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  1. Occasionally have some extra, & was thinking of selling some.... what do you charge for 4 or 6 eggs?
  2. Against many users of this forum advice, my chucks freerange for 10 to 12 hours a day. I have had foxes in the past, but cut off their usual route, got the hubby to pee round our border & when i give him his monthly shearing, i place the hair round our border too. I have a baby & a 6 yr old and never get much time to sit in the garden. I cant leave the kitchen door open as the chickens come in & eat the cat food! I regulary check on them & shut them in their run if I pop out. I was really anxious at first, but they love scratching round the place! HTH
  3. 1 of my girls has been laying for 10 days & I was impatiently waiting for my other one to start. Well when i checked on them today (they freerange for about 10 hrs a day!) i couldnt find one. Eventually found her in some ferns. Sh ehad made a chicken shaped hole & there were 6 eggs in there! Any advice?
  4. My vet is my friends husband...... who really wants an eglu plus chickens!
  5. I subscribe to "Green Parent" Mag.... really good!
  6. New to all this... what do you do with the citronella? Durrrrrh.....??? Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot... do you get lice powder & red mite stuff from "horse" shops too... wouldnt know where to start, but will get googling!
  8. I've been given lots of advice but thought i'd ask you lot.... Had my 2 chucks for a couple of months now. Keep them on the lawn, moving every couple of days. Do i need red mite dust, garlic powder, vinager in the water! I just feed them layers mash & s"Ooops, word censored!"s & give them tap water... they have made their own dust baths around the garden. Do I really need anything else? & whats this about garlic stops their poo smelling so much? Any advice would be appriciated!
  9. Oh... & my big softie of a cat thinks hes a chicken.... sits in the nesting box when he gets too hot, & drinks from the "glug"!
  10. Every morning after i let the chickens out, it's a race back up the garden to see who gets through the back door first. (the dry cat food bowls are kept by the door.) Well the chickens have now learnt to come in the cat flap! I imagine one day coming home to find them sat on the sofa! Anyone else had similar experiances?

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