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  1. Still not had ours on yet but we have had a fire lit at the weekend. I think this weekend might see me putting the heating on though - OH is coming home from Oman where it's currently 32 degrees
  2. What a horrid shock for you. Good to hear the police were supportive.
  3. I've just rung my surgery and they're running two clinics later on this month so YS who gets a jab for free can be done then. The rest of us have to wait until the surgery are taking appointments.
  4. (Had to read the quote twice, though )
  5. That has made me laugh out loud. Thank you!
  6. No worries bluekarin! Okay, everyone has received their recipient's name, nearer the swap time I'll contact you all again asking for your address. I haven't got any addresses from previous swaps so please bear with me. If you find that life is getting in the way of making your gift, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me as the Autumn Swap Fairy will work his/her/their magic. Happy Crafting! Lucy x
  7. What great news about Annabel. That must have been a really tough decision to take her back to the breeder even if you knew it was only for a short time. Good luck with whatever you decide to do about the pup. Lucy x
  8. PMs sent, please check your Inboxes!
  9. I've pushed back the date swaps should be received by to Friday November 8th, I hope this will be okay with everyone. As Plum pointed out if it goes any later it is likely to have an impact on any Christmas swap. If anyone else wants to join in, please let me know by tomorrow. Thanks, Lucy
  10. Don't give up hope. I have 4 birds that I hatched in the middle of March. They are all laying but one is definitely making a crowing noise. I was on tenterhooks for a couple of weeks but now that they're all laying I'm more realxed about the crowing. I just hope the neighbours don't mind...
  11. My BBC Weather App has just informed me that we have exactly 12 hours of night tonight. So from now for quite a while there's less daylight than night.
  12. Ooo I have Vorwerks and Lakenvelders, they are lovely!
  13. Hello, we have a Crafty Swap about to start over in the Crafty Fingers section, if you'd like to find out more or if you'd like to join in, all the information about it can be found here. Thanks, Lucy x
  14. OK, I'm finally back up to speed, I've started a new thread for the swop, you can find it here. I'm also posting a link to the thread in the Nesting Box, if you think you know of anyone else who would be interested in joining in, please give them a shout. Lucy x
  15. Hi everyone, thanks for your patience I've jiggled about with the dates suggested by Plum, I hope that's ok with everyone. This Crafty Swap has a theme of Autumn. I need names to me by Friday 28th September. I'll give you your swap names on/by Sunday 30th September. Addresses will be sent out to you by Monday 28th October. Swaps need to be sent to arrive no later than Friday 8th November. Names of those taking part are: bluekarin purple hen Chuckmum6 Couperwife Craftyhunnypie Jennifer Jane Plum Ms Marple Goosey Lucy Egluntyne Please make sure you get a proof of posting certificate when you send your swap and if you can post photos of the gift you receive, that would be great. I'll happily post photos for people if you're struggling with Photobucket (and who doesn't struggle with Photobucket? ) Information about Crafty swaps can be found here Lucy
  16. How about this book? May give you some ideas in the run up to Christmas?
  17. Hello, I'm back *waves at everyone* As Plum said, I'm happy to organise the swap unless anyone else wants to? Give me a couple of days to catch up then I'll pm everyone interested with details etc. Thanks Plum for editing the first post with names of everyone joining in Lucy x
  18. Hugs from me too. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place, damned if you do and damned if you don't. I hope things sort themselves out for you and your family very soon x
  19. We use Simply Health but beware, there are limits to the amounts you can claim in one calendar year.
  20. I really enjoyed it too. And yes I agree about the eyeliner
  21. Leave it to soak in a couple of Milton tablets. Overnight at least. 24 hours if needed. This worked for my son's nosebleed decorated pillow case. He didn't tell me until after it had been through the machine
  22. So very sorry to hear of Daisy's passing. Sending love and hugs x

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