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  1. If you show weakness, they will always exploit it! Covering the window may quieten them down for a bit. Though we've put the clocks back, their body clocks tell them it's really 7.15, but as the mornings get later towards winter, it won't be such a problem. Could it be egg laying announcements you're hearing? Or are they clamouring to be let out?
  2. Me too. One trashed garden and one dead hen soon had me reaching for the wood, mesh, hammer and nails. Having lost one hen to a fox, I could never take the risk again. It's too heartbreaking.
  3. Sorry to hear of your loss. I agree it sounds like the fox cached her and has been coming back for a little bit more ever since. I also agree that the fox will never be far away now it's found you keep hens. I lost a hen 4 years ago and see foxes regularly now. My girls only ever come out when I'm in the garden. I built them a big walk in run to give them more space. Is that an option for you? Good luck with your new girls.
  4. I think you've made the right decision. I don't think I could have been nearly so resilient.
  5. I would absolutely love some Frizzles. I am so jealous. I agree. Both, definitely. Off to the National Poultry Show next month. I hope to feast my eyes on lots of lovely hens (including Frizzles) there.
  6. I always get so when I read people posting about how productive their Araucanas are. I had 2 Lavender Araucana pullets in July 2008. They didn't lay at all until Spring 2009 and I had a reasonable amount of eggs from the one who sadly died a while ago. Her sister is still with me. She laid 100 eggs in 2009, 5 eggs in 2010 and hasn't laid anything at all for over a year. Very pretty, but totally useless IMHO!
  7. One of my Silkies quacks like a duck and the other makes a horrible strangled whining noise. I wouldn't worry too much.
  8. Sorry to hear of your losses. Nothing replaces a chicken......except more chickens! Hope the intros go well.
  9. So sorry to hear of your loss. I lost one of my girls to a fox 4 years ago. The fox WILL be back, no two ways about it. I built a large walk in run for my girls after the attack and they only ever come out to free range when I am in the garden to supervise them. I just daren't risk it.
  10. I had such a Lupin-shaped hole in my life after he'd gone. To console me, OH said I could have more hens. I contacted my local BHWT and as luck would have it they had a release last weekend and now I have 4 new ex-batts to ease the pain of parting.
  11. I had a tear over your last paragraph. It's so heartbreaking. I really feel for you. *hugs*
  12. I have a lovely "comic" my DD did for me a couple of years ago about the chickens. It's written in (sort of) rhyming couplets in the style of a Rupert Annual. I've got it saved as a Word document and as a PDF file, but I'm not sure how I would be able to upload it here. If anyone can help, I'd be happy to share it.
  13. My girls are due to come out for their "free-ranging-whilst-I'm-in-the-garden" period of the year now. They have a 5m X 3m walk in run for most of the time in Autmn/Winter and ALL the time in Spring/Summer because they totally trashed my garden when I let them out year round. I never dreamed they'd be so destructive. I still need to fence off the main flower bed as that's still looking OK, but they'll be able to have a wander around the rest of the garden for an hour or two each day from now on until early Spring. I think any free-ranging time is a bonus, so don't feel guilty.
  14. Glad it's got good reviews as I've got one for OH for Christmas. I still prefer the old fashioned ink on paper version.
  15. I'm in the Berghaus camp. I bought mine half price in the sales 2 years ago and it is brilliant. Totally waterproof and windproof, yet breathable and not at all bulky. I wear layers underneath depending on the temperature. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
  16. I usually have 2 or 3 (occasionally 4) in the nestbox. It looks so empty in the main roosting area, when I go to "tuck them in" at night. Obviously I need more chooks.
  17. Lovely pictures of lovley girls. Thank you for sharing. I have a lavender Araucana and she is the most useless of my hens, never lays any eggs, but is still very sweet.
  18. How strange. I would have thought that you would have noticed some noise if it was a fox attack. I know from experience how loud that can be. I do hope Tilly turns up.
  19. Sadly (for me) he did turn out to be a cockerel and was far too noisy to keep in an urban setting, so he's gone off for rehoming to someone from this forum who very kindly offered to take him (she knows who she is but I didn't want to name names in case she got inundated). It was soooooo quiet this morning. It was for the best but he'd become a most beautiful boy and it was a wrench to part from him.
  20. Here I was, feeling sorry for myself at having to let my accidental cockerel go for rehoming..... I am so sorry to hear about your situation, Lucy. What an awful thing to have happened - twice! I would advise you to consider long and hard to see if there is some way that would allow you to have hens again, in a safe run. I lost a hen to a fox 4 years ago and quickly went out and bought myself the wood and thick gauge weld mesh to make myself a massive WIR. My girls still have loads of room to run and play, but without risk. I really feel for you. *hugs*
  21. My choice at this early stage would be Marcus to win. He seems such a lovely unassuming guy. MIsha is fabulous too, but I just don't think the public will support her as much as she deserves. The girl group were awful and should have gone. As annoying as 2 Shoes are, they had more charisma. Jonjo was the worst singer in the Overs and James was sweet but they gave him no chance of being put through with that dreary version of Ticket to Ride. Amelia should not have gone so early. She did at least have talent even if the pink hair was a mistake. It's obviously geared up for either Frankie or Janet to win though. That's who "THEY" want us to vote for. Edited to add: Has anyone posted the ad yet? I love it.
  22. MedusA

    Wax Moth warning

    I've got my supers all stacked with a tray of acetic acid inside a wheeley bin liner. I leave them like that until about February or March when I unwrap the stack and air them throroughly. Wax moths are insidious little blighters. Must have been a shock for you though, finding them in the kitchen?

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