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  1. Glad there's another banana eater out there - I thought Bernard was the exception - he goes mad for it, and I get evils when he doesn't get any. My buns don't seem to be fussy at all. They have cabbage, cauliflower, spring greens, kale, carrots, romanesco cauliflower (when they're feeling posh), sprouts, grapes, apple, sultanas, pear, and they're already eyeing up the dandelions which are just starting to sprout up again.
  2. Bernard and Penny. My avatar was the late Matilda (Tildy). All of them lovely. Penny's the newest member - I was after a Lola, but it didn't seem to suit.
  3. When I was a kid, my Dad used to make me laugh by doing an impression of a chicken laying a square egg. Thank God he never tried an impression of that scenario - I'd have had nightmares! (Sorry for lowering the tone. )
  4. Agreed with all of the above. Get him a lovely lady bunny (spayed) and make the introductions slowly and in neutral territory, or they may rip chunks out of each other . Enjoy!
  5. My cats and bunji spend most of their time together and love it . There is initial curiosity, but that turns into indifference pretty quick. When the sun's out, I'll often find a cat (or two) flopped out on one side of the run's siding, with Berny flopped out on the other - practically back to back. I wouldn't worry, Bernard's given one of my cats a good kicking in the past, but they're best of friends now! Enjoy!
  6. Hi All, My late Matilda was a digger extraodinaire. On many occassions I would venture into the garden to feed her and Bernard, and be missing a lagamorph, just to find her a couple of feet down making a right royal mess of the lawn. I tried fine mesh, but she eventually munched through that and continued regardless. I don't know what the Eglu mesh is like, but the winner for me was a roll of plastic garden mesh I bought from Homebase. Dark green plastic about 5mm thick with diamond shaped holes. Stopped her in her tracks. They both spent a year on concrete and were thoroughly miserable, so I'd rather risk the mess and have happy bunjies. Good luck. G
  7. I'm in the same boat. Bought a for Bernard (and his soon to arrive lovely lady friend), and chickens are the next on the list. The guineas may even end up with one (in contrasting colours of course). It's just a question of saving up. Glad you're enjoying your rablu - hope you have some fingers left after those clips - I'm still bearing the scars!
  8. 1.) Name? Gavin 2.) Hair colour? braan 3.) Pets other than rabbits? 4 rescue cats 4.) Date that you got your rabbits? March 2004 5.) Hobbies? photography, furry creatures, movies, books 6.) Likes? sleep, furry creatures, music 7.) Dislikes? noisy, inconsiderate people and paying tax 8.) Favourite music? The Music, Morning Runner, Pearl Jam, Plump DJs 9.) Favourite TV show? Prison Break, Deadwood, 24 10.) Favourite food? French 11.) Fears? Sea snakes (is that natural?) 12.) Dreams? Often and bizarre 13.) Anything else we should know about you? I'm aiming towards a blue chicken cube within the next 6 months 14.) Favourite Film of all time? True Romance 15.) Favourite Book of all time? The Time Traveller's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger 16.) What book are you reading now? Life of Pi - Yann Martel 17.) Occupation? IT Service Improvement 18.) How would you describe your personality? picky

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