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  1. Plum! What are you like? It will be the naughty step for you soon! (Only kidding)
  2. If I had to choose, the radio would win every time.
  3. Well done everyone - and well done to Jennifer Jane's OH for getting to the Post Office
  4. When YS was snotty and chesty, we found taking him into a steamy bathroom helped. He still sleeps with his mattress raised by a couple of pillows and I should have bought shares in Olbas Oil.
  5. Indeed. The wedding very nearly wasn't. However we've just celebrated our 15th anniversary, but he doesn't write any letters/cards where I want to make sure we make a good impression
  6. I have a letter in my handbag that needs a 1p stamp on it. It's travelled 63 miles so far but not managed to make it to the postbox at the corner of the road
  7. From experience, get several people to proof-read any wording. And then reread it. Do not mail out the invitiations unless you are absolutely, 100% sure you haven't made a spelling mistake. It makes everything very, very stressful. The lady in the post office who hand sorted that days collection (1000s and 1000s of pieces of mail) and found all but one of 40 invitiations was an absolute star and completely renewed my faith in human nature. Can you tell I speak from (bitter) experience? And btw I didn't write the invitiations but did get it sorted.
  8. Did it need a day out before the trauma of the Royal Mail Postal System?
  9. Count me in - really wish I could have taken part before so am keen to join in this time. It is a lovely idea and thank you for organising it - especially in the run up to Christmas. Lucy x
  10. Posted mine today Quick reminder to everyone, please send your items asap now as they should be with your recipient by Friday. Please try and post a photo of your gift when you open it, it's lovely to see what everyone has been making. Lucy x
  11. That is such wonderful news. Many congratulations. As for advice? Get as much sleep between now and Saturday as you can
  12. Hello again everyone, I'm about to send out PMs asking for your addresses, once I have them all I'll send out your posting address. When you send your swaps please try to remember to get a proof of posting certificate, all swaps need to be sent to be received by FRIDAY 8TH NOVEMBER. That's a week on Friday, folks If anyone is struggling, please let me know so I can ask the Autumn Swap Fairy to work her magic
  13. YS is having the nasal vaccine on Thursday. He is pleased not to have to have the injection.
  14. No need to panic just yet. I'm going to pm everyone for their addresses later this week.
  15. I would say to give yourself time. You've had a huge shock and your body and brain will be trying to deal with it all. Don't expect too much of yourself. Maybe give yourself one thing to do each day, make it manageable and specific not vague. And congratulate yourself when you achieve it but don't beat yourself up if you don't. The last thing you need is someone telling you to pull yourself together. I found the police to be incredibly helpful when something similar happened to me but I was totally freaked out when they said it was likely I'd be burgled again in 6 months time as the thieves would wait til then for all the electrical items to be replaced. It made me sort out a burglar alarm and better door and window locks. At the time I was living on my own and didn't feel safe for a long while.
  16. I have problems with fulfil/fulfilled. It doesn't look right. Many years ago had to rewrite 28 school reports because I had written 'fulfill his potential' (or some such similar phrase.) Also focus/focused/focussed. But some places now argue focussed is ok. I have little rhymes I teach children to spell because (Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants) and they are sent home to teach their parents this rhyme for diarrhoea (Diarrhoea: In A Rush, Run Hard Or Else Accident). Or just write upset tum
  17. Half term already? We've got another full week to go!
  18. Hello! How is everyone getting on? (I have to confess I have all the bits for mine but haven't actually started it yet )
  19. My boy also did this for at least 6 months after his op. It did eventually subside but his also neutered sister was none too impressed. I mistakenly thought that the op would have removed all of his urges but they were obviously very strong ones
  20. Ours has gone on today. But only as background heat. The wind is freezing.

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