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  1. Thank you both for your replies. It's a but of a mystery as you both have said it isn't sore looking. I have put a request out for anyone local to see if you have space for another hen. Though am nervous to pass on a hen that looks like this! Thanks again for your time.
  2. Hi these are the best pictures I can get of my hen. She started what I thought was a moult quite a while ago...I would estimate back in June. She currently looks like this. I am not sure if it's a moult or whether it's feather pecking by the other hens. It doesn't look sore. It started with her bottom then a bit on her chest. So I thought molt then I thought broody. But her tail currently looks like this and I feel so sorry for her. She has a vitamin boost on her water. Was wormed just 3 weeks ago and isn't showing any other signs of illness. She is laying, every other day and is 18 months old. Does anyone have any advice? For info, she is bottom of the pecking order here, is highly strung, I haven't ever held her or even got near her, she is flighty. I am planning on rehoming her when she is in better condition as she hasn't been happy from day one. She is noisy...now when I say noisy I am not meaning normal hens noises, I mean proper sqwarking....some days for hours. She even has crowed a few times recently. She paces...up and down the side of the run most days....the length of the run is 7m (7 x 3 with 3 hens) ....so not short....pacing and sqwarking.... She takes all the fun out of hen keeping. I cant free range her She would be eaten by a fox within 24 hrs.
  3. I think I was asking to see if it's a permanent change. This hen has become increasingly noisy since end of last year and now with her crowing she is just too much. We live semi rural so not in a city but I find I can't think or work with her constant sqwarking and now her crowing. Our row of houses has trouble with noisy dogs over the way and just think my hen is adding to the stress. They have plenty of space but she just paces constantly to get out. Even when they have a free range area. She manages to fly out. Which is ok and we have a big garden but then she spends the whole time sqwarking and pacing to get back in 🙄 Wondered if the Cockerell noise would be permanent as really would need to to move her on.
  4. Interesting, though she isn't the dominant hen. She is bottom of the pile. Always has been. Its all a bit strange!!!
  5. At first I imagined it..... Heard it again and thought it was a fluke (I'm a tired busy mum) But no definitely a hen that's now crowing like a cockerill! Normal? Will it pass or is this it? She is laying sporadically and tbh has been a problem child for a long time now (thinking of rehoming her) she paces up and down the coop all day...never stopping and sqwarks (and now crows) all the time. I mean not just when laying but all day now. Driving me crazy. Anyone got any experience of this? Oh and she also has a bare bum. Doesn't look sore just lack of feathers.
  6. Hi I thought I would give an update to the trouble at mill post. No 1 hen is currently very poorly. We are unable to get to a vet as we are isolating as two members of our family have tested positive for covid. There isn't anyone we know that could take her either. I have been caring for her the last few days giving her nutrition drops and massaging her crop but nothing is coming out. The crop was the problem last time. This morning I noticed her tummy was very swollen so popped her in a warm bath and massaged her tummy slowly. She fell asleep and some not very nice stuff came out. But not a great deal. I am assuming now she was our egg eater? As when I carried her into the nesting box last night she pecked away at an egg shell. Would eating their eggs make her poorly? Though after googled it could be egg bound And eating eggs due to a calcium deficiency? I have just checked on her again and she is very slowly breathing and not able to stand. Eyes closing. I suppose I have learned now the signs of egg eating and calcium deficiency leading to be egg bound??? I have made her comfortable in her own nest box for the night. But expect she won't make it through. Chicken 4 is still a pain and we haven't managed to catch the rat yet 😒 Have said a little prayer for her and she doesn't seem to be in any pain.
