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  1. My bantam has gunky eyes

    Thank you both for your replies. It's just the one bantam who has it. No rattle congestion, tail still up and eating etc. I've kept her inside for a couple of days and she seems a lot brighter eyed this evening. I will keep an eye on her.
  2. My bantam has gunky eyes

    After a clear run with two of our bantams still running around and laying at nearly ten, I've had lots of bad luck with the new girls recently. Now one of my Barbu d'uccles has one eye swollen shut and the other is watery and bubbly. Google has not been my friend and I'm worried it could be many things. I have some amoxicillin for humans. Could I give her some of that? I've no idea what I'm dealing with. Help.
  3. Chicken with bad leg

    Thank you so much for your reply. I tried stroking the base of her foot and she didn't curl up her claws as such but I think she can feel it. She can also kind of lift the whole leg a little bit but holds it out. She is standing at the moment. I took her to the vet who said no fractures and couldn't rule out mareks but said the symptoms aren't classic as it's only one leg. She is thin but always has been. I've got metacam and we will have to see. Very worried. I don't want to lose her or my whole flock
  4. Limping chicken!!

    How is she now? I hope she's doing better.
  5. Chicken with bad leg

    Please help. Ethel, our Maran bantam started limping yesterday, just holding her leg out in front of her. She is eating normally but can't put any weight on her leg. She did perch on my hand for a bit but otherwise prefers not to use the leg. I have made her a cosy nest inside. She is making her usual chatty noises but I'm terrified it could be mareks. She is our newest chicken we've had her a couple of months and she's over a year old. It's only one leg, not both and it's not paralysed as such, just sort of stuck out. No obvious fractures or injuries although I can't rule out a dislocated hip. I think I will take her to the vet today but just wondered if anybody had any advice. I'm so worried. She's a beautiful girl.
  6. So sad. Bantam has disappeared

    She's back. Sorry not to have posted before but we went off camping. My husband let the others out early in the hope of enticing her back and she flapped down from the ivy. So pleased and relieved. We really thought we had looked everywhere. Thanks everyone for your stories of hope
  7. So sad. Bantam has disappeared

    Thanks Olly.
  8. We have two nearly nine year old girls and five new girls aged 24 weeks. They have free ranged together very happily. Very occasionally our two barbu d'uccles roost on next door's shed before coming home to bed. This evening we were outside having dinner with friends and went to lock the girls' door to find that Gwen, the little pekin has simply vanished. We have scoured the garden and gardens around us without a trace. No sign of a struggle and if something had taken her surely the others would have started shouting. Is there any hope? My children will be devastated. And I hate not knowing ... Feel so sad
  9. Poorly hen please help

    Yesterday morning one of our wyandottes was puffed up and not walking well. We brought her inside and put her in a box thinking she was dying -she is eight! Today she is outside with the flock but very lethargic and still puffed up. She is eating. Is it old age or is there something I should be doing to help her. Her comb is red but she is not herself all puffed into a ball. Please help.
  10. Advice needed please - call duck getting stuck on back

    Thank you chortle chook that is good to hear. They are very noisy whenever we go outside at present. Hopefully it will calm down. They are lovely creatures.
  11. Advice needed please - call duck getting stuck on back

    Thank you chortle chook. I did wonder if it was because he is so big. He seems fine today. I don't feed them lots of treats really as they have free range of the garden. Lovely big slugs for them there. We are still new to ducks - have had hens for a long time, so I worry. The girls make a real racket too and I worry about the neighbours although they say they don't mind it. I will keep an eye on what the big drake (Justin!!!) eats.
  12. Hi there We have five calls hatched at the beginning of June. Recently I have been finding the biggest drake on his back. He can't right himself and has to be flipped over. Today my eldest daughter found him in their pool on his back again he was really bedraggled and cold but we dried him off and he was running around happily with the others. Does anybody have any idea why this keeps happening. I am worried it will happen when we are out and he will die. It is always this one particular drake. He is pretty big for a call and much heavier than the others. Thanks
  13. lavender pekins egg colour

    I wonder if anybody can settle an argument for me. If you have lavender pekin bantams what colour eggs do they lay? We have white and buff who both lay creamy white or pink eggs. Was assuming a lavender would lay the same.
  14. Help - blood in egg

    Thank you - that makes me feel a bit better. We've had none since, so hoping it was just one of those things.
  15. Help - blood in egg

    I've looked through this forum and found posts about blood spots, however when my husband cracked open one of our girls' eggs this morning for breakfast, it had a normal yolk inside but also quite a bit of blood - I know blood spots are normal but have no idea how big they are supposed to be. This seemed like quite a lot of blood. Should I be worried? Should I be treating my girls for something?