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  1. I see what you mean, but it's not a matter of the time needed or the effort to do it. It's more a problem of not being able to have a steady routine. Some of the evenings I'm just not in time at home to do this due to my agenda. Automation would help to solve that...
  2. I have had red mite with one of my first wooden chicken houses. I have to say that since I switched to the plastic ones from Omlet, it has been quite OK. In regards to the eggs, I indeed heard that washing them should not be done - thanks for explaining why. So far, by closing the nest box door each evening, we have crisp white eggs, no cleaning required whatsoever.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have an open run (not the one from Omlet as I have quite some space where they are allowed to walk free). I don't believe we have foxes nearby (never say never) but we do have ferrets and ermines (hope I translated that one correct). So the automated door is serving a purpose. The door opens around 5:30am and closes at 9pm (by that time they are already in for 2 or so hours. If I leave the nest box door open, I end up cleaning the full area at the end of the week. I have tried changing their habbits but forgetting to close the door once is enough for them to fall back to their old habbits... I used to have an Eglu Go before the Cube and I actually sold it because it does not have a separate nesting area and thus they were messing the nesting area up every night. This being said: I think I found a way to automate the sliding door. It may sound strange but the design is based on an old PC DVD player and a PC mouse. The DVD player has an automated tray and a small engine and the microswitches in the computer mouse will help to stop the door when it is fully open/closed, to prevent the engine from continuing. The arduino will will help to program the opening/closing. Will see how this goes... Hi Patricia, The MK2 has a removable divider. It's held in place by 2 aluminum U-profiles. Once a month I take it out to clean it. After you mentioned the red mites, I went to check last WE to make sure they also did not use this spot in my MK2 to hide, but I have to say so far I have zero mites anywhere in the run. As for behavior: as I said in my reply above - it takes only one night not closing the nesting area for my chicken to fall back to their previous habit of sleeping in the nesting area... Thanks, Mario
  4. OK, so no one has thought about automating this sliding door yet... strange. I'm planning to do a small project using Arduino to automate the door. If there are people interested or having loads of Arduino knowledge, reach out to me... Cheers, Mario
  5. Hi, I have an Eglu Cube with the autodoor, which is taking care that the chicken are safe in their home at night. Even when I am not at home, I'm sure that the door closes at the right time. However, before the Eglu Cube, I had an Eglu Go for 8 years. My mean reason for upgrading the Go to a Cube was the fact that at night, the chicken would sleep on the nesting area, making it dirty. The eggs we retrieved were dirty as well... every day. In the morning, there was no time to clean the nesting area. The Cube solved that issue. I have now white chicken (before I had brown ones), so I have white eggs and they are without a spot of dirt when I retrieve them. However, if I do not close the internal sliding door at night and open it again in the morning, the chicken will go in the nesting booth and sleep in it (making it again dirty as was the case with the Eglu Go). I'm not always in time at home at night to close that sliding door, so I was wondering if anyone already attempted to automate the opening and closure of that sliding door towards the nesting booth. Grateful if anyone has some info or tips on how they did it or how they would do it. Thanks, Mario

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