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  1. Hi all, I have a couple of questions about my shed conversion. We will not be felting the roof, but adding onduline. Do you add on top of wooden roof or instead of? Ventilation, do I need permanent vents or ones that can be closed in cold weather? Thanks! Happy weekend x
  2. So, still attempting to decide whether buying a shed to convert or just buying a purpose built coop is a better idea? I like the idea that chickens will have more space in a shed, but have concerns that it might get too cold? Also I’m worried about all the considerations re redmites etc. I know I’d need to change the roof, but what about flooring? I’d considered laying Lino but it seems like that might harbour mites. Could I put pathing slabs in? Concrete? Or am I just better going down the ready made coop path? which do you prefer? Is a conversion worth it? Thanks in advance, I just want to get it right
  3. Great, I found them online, nice to have a recommendation! Thank you!
  4. Hoping to buy our first chickens later this year and have started to look at breeders etc, just wondering if anyone had any recommendations in the west oxon area. We are near oxford/Cheltenham/Abingdon etc Many thanks! Em x