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  1. Congratulations Lewis. Really chuffed for you. I seem to remember we were "almost neighbours" when I lived in Erdington. Or am I going senile? Where is home now for you? I am near Alcester in Warwickshire these days and still have my Cube with 5 chooks. Frantically battling the red mite this summer after never experiencing it before in 12 years of chicken keeping.
  2. Have sadly had a run of losses this year (ex-batts do tend to go around the same time). Lost Angelica in May, Dill in September and Cicely last month. As my flock had depleted so much, I treated myself to two little white Silkie pullets at the National Poultry Show. They both seemed to be doing fine but last Friday I went out to the run and found Snowflake dead and cold and a poor little Flurry on her own in the run. As I have had them less than 3 weeks, I thought i ought to let the breeder know in case there are any problems with their other birds. Any idea how I can find out who I bought them off? I don't want compensation or anything like that. Just think they may want to know. I am now trying to integrate Flurry into the rest of the flock, but it's harder with one, bless her.
  3. So pleased to hear of your positive forays into the world of beekeeping. It is a fascinating hobby. I have kept bees for 4 years now and keep learning all the time. As any beekeeper will tell you - the bees don't read the books! Even now I occasionally find things that are a complete surprise in the hive (such as a colony on only 5 frames of brood one week are building queen cells the next week), but usually, with experience you can learn to predict what you might expect to find on inspections. Re bee suits, I know Sherriff are really expensive, but I do recommend them. I bought a cheap one off eBay to begin with and the veil split within a year. My Sherriff one has lasted me 3 years now without any sign of a tear and the hexagonal mesh they use makes it easier to see through too. Good luck with your summer of helping with the bees.
  4. I went to that lecture too, Olly. I have had a bait hive in my apiary for 3 months now, without even a sniff of a scout bee. Nothing else of importance to say, Surfnirvana, other than be sure to do a disease check and treat if necessary asap and try to change the old combs if you can. A free swarm is a bonus but you want to make sure they are healthy bees.
  5. Thanks folks. It is much what I expected. Got a poorly girl at the moment with peritonitis. She has recovered from it twice before so is on Baytril and Metacam (prescribed by my vet). I'll just have to see how she goes this time. The vet said if she recovers again I should seriously think about giving her a Superlorin implant.
  6. I usually have Meloxicam for Cats (0.5mg/ml) prescribed by my vet, which I give to my hens as pain relief/anti-inflammatory when needed. A friend has given me a bottle of Meloxicam for Dogs (1.5mg/ml). Can I use this for chickens and just give a third of the dose, or is it not advised? Seems such a waste if not, but don't want to do more harm than good to my girls. Thanks
  7. I think there are words to a Frank Sinatra song that goes...."It's oh, so nice to go travelling, But it's so much nicer, Yes, it's so much nicer to come home" That sums up how I feel about living in the UK. It's not perfect but it's home.
  8. Sweet chooky dreams my little Parsley Pickle. Last of my first ex-batts died on 27th April - 2 weeks after her 3rd anniversary of freedom from the cage. I will miss your excited little noises when you found a juicy treat. Gone but not forgotten.
  9. Treacle, my Suffolk Noir, was purchased in September 2007 and she was already laying when I got her, so I anticipate she is coming up for 6 shortly. She came back into lay again last week bless her. Never had a day's ill health in her life. Tough as old boots! My oldest ex-batt is Parsley, who I will have had 3 years free in April. I thought I was going to lose her last month as she developed an impacted crop and was bringing up horrible brown liquid, but a course of Baytril and Metacam and some massage have put her right and she's now back on top form, bless her.
  10. I started with a , then got a second , then (as you do) a , so sold my . Love the cube, it's the best chicken house by far IMHO. So easy to clean and space for loads of chickens.
  11. Very sadly we lost our wonderful house bunny Azzie to a sudden illness on Friday. I am finding it so difficult to come to terms with as he was a much loved member of our family. This was him as a baby. We buried him today, in a favourite spot in the garden, with his favourite ball for company. Hop and skip in bunny heaven my lovely boy. *hugs*
  12. They get ours when we have finished with it Chissie That's what I did. They've just about demolished the sprouts now.
  13. So sorry to hear about the loss of your girls, TooLilac. I also learned the hard way when I lost one of my girls to a fox attack, way back in 2007. I had only had them 6 months and was complacent about letting them free range whilst I was in the kitchen. One girl was killed and the other injured (fortunately recovered). I then got more girls to keep my lone chook company, but built them a big walk in run and now they only ever come out to free range when I am in the garden to supervise. It's sadly the only way to guarantee their safety. My friend lost 2 of her girls to a fox whilst free ranging just before Christmas.
  14. OH bought me a night light in the shape of a white rabbit. The house bunny keeps eyeing it suspiciously. OH did get me several other nice things and this was meant to be a joke present.
  15. Watched it with a lump in my throat and a few tears all the way through (following the heart-wrenching start). The music was disappointing though. Especially compared to the original. DD used to play me music from the original on the piano when she lived at home, and it always brought a tear to my eye.
  16. For the last 4 years I've designed my own Vistaprint version with pics relating to my Bees, Chickens and Bunny etc. OH, DD, Mum and a friend all get a copy. Always makes me smile when I turn over each new month and remember taking the pic. I also get a freebie with Gardeners World magazine and Beecraft magazine. This year also got one from a garden centre I used once and a RSPCA one. There's no way anyone has a chance of mistaking the date in our house!
  17. I had to have the second of my two lavender Araucanas pts a few months ago. You have my sympathies. Unfortunately chooks are very good at hiding the fact that they are ill and often you don't spot it until they are really unwell. You obviously did the right thing for her today.
  18. I used to mess around throwing my broodies off the nest several times a day but now I haven't the patience, I'm afraid. My silkie, Squib, goes in the broody cage for 3 days whenever she goes broody (except in the coldest of weather). The roof on the WIR means she stays dry and she soon snaps out of it and can't wait to have a dust bath and get back to life as normal. I'm probably just a really mean chicken mummy. Yes, luvachicken, silkies are winter layers so can go broody in the winter months. All year round in fact, bless them.
  19. "Buenos dias mis chicas, como estan?" (OH is Chilean) as I walk down the garden path to the raucous clamouring for food and to be let out to free range. At night I do a head count (using a torch) to make sure everyone is in bed. When I lock the run I say "Night night. Sleep tight. Don't let the red mite bite". It's reassuring to know lots of you have similar little rituals. Whilst it may not be accepted "normal" behaviour, there is safety in numbers.
  20. He is fab-u-lous, Tasha. How did you do at the National? Looked for you but didn't see you on the Sunday. I was trying to work out which were yours. Still missing Lupin/Dennis. I would so love a cockerel but would need to move to do so.
  21. I do half way up the 5ml mark (2.5 ml) in a standard Glug. I have no idea if that's the correct dose, but all my girls seem fine on it. I don't think it's critical.
  22. They are all very pretty girls and seem to be settling in well. Congratulations! The range of poos is phenomenal, isn't it? I too came home from the National with more chooks - 2 Faverolles. I have no willpower.
  23. I switched over from D&H to Smallholder quite a long time ago after concerns about quality. It will be interesting to see what response you got to your complaints.

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