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  1. Thank you my Secret Santa, I have received a beautiful purple knitted scarf and a lovely garland of lovely hand sewn, padded shapes and very crafty bead work.


    Many apologies for being so slow to post my thanks, I'll put some photos up tomorrow. The scarf is very snuggly and warm - essential at the moment as the wind is bitter and blowing a hoolie!


    Thank you again and also thank to Egluntyne.


    Lucy x

  2. My parcel arrived this morning and was quickly opened to reveal a shower of stars, a card and two lovely squishy parcels. I've been very good and put them under the tree. Thank you my Secret Swapper! :clap:


    And also a big thank you to Egluntyne for organising the swap. :clap:

  3. Dear Omleteers,

    My sister's OH (Robert Windard) has been selected by Runner's World magazine as a finalist in their Asics marathon challenge in the under 3 hour category. :shock:

    He needs all the votes he can get, if he is successful he will have the opportunity to access fantastic training and support and will get to run in the Paris marathon in 2014.


    I think you can vote every day, if anyone feels able to support him we'd be very grateful.


    Link to Runner's world voting page


    Thank you,


    Lucy x

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