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  1. Yes the Aldi one is the only genuinely festive feel good one. I loved the JL snowman one and the one with the little boy who couldn’t wait to give his present to his parents that was lovely. I think JL one this year gives a strange message to children that it’s ok to sneak out of the house into the forest at night to meet a stranger. I know what they’re trying to say but it doesn’t sit well with me
  2. I’m so glad that this recipe is still being used. I haven’t made if for over a year since my son moved out to America. It’s his favourite cake. I’ve already made my Christmas cake but would make a lighter alternative for the two of us. I can still remember that original cake from the Three Counties show, I don’t think mine have ever been as good 😂 Wow over 11 years ago I posted the recipe for the first time. I knew I was getting on a bit but!!
  3. I’ve not been on here for so long, too long. Great news about your retirement Ali’s Girls lovely to able to dictate your pace more now. Wishing you all the best. I’ve gone the other way and have been working full time for the past 4 months probably only until Christmas then I’ll drop back a bit. Total culture shock after being furloughed for so long but nice to be needed again and get the old grey matter going again 😊
  4. We’ve just got a hybrid called an Olive Egger with legs like yours she lays a blue grey egg. A lovely compact girl with a tiny bright comb. She’s given us 3 eggs already and we’ve only had her a week! We also got a French Maran & a Welsummer but they are only young so may not lay until the spring. We get ours from Newlands Poultry near Malvern
  5. I agree there used to be so many swifts around here, I hadn’t really noticed until you said that there are much less now! we’ve had a good year generally for birds and butterflies and we have a resident hedgehog which we haven’t had for a while either. Our sparrows are cross with us though because we’ve taken the top off our beech hedge and reduced its height by about 2 feet. no plums this year, one tree fell over in a storm with a big setting which was obviously too much for it! and the other didn’t really set many and those that did just went mouldy. We have apples in the garden but they are poor quality, the ones at the allotment are ok though. We’ve spent the afternoon planting late lettuce, spring cabbage and wallflowers along with a lot of tidying up. I love September 😊
  6. We use the hanging cylinder feeders with the multiple dividers around the bottom saucer to stop them scooping it out but they do need an occasional shuffle if they eat mash to bring more down. We hang ours on a bungee cord so we can adjust the height by tying knots in it.
  7. We bought a rechargeable electric uv fly zapper from lidl but we’ve not caught any yet but there haven’t been many around with the rain over the past couple of weeks. Both if us had plantar fasciitis about 10 years ago and wearing well fitting shoes with good arch support really helps. Not had it since. I wore Sketchers trainers a lot for quite a while afterwards they were good for walking.
  8. My hubby is happy to cook, tidy and vacuum but doesn’t clean wash or iron. He will do diy but I do my fair share too. My housewifery falls between the two camps. I love clean ironed bedding preferably white cotton but my airing cupboard is a bit of a nightmare. I tend to take the sheets off the beds wash them iron them and put them back on. i have far too many clothes because I’m a charity shop rummager and my ironing pile is legendary. I love nicely ironed things but never get round to it. My family got used to nabbing their clothes back after washing because they knew if it went in the ottoman where my ironing lives it may never be seen again. My husband has a shirt collecting problem he has about 60 and they live in DS’s wardrobe since he left home waiting to be ironed, although, they couldn’t possibly all fit in the 2 wardrobes that he has 🙄
  9. We’ve got a large grape vine that has a lot of fruit on it, maybe I’ll look for a local collective because I can’t be bothered to make wine ourselves. Otherwise the blackbirds and pigeons with have a field day like last year. Happy to leave for the birds if it wasn’t for feeding the local fat pigeons ☹️
  10. Sounds like us DM. We watch the odd series of something and occasional live sport but our Telly can go for weeks without being turned on.
  11. Funny little thing, not seen them before despite being a country gal.
  12. I still love Strictly and have given up worrying if I don’t know who they are st the start because we soon become familiar with them and find our favourites. My yearly TV highlight. I watch very little TV but Strictly is a must
  13. Well done Lewis I’m so pleased for you. You followed your dream, my ED’s friend has done the same and has just started her first job as fully fledged vet too.

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