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  1. Well Soapdragon & The DogMother. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I took some measurements & photographs & went & sat in B&Q for half an hour & decided to buy £24 worth of joist braces until I found ones that would do the job? As you can see from the picture they aren’t a perfect it, but with some extra screws & a few new drill holes 🕳 in my cube, I created something that helps the front be secured at roughly 90 degrees to its base. As it’s not a super precision item, it’s worked! I’ll return what’s of no use tomorrow & pleased I’ve found an answer. So nice to have a sounding board here. Thanks ever-so Neil xxx
  2. Dear Forum Members: Last week I became the proud 2nd owner of a Cube MK 1 for £300. It’s in great condition for it’s age & the seller even took the time to buy all new fixtures & fittings for it, because he couldn’t guarantee they were all present, as it had been sometime since it was dismantled. A really nice touch as I’m sure you’re to agree: My enclosure is to be extended from 18.3 Square Metres to 23.5. So I’ve been focusing on that first if honest. Today I decided I’d start building my Cube & alas the x 2 triangular fixing plates are missing parts 003.0026 arghhhh! So I emailed Omlet & of course because this Cube is now discontinued, they no-longer have these parts in stock? Does anyone have a nifty solution to this problem & can suggest something I can use instead? Not to be defeated, I’m going to take some photos & measurements & see what can be found & created at B&Q, wish me luck. Neil
  3. Neil Jones

    Newly Registered & wanted to say hello!

    Cheers AndyRoo Nice to meet you too! Neil
  4. Neil Jones

    Newly Registered & wanted to say hello!

    Hi Patsylabrador Nice to meet you, & guess this more the social side of the forum? Attached is the sort of look I’m hoping to achieve with my Porter’s Wagon, but scaled down for hens & with some consideration given to my ease of access for mucking out & egg 🥚collection. I shall look forward to chatting in the future x Neil x
  5. Neil Jones


    Hey Millie Anne Welcome, just joined too & looking to keep hens again in the next few months after a sad loss following a fox 🦊 raid. I’ve had Novo Browns & Blackrocks myself & so going to upgrade security first & do some in-depth research before I select the next breed. Or maybe just go down the rescued bird route. Be good to hear from you. Neil
  6. Hello Forum Members I'm Neil, & a fairly new member to your wonderful forum & thought, I’d say hello? Fairly tech savvy, (due to my previous career), but a complete rookie when it comes to online forums etc. So if I ask dumb questions, or post things in the wrong places, please forgive me or point me in the right direction, if you would? Cheers. Had hens for a short period before, 4 Novo Browns to start with & then with the addition of 4 Blackrocks to keep egg production up once the Novo’s got to 18 months old etc, etc. Alas an urban fox got in one evening & killed them, which was really very sad & wasteful. I was so heartbroken at the waste of life & destruction caused, that until I now fully reviewed & upgraded the security of my 16 foot square enclosure, I vowed not to get anymore......😪 Thanks to an advert I’ve placed on the forum, on Wednesday of this week I’m going to become the proud owner of a used Cube Mark 1 in green! Thrilled as I’ve always wanted one, but as I’m between roles, (whilst retraining as a Plumber] a new example was beyond my meagre budget. The forum member I’m purchasing the Cube off has even kindly bought all new fixtures & fittings for it from Omlet to ensure I’ve all the parts I’ll need, so it does sound promising, what do you think? Attached are pictures of my set up as was during a muck out & a porters truck I’m hoping to convert to a Shepard’s hut for hens. Think I rated the hybrid hens more for their egg 🥚 production, but much preferred the Blackrocks for their beauty, although I found their eggs smaller? So I’ll be asking what breeds could, should I consider if appearance & production are of equal interest? That said I do fancy some rescue hens in the mix, as I’ve never rescued hens, but have a rescued cat & two dogs......Amber, Buckley & Otto. Whilst my 16 foot squared enclosure is totally hen secure if you’re at 🏡 home. What I’d discovered was it wasn’t totally predator proof whilst I was out! So before I dare get anymore girls, I really want a secure walk in run that will house the Cube & itself within my 16 square foot space. So I’d be interested in seeing what walk in run set ups you folks have & should I go branded omlet or considered others too. Look forwards to hearing from some of you & perhaps taking some advice & inspiration from forum members too. Many Thanks Neil
  7. Alas I don’t really want or need the extended run, & so it does make it really rather expensive & it doesn’t fit my needs. If I can get a 2nd hand Cube for around £300, I’d be delighted, as I’m on a HUGELY tight budget.
  8. Gosh Patricia W, I can buy a brand new one for £550, so a 10 year old example at £500 isn’t value for money! Mark I or II doesn’t bother me as I’m planning on housing the thing with in a shed regardless? Money is very tight at the moment & a fair price is fine: This one appears greedy! Sorry it does Neil
  9. Hi Jim This could be of great interest to me, do you have any pictures & maybe we can swap details if you email me on sybarite74@gmail.com & we swap numbers & have a chat? Best Regards Neil Jones
  10. Yes but for a 10 year old example it’s probably better value to then buy NEW?
  11. Doesn’t ANYONE Nationally have a CUBE for sale Nationally? I can have a cleaned CUBE couriered to me in Manchester 100% sure of this. Cheers Neil xxx
  12. Thanks Patricia, it might be worth asking, or if they have something that’s a 2nd or ex-display or something? Thanks for the idea & well wishes too! I could always extend the search Nationally & have it couriered to me, as I can’t imagine it’ll fit in a Fiat Panda? X
  13. Dear Club Omlet Users: Does anyone have a 2nd hand Cube for sale within striking distance of SW Manchester or in Cheshire or Lancashire? Currently between jobs & retraining as a Plumber following a mid life crisis / nervous breakdown & can’t quite justify the cost of a new one. Best Regards Neil