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  1. No fear of that in this house with two boys. At least I don't think so...
  2. Glad to hear your swap has arrived and it sounds wonderful I can't wait to see the photos, if you're having any problems with Photobucket, please pm me and I'll beat it into submission for you. Lucy x
  3. So glad you've still got your sense of humour, Ali's girls I have all this to come...
  4. Here is the photo of the beautiful piece of glass ms marple received. Isn't it gorgeous!
  5. Aha! Someone else who has his and hers mugs!
  6. Dopey wasp has just been spotted crawling over the hall carpet. I didn't mess around with finding a spray this time I'm afraid I called on the services of Evil Dave the Dyson. My hero *swoon* I'd much rather see a butterfly
  7. That was my thought. By the time I found some spray she had disappeared
  8. There is the most enormous wasp buzzing around my hall I don't like killing things but it is huge and my cats want to play with it However it is buzzing around the ceiling and I can't get to it.
  9. I am always amazed at the talents Omleteers have There are still a couple of gifts winging their way to their swappers, I'm sure that as soon as they arrive the recipients will be online to tell us all about their gifts Can I just say a big thank you to everyone who has taken part
  10. Excellent photos, he looks absolutely wonderful.
  11. I liked it (but totally agree with the comment about Lily Allen's sloppy diction) but am obviously hormonal as I thought to myself 'If I was deep asleep in a snuggly warm cave and someone came and woke me up to go stand in the cold snow I'd give them a right earful'
  12. Here is a photograph of purple hen's gifts, I hope you agree they are truly stunning
  13. Here is a photo of my gifts, the photo really doesn't do the scarf justice. It is the most wonderful mix of oranges and browns and has different stitching at the edges. I am in awe, I can only do stocking stitch. The brooch is made from organza and it must have been very scary to get it to shape as a night light flame was needed to singe the edges
  14. What lovely things we've all received! bluekarin: Your sender has seen your question and you are indeed correct, the tape is washi tape. I'm just about to wrestle with Photobucket and will be putting up photos of the gifts purple hen and I received
  15. What fabulous gifts! I am so pleased with my gift, my very talented swapper has made me a beautiful scarf in lovely Autumnal colours and added an organza brooch. They are both very beautiful and i will be proud to wear them especially as they weather has just turned nippy this week. Thank you very much. I'll post a photo later. purple hen, I'll pm you about your photo x Lucy
  16. What time do you leave? I may be in a rush to open mine, it's so wonderfully squishable
  17. I wasn't quite awake when I saw the three of them on breakfast tv the other day. I knew something wasn't quite right...now I realise
  18. I can't wait to see what everyone has made
  19. Mine's Arrived!!!!!!!! Not opened it. Yet. But I've had a squish...
  20. Well done! I'm getting really excited now Are we all going to wait until Friday to open our gifts or open them straight away? (This is from the woman who can resist everything except temptatation )

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