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  1. I must be quite lucky as they leave quite a bit alone. Penstemons, hollyhocks, scabious, poppies, lavender, rosemary, thyme, are all fine to name a few. I do find though they are vunerable when small - therefore tend to buy big established plants now.
  2. In my second year of persistant broodies -I can say I've tried everything but a broody cage. Last year I laid ice blocks in the nesting box end to end every morning and changed them again for fresh ice blocks when I got home from work for weeks and weeks, they just sat quite happily on them to no avail! If I'm home during the day I shut them out the cube but then they just find a nice comfortable spot and settle down. I also had a broody over this winter - I thought when I was having to crack the ice in their water trough during the day that they'd soon snap out of it but they weren't in a rush! Yes, they do lose alot af weight - I lift them at least twice a day and also tend to feed them a bit more corn than usual - layers pellets aren't so important if they are not laying.. Fortunately for me the broodies don't bother the other chooks and they still squeeze themselves into the nesting box to lay.
  3. I have two Springer Spaniels who were most excited when we first got chooks. They would go racing over to the run barking - when inside Dylan sat on the conservatory window ledge drooling and barking at them A week in, we invested in a supersoaker water gun - having given up on the 'take them out into the garden on a lead thing' - we let the dogs out, blasted them with the supersoaker and it stopped them in their tracks. We did it for a week, left the water gun by the door for a few months, but today the chooks are free-ranging, the conservatory door wide open and the dogs are wandering in and out without us keeping a constant eye on them.
  4. I had 4 broody Brahmas last year - and only one nesting box!
  5. No 15, Sign your name - Terence Trent Darby
  6. Try www.mandmdirect.com They have some mens 5.11 tactitical series trousers in a 30"waist/36"leg. Sorry, can't do links
  7. Tiger Balm. I've seen it in Boots. When I lived in the Middle East this was the answer to everything. It takes the itchiness out of mozzie bites (and the inflamation) and is good for headaches and other aches too. Downside - it's got quite a powerful smell, a bit like deep heat / eculyliptis (sp) Magic stuff. NB. No tigers injured in the production of Tiger Balm.
  8. I have 4 Brahmas and 5 others in a cube. I think that is the limit - they are not squashed and I do see space but will leave it at that. They do have a bigger run - a run and converter would not be enough for them IMO. Bear in mind Brahma's don't reach full adulthood until around 18 months old, mine are around that now and I've definately seen a growth spurt in the last 6 months...
  9. Oohh Emma, she is absolutely beautiful. I bet you and your husband can't stop looking at her. Enjoy every moment.
  10. They are absolutely gorgeous. Hope Chelsea catches this thread when she is back from her hols - she will love those pics. As for the noise, my original girls were terrible this summer when I introduced two more and the light mornings meant they started at 5am. It took a few weeks for them to calm down and I have been left with one particular vocal chook.
  11. That gives the phrase 'Buyer Beware' a whole new meaning! Now you have rectified the problem you have got yourself a liitle bargain though, Thank goodness you weren't setting off on a long journey!
  12. It does depend on the size of the run I think. We started off with it inside and quickly realised it just wouldn't work. You need to be able to pull the poo trays out at the back, get to the nesting box on one side and on the other side is the pull out handle for open and closing the cube door. In our run which is about 16ft x8ft, we found it needed to be slap bang in the middle. For us, its so much easier on the outside
  13. What colour are you thinking of? I've seen a powder blue one and a cream one - I still can't decide which I liked the best.
  14. I'm sure I've seen a hay for sale sign near me - I'll keep my eyes peeled. No heating on here yet - we normally manage to go until the last week in November.
  15. I love the look of them We are going to need a second car when we are eventually in a better position job wise and this car is on my list to look at! Reading Clarets post, I will have to do some research. There is a website which owners post on (it's for any make of car) my OH always looks on it. Pity we looked at it after we got a Freelander as it developed every single fault owners posted about We have a Hyundai now and found any comments aboutthat are pretty acurate. I'll try and find out what the website is called, communications are a tad difficult with my OH as he's in Dubai, the phones in his hotel aren't working and they called Ramadan last night so nothing will happen for 4 days.

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