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  1. Hi All Well there’s no going back now, here’s the first two “test coats” of grey PlastiKote Primer SUPER from B&M Bargains: I washed all the T-Cut off & scoured the surface of the egg hatch with a new kitchen scouring pad & cleaned the surface with mild bleach & dettol solution, dried this off & gave the hatch two light coatings of primer.... What do folks think? I’m going to do it all in this Primer SUPER, & pay particular attention to the Cubes edges, having looked at countless videos, they are said this is where any pealing could take place? Once it’s in-situ only the hatch will be in daily use & the roof in weekly, so my finish on them will be more exacting than say the static sides. The primer is actually a great match for the front & rear panels of my Cube, making it really rather tempting to respray it a Black, Grey & White Camouflage pattern, but so it fits in with all it’s accessories I’m hoping to go with shades of green. PlastiKote don’t have a great range of tonal greens & browns to create bird themed camouflage in store, so will look online to see what my options are. If you look around the “Omlet” “O” you can see I’ve gone a tad close & not got a smooth finish, but aside from this mild blemish, I’m happy with it so far. Neil
  2. Patricia W I bought them online on EBay & Amazon? There’s a great deal of choice, but unless the fit flush, the end result can vary...
  3. Thanks Grandmashazzie: Think you’re picking up upon the ex Outdoor Clothing Designer in me? I do tend to like things done ✅ right. But would rather do without than 1/2 a job too. So both a curse & a blessing lol.
  4. Well “Banksy” can rest easy after my messy first attempt stencilling! Reworked it with a few permanent markets & happier with the final result.
  5. Loving 🥰 all your insightful comments about your hen’s folks. Patricia W, Poland’s sound quirky I’ll look them up for sure. Sorry 😐 I’ve been a bit quiet 🤫 of late folks, I’ve been having a bit of nightmare just stencilling the door of my cube alone & so just gotten a bit fed up! As you can see: It took me several attempts to stencil in the hen correctly & then to my horror as I was spraying “farm fresh” the stencil became unstuck! Arghhh causing blurred & vague text, which I now need to re-do.....So being far too clever for my skill level & worry an all over digital camouflage paint 🎨 job is beyond me? So stepped away from it few days until my patience & can do attitude returns lol....Luckily I can spray out any mistakes on the door with primer, I won’t have that luxury on the main body as I’m fresh out of paint...... Not all plain sailing ⛵️ Neil x
  6. Hahaha! Luvachicken, I’ve a family holiday planned in July, so no hens until after then, I’ve not the foggiest clue about where I’m gonna get hen’s from locally in August? Around Manchester as it’s normally the Spring when I’ve looked in the past.....
  7. Thanks AndyRoo: I’ve chosen a dark colour as it’s the base colour over which I’ll spray paint 🎨 a digital camouflage pattern: Some in brighter highlights & some in darker shades. If I was going for an all over plain colour, I agree & a brighter shade would be better. I’ve stalled on the paint job for a few weeks because I’ve been extending the enclosure & moved 4 tons of free woodchip to remulch the 23.5 Square Foot & it’s now 3 or 4” deep! Once I’ve made the stencils & finished the paint job, I’ll use a sealant to try and ensure it weathers well..... Some have UV protective properties. Neil
  8. Cheers Mullethunter (great nickname) I bet once I’ve finished it, I could have bought a Mark II for the same money? Making a solid Mark I, my own is probably just a bit more fun..... Neil
  9. Well folk’s the base coat is on! Heavy rain ☔️ in Manchester stopped play for a few days & I’ve been itching to get two coats on. It took a litre of PVC 17 Paint 🎨 from HMG Paints Ltd. In Matte Leaf Green 🍃 RAL 6002 & I did FREAK as of course it went on too bright & glossy & yet as you can see: It’s settled to more the dull matte finish & shade, phew 😅...... I have to say, (as you’ll all know) the Polypropylene shell can mark, scratch & be gouged with ease! So finding a Robust Matte finish sealant once done ✅ is VITAL & my Cube won’t be allowed any outer rough & tumble! I can’t afford spare paint to be touching it up a lot & will look for something to give UV protection until I can roof my enclosure over it. The Paint went on with ease but it was more drippy than gloss yet very quick drying, so took all afternoon & evening. Next is the fun bit, stencil making on astatate & getting create with graffiti style digital camouflage......
