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  1. Yes. Thank you so much for all your help Tasha. It's taken 6 new chooks to console me and I still miss him very much. I'm so glad he's gone to a loving forever home with someone who won't have to worry like I did about his very loud cock-a-doodle-dooing in a very urban area. Bless him. For something so tiny he did have a H-U-G-E voice.
  2. Oh what a relief! Great news. Hopefully she's learnt her lesson and won't wander off again.
  3. Here are my new Speckled Sussex banties that I bought at the National Poultry Show. They have been named by my friend's 6 year old son who thought they looked like they were sprinkled with stars. Twinkle is on the right and Sparkle on the left. DD added the Twilight Twins bit as she's a fan of the films.
  4. Ditto! I got two Speckled Sussex Bantams recently. Lovely girls Memphisto and I'm so glad you rescued the poor little solitary girl and gave her some new friends. Well done.
  5. Aaaah! I've got a Rosie (Rosemary) in my first ex-batt clan. Sorry for your loss but how wonderful you've got some more. I got my 2nd batch of ex-batts about a month ago and they are feathering up nicely and free ranging with the other girls like "proper" chickens already. Edited for spelling error
  6. I'm sure they'll be fine. If they are free ranging they can run away out of harm's way if needed (or waddle away at least).
  7. I had 4 more ex-batts last month and just haven't got the space for any more, sadly. Oh for some land.......
  8. What cute Silkies (and the other girls are cute too). Chickens are sooooo helpful, aren't they? I'm intrigued as to what their new names will be, bless them
  9. I'm really tempted to get one of these, but they are a bit pricey. We've definitely got a rat getting into the run by tunelling under the slabs and coming up in the uncovered soil. I don't have anything against them personally, but I really don't like the idea of them eating the girls food and spreading disease. I try to remember to take their food in at night, but the rats round here operate 24/7. Any tips for getting rid of rats from the run, humanely?
  10. I have 2 Silkies and they seem happy enough in with my flock with 7 fiesty ex-batts, 1 Suffolk Noir (she's a big solid bird) and 1 (cowardly) Araucana. They don't seem to have problems but do have to learn to respect the pecking order as they are quite low down, though one of mine tends to forget that. Yes Squib, I'm talking about you!
  11. I read your post with jealousy (I had a beautiful GLW bantam who turned out to be a cockerel and had to be rehomed because he was so noisy I was really worried the neighbours would complain), then with mounting anxiety when Sid went missing. So glad you got him back, Emma. Phew!
  12. I have an allotment in Birmingham and their Chicken Husbandry and Supplementary Chicken Husbandry Rules are at the bottom of this page to download as Word documents
  13. I always find names do suggest themself. I bought two Speckled Sussex Bantams on Saturday and my friend's little boy said they looked like they had stars all over them so they are named Sparkle and Twinkle. My ex-batts are all "Herbs" My Silkies were named from Harry Potter references (Muggle and Squib) and my first ever chickens were a and a from Omlet and the ginger one suggested Scully so the was automatically Mulder. Give it time. The names will come.
  14. 1289 + 2 = 1291 I went to the National Poultry Show on Saturday and a case of Morehen Disease came over me and I ended up with 2 Speckled Sussex Bantam pullets somehow going home with me.
  15. Rather than rehoming, have you thought about having them as house rabbits? They'd be warm and dry and have each other for company during the day and then you can keep them company in the evenings. I have a house-bunny and (as they are crepuscular) he tends to snooze most of the day and is only really active in the morning and evening anyway.
  16. What a sad post. My sympathies are with you. I get my bunny vaccinated every 6 months and had assumed that would make him immune. I'll certainly be watchcing more closely from now on.
  17. We've had our house rabbit for over 6 years and he's a darling. I couldn't imagine life without him. He is litter trained (apart from the odd poo) and now has free run of the whole house all the time. He is never caged and only ever goes in there for food and toileting. Maybe we're just lucky but he never chews cables. If they get in his way he just gently picks them up and moves them. I personally feel that you need to have as large a cage as you can possibly fit, if your bun is to be confined for any length of time. Good luck with the transfer. I'm sure he'll be fine.
  18. He is absolutley gorgeous! A real stunner.
  19. My friend is a professional photographer and has recently added a pet photography branch to her business. http://www.fourfootphotography.co.uk/ She wanted to add some bunny pics to her portfolio and came over today to photograph Azzie, my Lionhead bunny. He was so good during his photoshoot. A real professional. I'm really looking forward to the photos as some of them looked fab-u-lous on the digital display.
  20. Squib, my perpetually broody Silkie has just come out of 3 days in the cooler. She's back to normal now....until the next time.
  21. Welcome to the forum! Your girls so remind me of my first two Omlet girls in their green Eglu. I had a Miss Pepperpot and a Gingernut Ranger. The was (naturally)Scully and the was Mulder. Nothing is so exciting as your first chickens, although I always get a buzz from new girls (I've got 11 now so be warned)!
  22. I'm an Aubiose fan too. It's similar to Hemcore, just more finely shredded that's all.
  23. I also have 2 Silkies in my flock. They are housed in a walk in run which does have a corrugated plastic roof, but there are leaks so the girls often get mildly damp. I've had them for 3 1/2 years without any problems, even through the last 2 freezing winters. Glad you love Silkies too. My 2 are my favourites (but don't tell the others).
  24. I had another thought. If they are in a walk in run, have you thought of leaving the coop door open so they can let themselves out when they want? I do that with my girls all year round (except in the very worst weather) and they are fine. You are probably far more aware of the noise than your neighbours. Try not to worry.
  25. Glad to hear he's fully recovered! He's a very lovely boy. My favourite is my Cuckoo Silkie, Muggle. She's so round and waddles rather than walks. I have to use an old louvre door as a ladder for her as she couldn't get down the Cube ladder any more. She had sour crop last year and I really though we were going to lose her. She eventually bounced back but ended up with a pendulous crop which has to be massaged every now and then (used to be every day). She's so cute though.

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