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  1. Thanks. I'm enjoying the course so far, but haven't yet decided whether to take the exam or not. Apart from my BBKA Basic, this would be my first exam for several years.
  2. Thanks OSH. No I promise it's not a trick question. I did mean for all the hive. Everywhere I've looked at gives 2200 sq ins for a Modified National, not a 14 X 12. I'm thinking it's 14 X 12=168 X 2 (sides) = 336 X 11 (frames) = 3696. Or 3700 as near as makes no difference. If it's wrong I'll let you know.
  3. If one of my girls is off colour, I find a handful of maggots is the best way to get them perky again. They are a good source of protein so great for moulting girls too. Also useful for an impacted crop (or is that a myth)? I restrict them to a handful or two a day as a treat between 9 hens (more for solitary poorlies).
  4. Brilliant outcome. Happy hens all round.
  5. I have one ex-batt that I've had for 2 years 7 months and she's still going strong, bless her. My Suffolk Noir (Black Rock-ish) hen is at least 5 years 7 months as I bought her as a laying hen in September 2007. She's as tough as old boots and solid as anything. I've had several pure breeds who have not lasted the same distance (sadly my Araucanas were both rubbish layers and relatively short-lived hens). I think I will always have a mix of the two for the best of both worlds.
  6. Yes. I think it has a look of Woody Woodpecker. Gorgeous! Legs make me think it's a boy, but only guessing.
  7. Interesting question. I always take 2 of my girls to our allotment fairs and find I am still getting a lot of interest from people wanting to keep chickens. I hand out Omlet leaflets (always explaining that other types of coop/run are available) but adding that, after much research, I bought from Omlet due to the ease of keeping things clean which saves time and money in the long run, despite a bigger initial outlay. I know personally of someone locally who gave up chicken keeping because they couldn't go away as much as they wanted to. On the other hand I also get people coming back and telling me they have now got their hens as a result of talking to me at a previous show and are really happy with them. I think the bandwagon may have slowed down, but there is still a steady stream of people new to chicken keeping.
  8. I have just started doing the BBKA Module 1 and for the first time in years have homework to do. We have been asked to do a table of dimensions etc for all the commonly used hives in the UK. I've managed to find all the facts I need except the size of brood area for a 14 X 12 Extra deep frame. I've trawled the internet and can only seem to find the same standard figures for all the frames, except none of them give the brood area (in square inches) for a 14 X 12. Any idea?
  9. Well done quickcluck! I read your original post and as I am also veggie, I'm just the same as you. I always ask them to change their gloves before making my sandwich. Not wearing gloves in this day and age is inexcusable.
  10. Real "lump in the throat" stuff. So beautiful. Loveitloveitloveit!
  11. My daughter is in the final year of her Clinical Psychology doctorate and her research study is on communication between couples when one of them has a diagnosis of dementia. Despite a national recruitment process, she is struggling to find enough participants for her research and, knowing the power of the Omlet effect only too well, I just wondered if anyone on here would be able to help? Participants would need to fit the following criteria: A couple who have been in a relationship for at least two years One partner must have clinically diagnosed dementia (of any type - not just Alzheimers) They must both be able to give informed consent to participate They would need to agree to being filmed performing an activity of daily living (possibly with a follow up interview) I think that covers the basics. There would, of course, be full confidentiality guaranteed. Ethics approval has been given. She is willing to travel all over the country to complete interviews and has already done so twice. If anyone thinks they may be able to help, please pm me with your details and we can take it from there. Thank you.
  12. I recently lost my beloved cuckoo silkie, Muggle (see Chicken Memorials), I will be looking to get another cuckoo silkie before too long. She came from the no-longer in existence Wernlas Collection. Can anyone recommend a reputable breeder of cuckoo and other silkies? I'm in the Birmingham area, but willing to travel. Thanks.
  13. Sadly lost my darling Muggle, my favourite hen for 4 and a half years. She had so many ups and downs in her life. A couple of years ago she nearly died and went to hospital. On another occasion she developed an impacted crop which led to sour crop then a permanently pendulous crop and had several bouts of illness needing antibiotics. Nevertheless she was always a happy hen, muggling around with her friend Squib. she was always the one children wanted to cuddle at all our allotment fairs. She had what I think were several mini strokes over the last couple of weeks and on Sunday I found her dead in the run, following what I suppose was a massive stroke. I miss her dreadfully. She made such a distinctive noise when I went out to the girls and even featured in her own comic (made by DD). Rest in peace my sweetheart. You are irreplaceable.
  14. It's Louis for me. All the way. Denise Van Outen and one or two of the others are OK, but there are more than the usual number of choreographically-challenged this year IMHO.
  15. Phew! That's a relief. Get well soon, Rosie! *HUGS*
  16. I was fortunate enough to win 1st prize for my wax at our branch honey show. Along with the 50pence prize money, I also received a complimentary ticket for 2 people to The National Honey Show next weekend. I am not able to go due to a prior commitment (volunteering at Birmingham Beer Festival ) so if anyone wants my ticket please PM me. You would have to pretend to be me at the entrance but that's all. Once you're in, you're in.
  17. RIP to our Araucana, Gabriela. Last of the Wuss Sisters. She'd always been a lazy girl who was always sitting down and never laid any eggs, but we loved her anyway. Recently she lost the use of her legs completely and the vet said she thought it was something neurological so she was pts last night. I always feel so guilty when this has to be done, but I think it was for the best and the vet agreed. Her quality of life was deteriorating and she could no longer feed herself, dustbathe or do proper chickeny things. Sweet chooky dreams, Gabby. I'm sure you are glad to see your sister again in chook heaven.
  18. Just read this whole thread. My fingers are crossed for Louise. She sounds such a trooper. Good luck.
  19. Home bees - ended up uniting the nuc with my old queen back in as the new queen who I had seen go on her mating flight either never returned or failed to come into lay. Absolutely no chance of any honey off them. They have one half-filled super which I will under-super for winter and still need to feed, feed, feed. Allotment bees - we lost one swarm as although we captured it, it then absconded. However 2 incoming swarms meant we are back up to 4 hives. We just may get one super off one of the hives but it's been so desperate this "summer" we were still feeding in June. Had a possible disaster last week. We were marking all the allotment queens and my queen-marking contraption fell apart half way through getting one of the queens and she fell out. I'm hoping it was into the hive, but maybe not. Hope we have eggs next inspection. Here's to next season!
  20. Pheeew!So glad you (and Layla) had a lucky escape. Having lost a girl to a fox 5 years ago, my poor chooks only ever get to free-range when I'm in the garden, sadly. They have to stay in their WIR at all other times. I haven't seen a fox for a while, but do get a whiff now and again, so know they are still around.
  21. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I have so wanted a Frizzle for ages. Hob"Ooops, word censored!" is not helping my willpower. I am so
  22. I love the first pic where she's head down in the bowl! My Silkies are both 4 now and Muggle is especially slow and dim (but my favourite nevertheless). I hadn't seen her move at any pace for ages - she usually waddles slowly everywhere. But the other day, when she was in the nest box, I threw some mealworms in for the girls and she shot out of the cube and down the ramp so fast I was amazed. She has no excuses now!
  23. What gorgeous girls! They all look lovely. Congratulations!

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