  10. Dear Forum Members: Last week I became the proud 2nd owner of a Cube MK 1 for £300. It’s in great condition for it’s age & the seller even took the time to buy all new fixtures & fittings for it, because he couldn’t guarantee they were all present, as it had been sometime since it was dismantled. A really nice touch as I’m sure you’re to agree: My enclosure is to be extended from 18.3 Square Metres to 23.5. So I’ve been focusing on that first if honest. Today I decided I’d start building my Cube & alas the x 2 triangular fixing plates are missing parts 003.0026 arghhhh! So I emailed Omlet & of course because this Cube is now discontinued, they no-longer have these parts in stock? Does anyone have a nifty solution to this problem & can suggest something I can use instead? Not to be defeated, I’m going to take some photos & measurements & see what can be found & created at B&Q, wish me luck. Neil
  11. Lewis both sides have now more than one screw holding it in place? Try not to be the harbinger of doom as the front wants to fall backwards & not forwards & is doing just fine as I re-spray & re-paint.... I’ll make 45 degree brace if it causes an issue but it’s not precision kit at all mate.
  12. Yes Patrica W, you only have to look inside your Cube to see it’s original colour hey? Mine is soon to become a dark olive shade, well before the camouflage is applied in the funkier shades.... Neil
  13. Sounds like some of these discontinued colourways could be much sought after then @The Dogmother? Today I’m taking my collection of paints, & the egg 🥚 hatch to HMG Paints Ltd: to get a custom base coat to tie in with my camouflage themed make over. They maybe able to talk me through a suitably strong UV Matt Finished Sealant too? Exciting times apparently it’ll take them 3 days to colour match my order & attached are some of my initial ideas 💡 Neil
  14. Oh Luvachicken Thanks for your very kind words: It’s much appreciated actually. I don’t think 🤔 I’ve ever saw a Lilac Cube? Sounds like a wise & lovely colour choice. It’s a shame the new one’s only come in two colours but Omlet will want to keep their SKU’s to a minimum as the range has expanded? Send me a picture of your cube, as I’d love to see it. Having the base coat made bespoke with a local paint company in Manchester, who’ll take 3 days to create it....So the custom paint job costs are mounting up! Hope it’ll be worth it & pleased with how the primer has taken to it. Neil xxx
  15. Slow progress today: The Cube is now nearly all grey though & looks like an Anderson Shelter! As you can see I had the building inspector in. Meet 5 year old rescued Dachshund called Otto. He had a right nosy & made the other dog 🐶 Buckley jealous (as he’d never fit!) so much barking & merriment.... I’m going to a specialist paint 🎨 shop for some advice before putting a base coat of green on & yet to source a cheap enough & nice coloured base coat green: I’m then going to make acetate stencils to create the effect & they should deal with the curved okay.....
  16. Just imagine what he’d do on a Cube?
  17. Hey Lewis Sticking with the original colour was not an option, as it was too far gone, but it’s in great condition other than that? So as a former Clothing Designer I looked into Vinyl wrapping her professionally but was quoted £650 plus VAT. & I could have a new Mark II for that. Those vinyl wraps on eBay look interesting but appear to be for Mark II, I’ll sneak a peek if they do them for Mark I as I might need a plan C...... A custom paint job will have to do. I don’t care if I mess up, it’s going to cost very little to do & it’s an experiment 🧪 & a bit of fun actually. I’m worried what I’m doing could fade or crack, but have done ✅ all the preparation & going to ask around about how best to seal the camouflage once applied. Of course I’m sure if I were boring & resprayed her in one flat shade, life would be a lot easier. Best Regards Neil
  18. Don’t worry ladies I’ve been spraying all the tricky areas on the flat & only reassembling the Cube to show you the progress. Remember too that this is only the primer stage. I’ll have to be much more meticulous with the top coats & will do them flat down the shed on a bed of newspaper 🗞. Also I’ve been doing all the edges flat & rotating them every 30 mins.
