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  1. Beginning I meant!
  2. Hi thanks for the replies amd advice. Forgot to add I wormed them at the begonning of May. Should I do it again do you think?
  3. Hi Im fairly new to keeping hens but absolutely loving it. Wanted some advice about feeding as I just fill their feeder when empty and it hangs on the side of the run all day. I take it in at night to avoid attracting pests. Should you put a certain amount out for hens and then take it in each day when finished at a certain time rather than having food available all day? And then possibly giving them a treat late afternoon. They have been free ranging for most of the day bit just moved into a permanent walk in run today. Also on the poo front I have a white hen who constantly seems to have runny poo. Not sure if this just shows up more because she is white but her back feathers are always dirty. I have given her a couple of baths and then today her back feathers are stained with black poo. Not sure if she is poorly? She hasnt eaten anything like berries that would turn it this colour.
  4. MamaCoop


    Seems as if i need to up my game obsession wise... 🀣 Just come in from building a walk in run....be thinking about runs 24/7 since the ladies arrived and realised the Eglu run wasnt big enough. I managed to convince current husband to help and pay! He has given our three ladies a wide birth since they arrived but heard him talk to one earlier....he is slowing thawing!! πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ˜
  5. MamaCoop

    Vaccine question

    Hi Alis girls, I am not sure if all chickens are the same (im new to this!) but I had this come with my three.
  6. MamaCoop


    Hi Im new! Not long moved to a house with my dream garden so chickens are now in place! Always been a dream of mine growing up as a city girl, but have the love of the great outdoors in my genes. We have three chickens in a gifted Go with a 3m run. They free range most of the day and just about to get them a larger permanent run. I would never have bought an Eglu as seemed such a lot of money but am now a convert and wouldnt think twice about buying another if I need to. Im enjoying having chickens, becoming slightly obsessed if im honest πŸ˜‚ reading here I sense this is normal?!
  7. MamaCoop

    Omlet auto door reviews

    Oh thats good to hear! They are expensive so needed a bit of reassurance before I parted with my money! I take my food and water out of their run at night. Just thinking how would the hens be if the door opens and there isnt anything there for them? Would they be noisy until i arrive with breakfast or just scratch around? I notice they do all run out when i open the door to the food and water straight away.
  8. Is it sold as seen here or will it be cleaned?
  9. Thanks for replies, have settled (and convinced hubbie) on adding a 3x2 lo rise run when Omlet has some kind of offer on (which I am hoping is soon🀞) We have low hedges either side of our garden so would struggle with anything higher than about 5ft. They have a lovely amount of free ranging space and time but I worry about foxes, as we back onto a field, and we really need to give them a secure space for rainy days and mondays!
  10. MamaCoop

    Omlet auto door reviews

    Hi Luvachicken how are you getting on with the door? Was it worth the money?
  11. MamaCoop

    Low level walk in run any size wanted

    Thank you Dolly your run is beautiful!!! I love it 😍though it is a little too high for me which is a real shame. I have low hedges either side in my garden so need something a little shorter. Thanks Dogmother thanks for the details I shall take a look.
  12. thanks so much for the replies and the link! Lots of lovely pictures there for inspiration. I may need to find a hand man I think for something, will definitely post a picture! @Patricia W do you know how bit the run is?
  13. I have 3 hens. We have a Go and a 3m run. They free range all day within Omlet fencing giving them an area of about 7mx4m. I want to make them a permanent run to protect from Mr Fox and plenty of room as their current run is too cramped for them. Something around 5 x 3 and preferably wooden. I have a low hedge both sides of my garden so cant really have a typical height walk in run. I know Omlet do the Low Rise but I think this is a little too low as I want to put some perches in. The ideal would be a height in between omlets full height and lo rise run. Ive trawled the internet and cant seem to find any wooden type runs of this height. Ive even looked at dog kennels and runs but they dont seem to be open enough for the hens. Has anyone built their own or bought one they could share a picture with me? Not sure if I am looking for something that doesnt exist?! Many thanks for any advice
  14. https://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/chicken_keeping/chicken_keeping_spares/14985/eglu_go_extra_security_brackets/?rf=0cb2b89fa7a6fee7baf5afcb4e563985 I saw these in the spares section of the website. Not sure if these would work or where they fit onto but could be a help? As previously mentioned i would contact Omlet directly. I do find them helpful.