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  1. I love reading everyone's replies!!! Here are mine.... Favorite smell - clean washing and essential oils• Last cried - about an hour ago (PMT and end of a long half term with the children!)• Favorite pizza - not a fan of pizza• Favorite flowers - Daffodils• Favorite dog breed - Jack Russell • Favorite foot wear - comfy ones (post children wide feet!!! )• Favorite ice cream - mint choc chip• Shorts or jeans - jeans• What are you listening to - Classic fm• Colour of your vehicle - Black• Colour of your eyes - Green/Grey - Irish eyes! • Favourite Holiday - Greek island • Night owl or day person - Night (time I am doing this!)• Favourite day of the week - Monday - house to myself as everyone back to school & work• Nickname - I dont have one...that I know of. • Favourite type of music - I love all types about from heavy metal!• Tattoos - None....yet!• Do you like to cook - love to cook!• Can you drive a manual - Yes• Do you wear perfume - no• Favorite colour - Blue• Do you like vegetables - not much• Do you wear glasses - used too, had eye surgery• Favourite season - All of them!! • Ever broken a bone - No....not yet!• Favourite place in the world - Home
  2. Thanks, it was useful. . We havent managed to do it today 😕 Chicken been poorly on and off for weeks. Had posted a week or two ago about her in Chicken Clinic and concluded maybe just a heavy molt. No obvious mites, been wormed, tonic and a stronger dose for her but now she just keeps falling over, is lopsided. I found her this morning, before my post, buried in the dust bath on her back, not even trying to move. I had been out there about 30 mins before and she was on her feet but stumbling around. Fed her some porridge and she has just drunk water all day. Not venturing too far away from the water but if she does just stumbling over. Nothing obvious going on with her feet. Her comb is so pale and one of her eyes seems to have a red sore on the bottom lid. She hasn't laid for a while. She is just 1 yr old. All the others appear healthy. It seems the kindest thing to do as she really seems to be going downhill. Husband has offered to 'do the deed'. So may do tomorrow when I am at work. She is our fave but the other hens seem to just be now shoving her out the way and wouldnt let her into the coop this evening so we had to lift her in. (She couldnt get in herself anyway as kept falling down) sorry long post. Just am trying to get it straight in my mind before tomorrow. Thanks for help.
  3. That was it! Thank you, yes Mullethunter.
  4. Morning We need to end the life of one of our chickens. I remember seeing a post on here a while back that gave details of what to do...maybe by Lewis? , it isnt pinned but wondered if anyone knew what it was called? I've tried searching but no joy. Many thanks
  5. Hi just to say Hen looking brighter last few days. She has started walking around and scratching in the wood chip. Before she just sat around looking all sad 😕 Have been worming them all with the flubevent in food and tonic in their water. A little stronger on the tonic for poorly hen in the only dish she will drink out of. I do every morning hold my breath opening the coop as I am waiting for her not to come out one day. But she is still on the go. Who knows?! Hens (like children🤣 oh and husbands....) baffle me! All alike I guess...they need sunlight, food, water and a little TLC. 🙂🙃 Thanks for your advice.
  6. Thank you both for your help. Flubevent arrived today so she is being wormed. Dogmother I did notice under her wings earlier stubby ends ....are these the quills? Her wings seemed to feel really thin and there are still white feathers all over the run. Does this lethargy seem to happen everytime with a molt Dogmother? The other two dont seem to have been affected, though they are different breeds. They are also starting to pick on her and she was sleeping half out of the coop the other night so I lifted her in. I will try her with a stronger dose of the tonic in the morning. How do I get her to open her beak ? I have a small syringe type thing from my childrens calpol so could do it with that. Beantree this hen ALWAYS has a dirty behind....since day 1. We wash her and clean her...and she seems to clean herself too. But I hadn't hear of flystrike before so will keep an eye on her. And maybe give her another bath tomorrow. I just dont do it so much in this weather as I dont want her to get a chill. In hand fed her earlier and she gave me some chicken noises which I took as a thank you!
  7. Oh forgot to add that her comb which is usually bright has gone pale and covered in white.
  8. Her abdomen isnt swollen, I've checked for lice and cant see any. Her poop.is yellow/green I think. It's hard to say exactly as I have a few chickens. Will google Northern Fowl Mite! And will also look up Cankers! Thank you
  9. I realise chickens hide illness and they can have a mutitude of things going on! But wondered if anyone had any advice. My chicken has been off colour for weeks. Started with just sitting around for most of the day, a bit lethargic. Going to food and just standing by it. Appeared to be drinking. Checking her there were no obvious signs like a filled crop or struggling to lay (though she hasn't laid for a week or two now). The run was littered with her feathers so thought maybe a heavy molt. The dogmother suggested a tonic so have been using that. I have also been helping her along hand feeding her. The last couple of days she has been on her feet more and moving around how ever she seems sort of not there....sort of slow.....trying to hand feed her yesterday and she pecked at the food and didnt pick any up. Then just stopped. She has limped a couple of times this morning but nothing obvious going on with her foot. Anyone got any ideas 🤷‍♀️ The vet is a long way away and short of antibiotics I'm not sure if it's just a chicken thing that cant be explained?? Or if anyone else has had anything similar? Thank you
  10. Thanks Dogmother. I have been very worried she was on her last legs. But fingers crossed it's down to the molt.
  11. I have a chicken currently molting, there are feathers all over the coop and run and it looks like a fox attack! She is really lethargic and just spending the day sitting all hunched up moving about occasionally. She seems really unsteady on her feet and seems to be slow to react. I did think she was in her way to chicken heaven. But I hand fed her yesterday and today and she seems to have perked up. Will pop and get her some vit boost at the end of the week to try and help. Thanks for that advice Dogmother. Why she is molting now I just dont understand! Not sure if she is poorly with something else but after using Dr Google am thinking her heavy molt may be the cause? She has been healthy and sprightly before now. Hope your hen is back to full strength soon Clucker1.
  12. Thank you for the advice DogMother. I heard on the news and logged on here to see what your advice would be! Thank you x
  13. I have a kickboard too at my door like DogMother above (well around the whole of my run to keep the wood chip in) but looking at your picture I would agree with others it would be one of a few solutions you need in place. Pretty simple to do too. Mine is plastic lawn edging from Wilkinsons. Electric perimeter too especially if you say these foxes are persistent and have previous for eating other animals too. Good luck xx
  14. Thanks Dogmother for the extra info. How do we hear about the DEFRA shut down and does it happen every winter?

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