  19. Hey AndyRoo It's only been a drag washing the T-Cut all off, wasn’t my brightest of 💡 ideas it must be said! What a Doofus? Anyways I think the trick might be getting a nice as possible finish on all the active edges that will see human interaction. So I’m giving those areas of high use extra coats to minimise peal & scratching (so door knob, egg hatch, & roof sides). Before the Camouflage flourish goes on I’ll draw it all out on the Cube first & try & find a base coat colour that’s as close to the original green as possible? So if I get the odd scratch or scuff, I can repair it without any drama. Thinking sticking with your Cube’s original colour way will also help the finish look more original. Is your’s a green example too Andy? These canny owners of purple cubes seem to suffer UV fade a lot less, from what little I’ve seen. I’m going to take a lot of advice before deciding how base to protect, seal / lacquer the finished article, & there’s lots out there that claim they protect UV, but we’ve all seen how graffiti can fade........Even if I now make a mess, it’s already better looking than it was in primer grey. Neil
  20. Well Folks The Paint 🎨 has arrived by courier & that’s great service from Graff City Ltd, hey? As only really ordered them the night before last.......Hope you like the wild 😜 shades I’ve gone for, still want the old Cube to sing as it would have new: Two coats of PlastiKote Primer have gotten me this far. So another 3 or 4 cans would give all that was green to generous coats. They Primer is such a close match for the front & rear of the Cube that I’ve cheekily done the front door too & it might stay that way actually. The primer will scratch fairly easily, which of course is a MAJOR concern? But think 🤔 with a few more layers of paint & then a substantial amount of lacquer to finish it off as a top coat, it should be good if I’m careful..... The worst part so far, was having to scrub all that silly T-Cut off in a mild bleach & dettol solution in the bath 🛁 lesson leant! Neil
  21. Neil Jones

    Yucky roosting bars

    Oh I remember Vim with great affection lol & didn’t the late Victoria Wood once write a line saying “Oooh she’s a stranger to Ajax?” as a most marvellous silly out down! x
  22. Here’s the 5 colours I’ve chosen to use: 1: 2031 Real Green 2: 105 Predator 3: 106 Rex 4: 2141 Tank 5: 2161 Secret I’m using KOBRA Low Pressure Spray Paints from a firm called Graff City Ltd that I found online: So it’s Graffiti artist’s spray which I’m checking can be used on primed Polypropylene & getting 2 cans of each colour, for the price you’ll pay for one can of PlastiKote @ B&M. Logging this all incase someone else fancies a go.
  23. Hi The Dogmother I think hand painting something as big as a cube by hand, is a real labour of love? The ex-Clothing Designer 👨‍🎨 in me wants a professional look, or I’d not even attempt this, I’m so impressed with the quality of my old classic cube, that perhaps now I really appreciate why they cost a lot NEW & hold their value: So before I recommission mine & become a hen keeper, I’d just like to attempt to do it justice? Something I could show Omlet & I so think they could create vinyl wrapped special edition Cubes, Ups & Eglus x Neil x
  24. Hi Patricia W I only think that’ll happen if I get a net finish, so I’m going to take my time on it & see how it goes? If they weren’t such a massive item to transport I could do them for people. Let’s wait & see, hope it’s not a disaster! X
  25. Actually going with the type of design only in brighter shades of green: The patterns a digital camouflage & easier to spray & lay onto the Cube than tricky chicken or bird repeat stencils as it’s at 45 degrees: Have asked a laser cut stencil maker to cut me the 3 layer stencil I’ll require. Just to help give it a professional look (I hope!) If it works I’ll be taking commissions lol x