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  1. Ok this is pink not red the other half doesn't know his colours and I thought I'd sold this one.
  2. Green Eglu Classic, 2m run and grub feeder. Good condition. Been stored under cover but time for a clear out so must go. Also red (but a bit faded) guinea / rabbit classic Eglu (not the newer Go shape) obviously no perches but good for broody with chicks which is what I used it for or guineas/rabbits.
  3. Our house is mid-decoration because we want to sell. We've lived here 5 1/2 years and had to refurb from scratch but with 2 young children the paintwork has suffered. Next to do on the list is the dreaded hall, stairs and landing. I'm hoping to get the house on the market by mid April so not long left and lots to do. Today we were out in the garden tidying as it was so nice so nothing got done inside.
  4. I've been to Sandyballs which is quite good but there's not (from memory) a great deal for the age group you have. I don't know if the The Manor Hotel will be better. Possibly Warmwell if they like dry slope skiing.
  5. I don't think 2 years is old ours is the new model and it is rubbish albeit it isn't a huge engine.
  6. Chick was outside the big girls run calling to mummy this morning. Last time I trust the OH to do anything!
  7. I spent the day at my brother's nursing home. Got home to find the other half searching for chicks in the dark. There is one missing. Why is it I am the only person that cares enough to make sure the chicks are safely in bed? I hope Mr Fox doesn't visit.
  8. I'd have thought they'll be fine as long as there isn't too much discrepancy in size. Having said that my broody whose chicks are now 7 weeks has rejoined the main coop tonight and took her babies with her. I think I might put them in with the 5 week olds tomorrow though.
  9. I have a Qashqai and detest it. It is sluggish, you take your life in your hands if you need to pull out onto a busy/fast road. It's a 1.6 diesel so don't know if the others are better. Also after only 2 years the door trim and air con have packed up so we're waiting for parts but Nissan have a backlog. It feels like a much older car that's had its day. I personally wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I know someone with an X-trail and she loves it. It's an older one about 2003 from memory but even though her husband wants to get a Range Rover she won't change it.
  10. I love Rohan gear. It is expensive but well worth it, I think they have a sale on at the minute.
  11. I couldn't really tell the difference when I tried it but maybe I don't eat enough chocolate. I don't think with my waistline I can afford to eat more though.
  12. Our corded phone is a traditional one that sits in the hall so when I can't find a handset I'm never too far from the corded one.
  13. We have Gigaset too and they work really well which is important as the OH works from home one day a week and uses it all day.
  14. Wow they're tiny compared to my 4 week old La Bresse, I guess why they're used as meat birds.
  15. I think I may just have to buy a bar, just for research purposes you understand.
  16. There are lots of suggestions on here to get them out of broody state including putting them in a wire cage & dunking. You might need to try several as they've been broody for a while. Good luck.
  17. Shirl

    Sad News

    Just popped onto Omlet and saw this. That is so awful for the family and friends. Life can be so very cruel.
  18. I think I'd pick a broody hen and move her with all the eggs (assuming there aren't too many) to a broody box. I'd shut her in with food and water and leave her there until they hatch. The others I'd start dunking and get them out of broody state.
  19. I wouldn't Geri would probably attack the new hen in order to protect her chicks and of course chicks could be hurt in the scuffle. One of my silkies eggs looked squashed. It's as if she were very heavy footed.
  20. No they didn't make it out of the shell even though there were large holes made. Ours is a silki cross and she is being a good mum now. Part of me thinks maybe we should have hatched them and then put them under but she did still squash one and there is no certainty she would have accepted them.
  21. Well this morning I looked to see what had happened and the last 2 chicks were dead in shell. What a disaster. I gave her 4 eggs and she's killed 3. Last time I use her as a broody! I'm going to order an electric hen and start again.
  22. I can see the last 2 chicks have started to break through with quite large holes in the shell. We have put chick food and water in the run and made a very makeshift ramp using a couple of bricks and then an edging tile which makes a slope. I was concerned wood would be too slippery even though it wasn't shiny. I have then covered it all in hemcore to level it off further and make it softer. I will assess in the morning but will probably open the door and leave mum to it. We are due to go to London tomorrow so I won't be in all day. We will leave home at about 9 so have a while to keep an eye and change my mind if required. I hope your eggs pip tonight Balti.

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