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  1. Glad to hear you got them sorted x
  2. So what did you decide in the end? Mini skirt? Bikini and chainsaw? Or make up and clean jeans? Whatever it was, it obviously worked Lucy x
  3. We had a similar experience, started with 24 eggs, 3 were clear when I candled them, 15/21 hatched but only 12 made it to a week old. 1 more died at home so we had 11/21 eggs. I know what you mean about the cost!
  4. Sorry to hear about your Nan. Losing a loved one is always hard. Hope your mum gets better soon x
  5. Can't believe it's been three years since you started this thread Glad you've had a great time, hope you get the results you need to do what you want.
  6. Glorious here. Light wind, blue skies.
  7. I remember it too. Once mine were asleep it meant sleeping on your back, arms and legs akimbo and not even a bomb would wake them up. Or my eyes closing. That was usually noise enough to wake them...
  8. I am so very sorry to read your news. Hugs from me too x
  9. He looks very much at home. Lovely looking chap.
  10. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am still giggling. Enjoy these days, they don't last forever, unfortunately!
  11. Or try the bikini and chainsaw..?
  12. There's another programme on tonight you can read about it here. I'm hoping it will be more videos and less scientists.
  13. So sorry to hear about this. Dreadful to say that it seems to be that you've become a victim of your own success. I hope you manage to get your birds back. And whoever took them gets what's coming to them.
  14. Me too. Just ordered one as I'm permanently stuffy. Next Omlet Must Have? Hope you're feeling better DM x
  15. X Files, Great Expectations, also Bleak House.
  16. Me! Except it was called Hoopla Yarn. I had a play with some and made a sort of Granny Square bath mat/seat cover thingy. It did make up really quickly but I was surprised how much yarn I used. 1 cone made a Granny Square big enough to cover the seat of a kitchen chair.
  17. Finally have 4 new ladies , we hatched eggs at school as part of our Science work, I've looked after them all until today when all but the gang of four went back to the breeder. 2038 + 4 = 2042
  18. Good to hear Piperkit is feeling better. (I promise I'll never mention tea tree and animals in the same breath ever again )
  19. How is Piperkit today? I hope the trip to the v.e.t. wasn't too traumatic for either of you

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