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  1. So sorry to read your news - I have been following your story. I lost my second ex-bat in a week last night, same sort of scenario as yours. At least they had a good life after being caged, moulted and grew back beautiful feathers and were loved and handled and enjoyed their days in the sun. Much love.
  2. My 7 (now down to 6) hens have not been laying normally for the last 2 months - I am down to 1-2 eggs a day, some days nothing. They all went through a moult late summer/autumn and now look great - it is hard to tell an Omlet hen from an ex-bat -but I am hoping they will perk up and start laying again with an improvement in the weather and longer daylight hours.
  3. I don't know if this may help, but one of my ex-bats moulted and had 2 bald patches that never grew back, one on her head and one on her wing. I used a mixture of E45 cream and Flowers of Sulphur powder which you can buy over the internet. I always feel that anything is worth trying and having read about it on this forum, decided to give it a go. It is an old remedy used for excema and psorriasis and equine treatment and has an anti fungal quality. Within a few weeks both patches disappeared, never to return! I have also made up pots for 2 humans with sore excema patches with amazing results.
  4. Over the past few days, Molly, one of my ex-bats, had lost colour in her comb and yesterday she stood all hunched up on her own in a corner of the run. The same thing happened to Hetty before she died. I went back to the run after dusk to check on her and she was alone on the floor of the stable while the others were all tucked up in bed. I picked her up and put her in the nesting box and when I checked on her this morning she was as stiff as a board One of the hens had kindly laid an egg beside her body . At least she didn't die alone and had almost 2 years of freedom after release from a battery cage so I can only feel sad for myself. It hasn't been a good few months, the loss of 2 hens and my beautiful german shepherd after 13 years has been hard. On the up-side, we now have Sasha - a greyhound rescue, a beautiful girl who will be 10 next month, to run around with Joey.
  5. Thank you so much Cluckingmad (love the name!). Hetty looked OK, wattles and comb still bright red, but not eating with the others, and for the few hours I put her out yesterday, she stood in the same spot and was closing her eyes quite a bit. I habitually count them in and out of the hen house (we call it The Winter Palace)every day and it was sad last night and this morning just counting to 7 when they come through the door. I suppose I need to start thinking of increasing my numbers, there's plenty of room.... maybe in the spring.
  6. Thank you for your support - it always helps coming only the forum when you have a problem or something to be excited about. Just buried Hetty and put some slabs on her grave to stop vandalism by the dogs. After keeping her safe for 2 years, I don't think I could cope with a grave robbery. I suppose in two years I should be grateful this was my first loss as it seems so many other members lose hens at a much faster rate. It has given me a chance to empathise with others though, which is never a bad thing. The other girls looked fine this morning and so far Harriet, Hetty's partner in crime and my other black hen seems to be fine having laid her egg, the only one this morning I think I am giving them too many treats and they are not eating enough layers mash... so they will be on basic rations for a week now (with the addition of meal worms as 4 are recovering from moult at the moment). Thank you again for your support.
  7. Thank you all - I just can't get the 'what if' out of my mind. Silly really, but I suppose we all do the same thing. She was a beautiful hen - black and gold and an excellent layer - she went broody twice last year and I thought that was happening this time until all the muck came out of her vent. My concern now is if she had anything catching?? `Just have to keep an eye on the other girls. We were photographed for 'Woman and Home' magazine a few weeks ago (featuring in the June2010 issue I think) so I will have to ask them if the photographer got any good shots of Hetty for me... they actaully commented on how pretty she was but I used Harriet, my black hen for the close-up photos as she didn't mind being held.
  8. Thank you, but I do think I am to blame. She was a very nervous hen and didn't like being handled, unlike the others who adore being picked up. I have just dug a hole in the garden but cant face putting a 'warm' chicken in it - will wait until tomorrow and have to find a large log to cover it too. Couldn't bear to find her dug up...
  9. Hetty has been a super hen up until Friday when she became quiet and yesterday she was hunched in the corner of the outside run. She had white and yellow deposits coming out of her bottom and so I picked her up - not easy as she was a very nervous hen - and cleaned some away then put her down again. She seemed quite swollen down below the vent. She ate some meal worms soaked in Avipro water, but was unsteady on her legs and took time to settle down. She was no better today and stayed in the nesting box, head hung low. I went over earlier with warm water and cotton wool to clean her and some vaseline, together with some treats for after her clean up. I was holding her under my arm with her head behind me and gently removed the build-up of gunk around her vent. This was all going well when she suddenly struggled violently and then stopped. I think she must have broken her own neck in the struggle to be released, and she died immediately in my arms. I am devastated as I feel it was my fault she died and if I had left well alone, she would have come through her problem without my intervention. What do I do now??
  10. I have found protein helps with feather loss. One of my ex-batts had the same problem and by feeeding her protein 3 times a week she re-feathered quite quickly. Try sardines for a cheaper alternative to tuna, or pure fish cat food and as a treat, I buy mealworms from Wiggly Wigglers which they all LOVE!
  11. I intend to mix it with E45 for the chickens, and I am sure the same mix will do for Natalie!!
  12. I just purchased some FOS for an ebay seller at www.Morgan111Morgan.com My chickens are struggling to regain feathers after a moult (especially the ex-batts) and after reading this thread, I thought it worth a try. My daughter has small patches of psoriosis on her elbows and it seems it is good for that too!!
  13. The pond for release is actually a lake with inlet and outlet, approx 100 x 50 metres with 2 duck houses in the centre. The residents recently purchased 3 pairs of ducks from a garden centre (more like a rescue than a purchase), costing almost £200 and by the next morning only 1 pair were left. As there were no feathers or detrius in the grounds, we can only assume 2 pairs flew off, rather than being attacked by a fox. The guy that sold them the ducks said they were flightless!! They have a pair of resident mandarin ducks and the new pair of aylesburys who seem quite happy, and they also get a pair of canada geese who come every year, but are not encouraged to breed. I said I would look into hatching some eggs for them to defray the loss they have just experienced. They would be happy to take on rescue ducks if any came their way. The ducks are fed regularly as well as having a well stocked lake to swim in.
  14. Hi Lesley I would be releasing all the ducklings onto the lake - hatching them for that purpose only. I have ordered the book on the Omlet website re. ducks as I only have experience with hens. My broodies normally go the full 21 days. I will be purchasing the eggs on line. Does the counting start from the day the eggs are laid or when the hen starts to sit? Once hatched, do I have to keep them separate from the hens? Another question... ducks are obviously flight birds - are there any breeds that do not fly, or do you have to clip their wings to induce them to stay? Many thanks.
  15. Thanks Tom! Is the incubation time the same for ducks? I would love to rear my own chicks but could not cope with the males!! Not too good at disposing of my own pets!!

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