount out for hens and then take it in each day when finished at a certain time rather than having food available all day? And then possibly giving them a treat late afternoon. They have been free ranging for most of the day bit just moved into a permanent walk in run today. Also on the poo front I have a white hen who constantly seems to have runny poo. Not sure if this just shows up more because she is white but her back feathers are always dirty. I have given her a couple of baths and then today her back feathers are stained with black poo. Not sure if she is poorly? She hasnt eaten anything like berries that would turn it this colour.
  12. MamaCoop


    Seems as if i need to up my game obsession wise... 🀣 Just come in from building a walk in run....be thinking about runs 24/7 since the ladies arrived and realised the Eglu run wasnt big enough. I managed to convince current husband to help and pay! He has given our three ladies a wide birth since they arrived but heard him talk to one earlier....he is slowing thawing!! πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ˜
  13. MamaCoop

    Vaccine question

    Hi Alis girls, I am not sure if all chickens are the same (im new to this!) but I had this come with my three.
  14. MamaCoop


    Hi Im new! Not long moved to a house with my dream garden so chickens are now in place! Always been a dream of mine growing up as a city girl, but have the love of the great outdoors in my genes. We have three chickens in a gifted Go with a 3m run. They free range most of the day and just about to get them a larger permanent run. I would never have bought an Eglu as seemed such a lot of money but am now a convert and wouldnt think twice about buying another if I need to. Im enjoying having chickens, becoming slightly obsessed if im honest πŸ˜‚ reading here I sense this is normal?!
  15. MamaCoop

    Omlet auto door reviews

    Oh thats good to hear! They are expensive so needed a bit of reassurance before I parted with my money! I take my food and water out of their run at night. Just thinking how would the hens be if the door opens and there isnt anything there for them? Would they be noisy until i arrive with breakfast or just scratch around? I notice they do all run out when i open the door to the food and water straight away.