  7. Oh forgot to say they were wormed about 8 weeks ago. Thanks again for your replies.
  8. Thank you so much for all of your replies. I really appreciate it. @Luvachicken I didn't realise they could squeeze through. It looked pretty big. I spotted it from the upstairs window. Caught my eye. We are isolating here at the moment due a child having a positive covid test (though not poorly) and not able to go out for another 5 days. I have hand fed her this morning along with some vitamin drops, her temperature doesn't seem as high. But she isn't herself. Will keep a close eye on her and if she deteriorates will see if my neighbour will pop her to the vets for me. @mullethunter I love your description of perfect storm of rubbishness. That is exactly how it feels!!! 😊 thanks for info about hen 2 and her noisy night times.i may forgive her a little bit now! I didnt think of that. Would love a whole flock of No 3's.she is a Sussex blue, is massive compared to the others but is a joy!! And hilarious when she runs 😂 @Cat tails we have talked about Hen No 4 hen on here before! Think it was last summer. I do think she would be happier elsewhere. Just not sure how go about rehoming her. @Beantree I assumed the hens hadn't seen the rat...but maybe they have and that's contributing to them being all over the place? The shells are always in the cube. So when I go into the egg port...they are all.just there. Most of the time crushed. Could a rat get into a cube? Or is this the hens eating them? I hadn't thought it could be the rat. A few traps went out last night. So hopefully will catch it soon. 🤞 ..
  9. Oh and forgot to add saw a rat in my coop this morning.... never seen one before. Their coop is on concrete slabs so no idea how it's got in. Definately a rat as was huge! We have an omlet low rise and there is no way it sqeezed through the wire. Traps going down tonight after hens are in bed.
  10. Hi I wondered if I could have some advice as I feel my flock is falling apart! I have four hens, let's call them 1 2 3 & 4! No. 1 was poorly about 8 weeks ago. Really lethargic, skinny and the others started picking on her. So I popped her in our hen hospital, tried a few things including vitamin drops then found a lovely video on YouTube that helped me to empty her crop and after a few days she sprang back to life! I did think she was on her last legs but she made a recovery. She was top hen but when she was reintroduced she became 2/3. She is now poorly again. Laboured type breathing, not her crop issue of before, but losing feathers and may remove her tomorrow as they are picking on her again. I need to Google her symptoms as when I examined her, her head and comb were boiling hot. 2. Hen 2 is now top hen and has become an incredible bully. She has also started at 7pm making such a racket just before bed time. Now she has always been vocal with her proudness of laying an egg, which still happens. But now it's at night too. Im not sure why as she has already laid. Why being noisy again at night ? 3. Hen 3 is just chilled and gets on with it. Nothing to report about her! 4. Hen 4 I would gladly give away. She is high maintenence and hyperactive. I've spoken about her on here before. She takes the joy out of chicken keeping. Constantly pacing, squawking ans generally raises her own stress levels...she spends most of the day pacing the coop and running up and down the cube stairs 🙄🤷‍♀️ One of them is eating eggs. Started about 6 weeks ago. I cant work out which one. I've put rubber eggs in the cube but this hasnt dettered her. The coop smells constantly because of broken eggs and I'm fed up of clearing shells and only getting 1 or 2 eggs a day. I check it several times a day to remove as soon as I can but finding it so frustrating. This hasn't happened before and I don't know how to stop it. I'm not enjoying having chickens at the mo. And don't know how to fix it all. Wondered if someone of you could help. Would really appreciate it. I would add they have a tonic in their water, they have a 10m squared run and also free range another closed off grassed area of about 6m squared grass. Thanks for any advice you can give. And thanks for reading my loooooong post z
  11. I meant to say couldn't disconnect. If it was fully built I wouldn't have got it in. As it was I scratched along the insides sliding it in. Here is a pic...so all in all a Mk1 Cube and 3m of run. It was tight
  12. Hi would depend if all in parts or whether partly or fully built? I collected a Mk1 cube and had 1m of its run attached. We could disconnect that bit of the run...it also had another 2m of run with it too. Cube only fit ....just width wise (they are big!) And even with seats pushed forward struggled to fit all the run that was in bits I had a VW Caravelle same as a T5 VW Van. BUt with two seats in the back on rails. Not sure about your specific car? In the end I had to take out my two back seats and pile them on top of each other for the Cube and run. And it was a squeeze. I couldn't believe how big the cube was! Worth asking if in parts....that would be easier but if not measure the width and height of your car.
  13. Ooh yes good spot! Not sure what those brackets are. Wonder if Omlet will do something similar for our hens?
  14. Has anyone used these in an Omlet run for their hens? https://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/rabbit_products/rabbit-run-platforms-zippi/ Have been looking for something to create more platforms for them thats not wood as fed up of trying to scrape poop off and I can never get it really clean. I've got all Omlet runs - a cube and 4m run being connected to a Omlet 4 x 2 lo rise.spnthibk would fit right onto the size of the wire panels. Just wondered of anyone had tried or could find a reason for not to? (apart from the price) Thanks!

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