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  1. Oh yes DM, that sounds familiar. We have 'I'm coming' when they most definitely aren't. Think I might by OH's minor irritation today...just spoke to him on the phone as he's away at the moment... Me: Those shoes in the carrier bag were for recycling, weren't they? OH: No Me: Oh? Really? They've been in the car boot/front porch for ages.. OH: Yes I put them in the car because one of them needed a new zip but then I forgot about them and when I remembered they weren't in the car. Me: Oh. OH: Why do you ask? Me: Because I've recycled them. They've gone in the charity bin at the tip. Sorry. OH: Oh. They were my new ones. Me: Sorry, I didn't realise. If you'd said, I would have got them done for you. Oops
  2. If you want to see a doctor of your choice it can be 1-2 weeks. However if you're prepared to see any doctor at the practice then you are usually fitted in the same day so long as you have rung early enough in the morning. Advance appointments are about a 2 week wait. If I can't get to see the doctor I happily say I'll see one of the nurses of have a phone consultation which usually gets me seen the same day.
  3. Today's minor irritation is our local tip. It closes at 4:30 with the last car going in at 4:15. I wish it was open later so that I could continue my pruning and mowing. And I know I could still do it and just take it tomorrow but then the bags get all claggy...
  4. Just don't start a Major Irritations thread
  5. The other irritation (for today ) is about keys. We have a full set of spare house keys hanging out of sight near the back door. We also have a smaller set of back door and garage keys hanging there. This is where they live. So why does everyone else feel it okay to take them, use them and then leave them by the front door. I spend too much of my time chasing round trying to find them while my almost dry washing gets soaked in a sudden downpour. And breathe...
  6. The inability of people in this house to put rubbish in the bin. The work top next to the bin isn't a bin. And don't get me started on actually emptying the bin...
  7. We are having similar discussions here. ES who is 13 wants a Facebook account but we are resisting. I shall be showing him parts of this thread especially your contribution, Patricia. I am so sorry for what your son had to go through.
  8. Oooooh! How about a them of food. Autumn always makes me think of food. Swops wouldn't need to be edible but could depict edible things...
  9. Mine is Play Doh. As soon as I open a tub I'm a little girl again.
  10. MIL turned up at Birmingham airport to fly here (Isle of Man) without her passport, her photo card bus pass was accepted. Probably best to check with your own airline but here is Flybe's information. The following is from Flybe's website: Domestic/Republic of Ireland travel All passengers, adults, children and infants, travelling to the Republic of Ireland must have a form of ID which proves their nationality/citizenship for immigration purposes. Children under the age of 16 do not need to show ID on domestic routes. The adult they are travelling with can vouch for the infant's/child's identification, providing the relevant photo ID is shown (by the adult). On International routes a passport will be required. Flybe is legally responsible for ensuring children over the age of one-year-364-days do not travel on the lap of another passenger. When travelling with an infant on a domestic route, therefore, please ensure you bring either a birth certificate or passport to prove date of birth. On International routes a passport will be required. A valid passport An expired passport (domestic flights only up to two years after expiry) Valid photographic EU or Swiss national identity card Valid photographic driving licence Valid armed forces identity card Valid police warrant card/badge Valid airport employees security identity pass A child on parent’ s passport is an acceptable form of ID CitizenCard Valid photographic firearm certificate Valid Government-issued identity card SMART card Electoral identity card Photographic disabled badge NUS card photographic (National Union of Students) Photographic university/college ID card Company ID card of nationally recognised company (photographic) Council issued bus pass (senior citizens only) Pension book (the only acceptable form of non-photographic identification) Young Scot card
  11. Thank you both, I've had a lovely day, spent all of it outside in the garden sorting out the run for the hens, playing frisbee, mowing the lawn and having water fights. Happy Days
  12. Gosh that's late DM! Thought we were going on late til the 19th. I'm working full time up til then so will really appreciate the break this year.
  13. Today we are celebrating Tynwald Day here on the Isle of Man. This is our national day when all the dignitaries and politicians meet at Tynwald hill in St John's to read out all the laws passed that year and for ordinary folk to present their requests for laws. We have the longest running continuous parliament in the world, which for a population of around 85,000 people is quite an achievement. I am appreciating a well-earned day off as it is a Public Holiday You can read more about it here. Lots of photos here. And for once the weather is glorious. YS and I are spending it in the garden sorting out the chicken run. ES is at St John's with Army Cadets either parading or helping in the car parks (depending on how well presented he was this morning )
  14. Thank you all for your lovely comments We have had some glorious weather recently and the swing seat has been much enjoyed. In all honesty it took me longer to choose the fabric and plan how I was going to do it than it actually took to make it
  15. I have finally wrangled Photobucket into submission and would like to show you my before and after photos of my garden swing seat. It was left behind when the previous owners sold us the house and was rather shabby and unloved. Rather than take it to the tip I bought some bright ripstop nylon fabric from my favourite shop in Ramsey and...ta dah! am rather pleased with it. I've also made it so that it can be easily removed so hopefully it won't go all yucky in the wet weather. I hope you like it

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