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  1. Hi Neil I have been trying to send you an email , but for some reason my hotmail account is rejecting your email address , the wonders of IT,,, my email address is jimstone532@hotmail.co.uk may you can have more luck that I have , We would like to send you pictures but the Eglu is disassembled , if there is anything you would like to see we would please to take a photo , the cube is over ten years old so of the outstanding quality that Patrica appreciates ??
  2. Hi Neil You may be in luck I am looking at selling our MK1 cube for £300 it is in good condition but used I have got a full set of new bolts and cage fixings for it , the coop is presently in Chorley Lancs , but I can bring it down to Cheshire we are in SK9 , let me know if you are still interested , we will be putting on line next week

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