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  1. The irony is that my hens free ranged all day every day of their lives, but died in the "safety" of what was a very secure (against foxes) run. I had a similar problem a couple of years ago, when some of my hens were killed in the run, and I always thought it was rats that were responsible. Having seen the carnage today, I think it must have been mink on that occasion too. You're right , Beantree, about the pleasure they give us, but I'm not sure that I can go through this again. I think I will have a break from chicken keeping for a while - we hope to be moving down South in the next few months and it seems like a good opportunity - but maybe I will think about it again when I am feeling more positive about it. I will miss them so much, and can't begin to think of starting again at the moment.
  2. Many thanks Beantree, couldn't agree more about the animal rights lot! Thankfully, my friend has just contacted me and can have my lone girl - he is very experienced with hens, so I'm sure he knows about integration. On a very sad day, the end of 8 years of keeping hens, at least there is a relatively happy outcome for one lucky little bantam.
  3. I've just been to let my hens out of their run and found a scene of carnage and a number of mink. All my hens except for one are dead, the survivor is miraculously unharmed. I have brought her into the house, and tried to contact a hen-keeping friend to see if he can have her, but haven't been able to reach him. I can't keep her on her own and am scared to do so anyway with such predators around, and I wondered if anyone knew of a rescue centre/similar in Cheshire or surrounding areas that might take in a lone hen if my friend can't have her? I don't want to get any more hens for now, so the option of getting her some friends is a non-starter I'm afraid. Any suggestions gratefully welcomed
  4. I had a similar incident a few years ago, when a predator - we never found out what sort, though suspect a rat - got into the locked eglu at night through the drainage hole in the nest box and killed one of my girls. I was subsequently told that wire wool is the way to stop them as their noses are very sensitive and they won't try to get through it. I blocked the drainage hole with wire wool, and scrunched up some chicken wire to put in the air vent holes making sure that there was still enough ventilation, and have had no similar problems since. I'm very sorry to hear what happened in this case. It's a horrible experience.
  5. Have a look at the Flylite website - their bags are the lightest I have found, but they are sturdy and good value.
  6. My avian specialist vet recommended the same treatment as Mrs B used - Coxoid and Bi-OO-Cyst - and it sorted out my little flock. Good luck!
  7. India, or a safari in Africa. Both are magical experiences!
  8. Durrants Hotel on George Street is our favourite London hotel. A lovely old fashioned hotel with personal service, and there are some great rates available at the moment - £157 for a double room. Much nicer than CitizenM tbh, especially for an occasion.
  9. If Susanna wins Strictly, which I think she will unfortunately, it will be an absolute travesty and proof that the show is a popularity contest rather than a dancing competition - or that it is fixed. Whilst it was probably right that Patrick went - he did seem to be resigned to it from the beginning of the semi-final - it should have been Susanna in the dance off with him. Whatever Natalie's faults, she is a much better dancer than Susanna and I felt really sorry that she was in the dance off after being top of the leader board. I hope that Sophie wins - I loved her dances on Saturday night.
  10. I too thought that Len was out of order, and how could he possibly say that Natalie was in jeopardy after her dance? Her dancing was brilliant, even if the choreography was not to Len's liking - and he shouldn't penalise her for that, it is up to Artem to get that right. So much has been made of her dancing training etc, but there have been several contestants in the past with similar background and training - Kara and Denise for instance - and it shouldn't be held against her. I hope she gets to the final because I love watching the two of them dance. I think it will be Ashley and Susannah in the dance off, and, hopefully, Susannah to go.
  11. You could try giving her some Nutri Drops if she's not eating. They're very effective.
  12. I am in Dubai on holiday at the moment ( how sad am I reading the Omlet forum ?!) and we were not questioned at all at the airport about bringing any medication into the country. I had read this post before we came, and didn't bring my codeine linctus with me, but could easily have done so. Maybe we were just lucky, but I didn't see anyone being questioned or stopped at customs/immigration.
  13. This is mentioned in today's Sunday Times Style magazine as follows: Middle-class chicken-keeping obsession gone mad: high-vis jackets for chicks
  14. It's both - you can get pure breed Frizzles, and also birds with frizzled feathering. I have got both, frizzled Pekins and some of the pure breed, and they are all gorgeous!
  15. How old are your new girls? Are they the same size as the old ones? It sounds as if there js plenty of room in the run so, as long as no injuries are being inflicted, I would be inclined to let them get on with it and hope that it will settle down eventually. As you say, a couple more feeders and drinkers would be a good idea too.
  16. I'm so sorry to hear that. Absolutely appalling. i would certainly contact the police, and perhaps put the word about amongst your contacts in showing circles, and ask people to be on the lookout. Do you have any photos of them that you could circulate?
  17. You could also get a red top fly trap. They really do work, although the contents are pretty foul once it's full! It does seem to keep them away from the run though.
  18. Yes, it is gripping - and horrifying at the same time. Can't wait to find out how it will end. Apparently a second series has been commissioned already.
  19. So glad that it ended happily for all concerned! That little cub is gorgeous but, as you say, it is a good thing that mum didn't come looking for him/her.
  20. One of my ex batts had quite a bad prolapse, which I could not get back in myself. I took her to the vet, expecting that he would say there was no hope, but he managed to get it back in and stitched it. The stitch was removed after 24 hours, and she had no more problems with it at all, much to my amazement. It may be worth a try if all else fails. Fingers crossed for Twizzle
  21. I'm not surprised by the identity of the killer, but the motive was a bit of a shock - that had never occurred to me, I must say. Interesting that they say Broadchurch will be back.
  22. In the paper today, it says that there are 3 big clues that remain unexplained: 1. Why did Susan Wright have Danny's skateboard? 2. What do Danny's emails to Tom say? 3. Why, when Danny stood on the cliff top on the night he died, was there a scratch on his face and blood dripping off his fingers? I have no idea at all, but am really looking forward to finding out. I hope that there will be "closure" and a really good solution.
  23. The only way I can think of doing it, so that the eglu itself and the hens are protected, would be to put it in a lockable run.
  24. Hi, sorry to hear about your girl. Have you taken her to a vet? They may be able to suggest/prescribe something. There may be nothing they can do, but I would get her checked out before making any decisions. Good luck with her.

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