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  1. Thanks Cat tails. Our experince sounds so similar. And I hear you when you talk about snapping. She was slowly driving me crazy. This was her! It's as if you had visited my garden!! "Never settling, constantly pacing and whining/screeching" Today I sat out in the garden and it was quiet. My other hens quietly mooching around and doing their thing. Shed a little tear of relief and a big lung filled sigh of relief!! Funny how a chicken can have such an impact on the atmosphere!
  2. Thank you for remembering Cat tails. She is a partridge colour funnily enough. She is beautiful. A vorwerk type with lovely tail feathers and a blue egg. I have managed to rehome her! I had a final stalk of FB and saw a local farmer offered to take a few hens from someone that was moving. I messaged and ask if they had room for one more and they do. Gosh I was a bit emotional after they agreed and I drop her off tomorrow. It's been a stress filled time with her. She hasn't been happy from day 1. It was a real sense of relief when they said yes. As I did think I needed to either have her put down or to leave her to free range in the fields at the end of our road. She was really testing my insanity and surprised my neighbours haven't said anything. So a good nights sleep and hopefully a quieter day tomorrow 🤞 I guess sometimes, like humans, no matter what you do hens don't settle. I am hoping the farm free range life suits her.
  3. I am absolutely desperate to rehome a hen. We have had her for about 2 years and she has never settled. Always pacing and so noisy (over and above normal chicken noise) My neighbours have made comments. I have been trying for a while to find someone for her. I've tried Facebook and local chicken owners. I cant find anyone. She has taken all joy out of chicken keeping and she does now have to go. Her ideal would be free ranging. But not many people do that now. Does anyone know of anyone that rehomes? I'm in Warwickshire. The additional challenge is she is going through a heavy molt and looks absolutely awful. Did the same last year. I also feel incredibly uncomfortable trying to rehome her when she looks neglected (and she isnt when she has all feathers she is beautiful!) and with her being noisy. I feel I don't want to give the problem to someone else. What do I do? Help x
  4. Sending you love kittyl I can tell that Bonny has had a good life from how caring you are towards her.
  5. Hi they get in the lower smaller gaps too of my Omlet run...the biggest fattest rat I have ever seen (who had been dining out on our feed for a while) squeezed through the bottom section so quickly! Wouldnt have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! It then proceeded to bounce its fat bottom up my garden....like a bunny!
  6. Hi Chris any news? I have been wondering if you have found out where the eggs had gone?
  7. Let me know how you get on. Was a game change for me! (I know that sounds slightly dramatic but it really helped 😄)
  8. Yes it still works....though I did take it out for a little while. Popped it back in just last week as egg eating has started again. I can recommend...you need to be a little creative as to how you can get it in situ but the width of it is perfect for the nest area of a MK1 cube.
  9. I have one similar to the picture here and can not make it work properly. Anyone got the hidden touch/nack of how to get it to work/the right order to make it work? It's level. When I fill it up I move the niblet down to close the hole. When filled I close the top to create a vacuum Then move the niblet up to expose the hole and the water fills the bowl. However it never refills the water when drunk. To refill I have to undo the top to release the vacuum and then tighten again when the bowl has filled with water. It doesn't refill itself. What am I doing wrong? 🤔🤔
  10. Yes I looked too and couldn't find a picture. Though can imagine it from your description. I love that you have a chicken coop folder!
  11. Hi Beantree, thats interesting about how foxes won't jump if it's not defined. I didnt know that. I'm off to Google Prince Charles.ans his Highbury coop! We are monitoring things daily here, so far no other visible signs of a visit. But we do live surrounded by fields so our busy fox is definately around. In fact my neighbour says he sees them on his security camera regularly in her garden.
  12. All safe still! Thanks for details Beantree about electric fencing which isn't an option at the moment. We did put our Omlet fencing around the coop. I know a fox can jump and climb but though this may delay them a little. No visible visit again. But realise they are probably back.
  13. Just been out to top up food and water for the hens and there is carnage out there.... Paw prints all over the top the cube, bites on the corners of my plastic run covers (that I have only just had from Omlet 😡) and the wicker protectors I have under the cube are just a pile of sticks. Assuming a visit from Mr Fox in the night. Am impressed though at the cube and Omlet run as they seemed to be persistent and tried at various points of the long run to get in. But its held its ground. I have a cube with 4m run and then a 3x2 low rise. Phew...safe last night and ladies survived! Need to batten down the hatches now so no weak points. I live surrounded by fields and have had chickens for 4 years. I know there are foxes around but have been so lucky that this is the only known encounter we have had.

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