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  1. Ooh yes good spot! Not sure what those brackets are. Wonder if Omlet will do something similar for our hens?
  2. Has anyone used these in an Omlet run for their hens? https://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/rabbit_products/rabbit-run-platforms-zippi/ Have been looking for something to create more platforms for them thats not wood as fed up of trying to scrape poop off and I can never get it really clean. I've got all Omlet runs - a cube and 4m run being connected to a Omlet 4 x 2 lo rise.spnthibk would fit right onto the size of the wire panels. Just wondered of anyone had tried or could find a reason for not to? (apart from the price) Thanks!
  3. 😂 I'm not sure where I would send her! Or even whether any of my chicken friends would want her...how can I sing her praises 🤷‍♀️🤣
  4. My fingers are firmly crossed! She certainly has made me a grumpy chicken owner. Maybe the spring will brighten the both of us!!
  5. Hi Luvachicken thanks for your reply. She has been a lot quieter the last 2 weeks, no eggs and is going through a heavy moult now. She looks so bare. She is definitely bottom of the pecking order. Maybe all of that is contributing to her new found silence! Our run has a cube and then 3 m and then a 3x2 low rise attached at the end, inhave 4 hens. There are a few perches, a few logs, a table they jump on and off and I've put an extra nest box in. Ive popped in some extra food and water as she always seems to hang back when the others are feeding. Thanks for the advice about not taking her out I did work it would distance her and then make it worse when she went back in. I do wonder if its a combination of her personality and bottom of the pecking? I have 4 hens and may get a couple more on the spring. Maybe that will take the focus of her? I mean my others are not out and out bullies but maybe she is just extra sensitive? They are funny things aren't they? I've had hens for a couple of years now and she's the first that hasn't settled.
  6. Oh I'm so sorry to hear. You did everything you could for her xx ❤
  7. Hi how is your hen doing?
  8. Just thought would give an update. We tried a little hay which they seemed to like but I have found it just gets so damp with their droppings so have gone back to Arboise. Have bought another nest box, which not one of them seems interested in! I've popped a few rubber eggs in so they get the hint...but they are not the least bit interested 🙄🤣. Have just made my Go and run secure again so think may try her in that for a little while. Maybe she is struggling as I think she is bottom of the pecking. Though isn't showing any signs of injury. She just constantly seems stressed. (Have popped some of the Vitamin stuff in the water) If i take her out for a few days and then pop her back in is it likely to make being bottom of the packing order worse for her do you think?
  9. I have a go with 3m run. Do you mean at the end?
  10. With my hen I would gently open the beak and slowly squeeze some in. Very carefully though but could start to gauge how much she could happily take. I also found that after just a little bit she sort of got the taste for it so would hold the bowl up to her for her to take some herself. Didnt always go to plan so.would take some patience. Great news she made it through the night . Let's hope another good night and gaining a little strength.
  11. Sorry to hear about your chicken. I hand fed a poorly one last winter with warm porridge and sweetcorn (through an old calpol syringe) seemed to give her some strength. Maybe worth a try? I hope she sees through the night to a new morning x
  12. Oooh we have hay! I shall try, and another nest box and then last resort give her some time out! Thanks so much
  13. Thanks so much for your replies. I think she is a Vorwerk. You make a good point Cattails in that this hen is taking all my love of having them away. I hear her when I wake up and throughout the day. I'm worried she will give herself a heart attack all the ferocious pacing she does. I have a cube so plenty of space for more than one hen to lay buy none of them will do in if occupied. Its interesting about that maybe she has seen another place better to lay. I posted a few weeks ago about confused hens! Short story I lifted two of the hens out the back of the cube whilst I was cleaning (this hen is one of those two) and now when every they free range these two hens try to get back in via the back of the cube jumping up at it rather than the open door. Maybe her complete hen GPS needs a reboot.? She is always the last to go back in and I dread letting them all out as she is just trouble. Either jumping up the back of the cube to get in or just running around squawking until we finally get hold of her. Which recently isn't easily done. I have no doubt she will one night refuse to go in and meet a fox related end. I may look for another nesting box inside the run. Thats a good idea. They have 3x2 lo rise run as well as 4m of cube run so plenty of space. She is just never happy 🙄
  14. I have one hen who shall we say is highly strung and very skittish. Never been able to hold her or even go near her. The others we have are all friendly souls. She increasingly spends time pacing up and down the side of the run squawking and running up and down the ladders into the coop to aappear back out again a few moments later. Initially I thought it was just the morning I was noticing it, and assumed she was going to lay. But its throughout the day. I also wondered if she could be broody but its gone on nnonsense the summer. My question is I have a spare Go and 3m run that I was thinking of putting her in just to see if this helps to calm her down for a bit. I'm worried that if I do that and she is already of a nervous disposition this may make her even more highly strung. And then when I pop her back into the main run would she get picked on? I know there are lots of experienced people on here and wondered what you thought. When she is pacing and squawking the other hens are just pottering around her quite happy eating, scratching around and just doing what chickens do!

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