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  1. Metal, this is the product: http://www.gardman.co.uk/6mm-cage-aviary-mesh-panel.html
  2. It was from a local hardware shop, but it's by Gardman so probably available in garden centres too. Cost £4.99 for a sheet which covered 2m when cut in half (there's probably cheaper options but I needed it quickly!).
  3. New woodchip day seems to have gone down well (didn't realise quite how bad the old ones had disintegrated!). For those who have asked before about what to put around the bottom to keep the chips in, I've just put some 6mm mesh around most of the WIR. Haven't done all of it yet, but it's worked a treat, plus it doesn't reduce the visibility like log roll/decking etc. I've used the Newland mud management system for the past 6 months, have to admit it was a pain (and gross) cleaning out the small bits that had composted between the mesh & weed mat even though I've regularity hosed & used stalosan. All good now though, and the best part was the woodchip was all free
  4. Thanks for the replies, will keep our eye on her. Just wish I knew how she managed to do it, we do have mesh under the woodchips (as per the Newland mud management) hope she didn't catch it on that.
  5. Noticed this on one of our girls today, her toe is bent. Never noticed it before, although it does look similar on an older photo but it's hard to tell. She is still scratching around, eating and laid today, definitely not limping. Does she need a trip to the vets?
  6. You're right I could lend them some of mine from work - they've just come out of a massive project I have 20 in my team, between us we could sort this
  7. It is showing perfectly on my iPad. As it was before. Yes, me too if I choose the high contrast one. Ironically the one that doesn't work is called "responsive"! I'm guessing just a few teething problems, I doubt Omlet have the QA testing team that large companies will have.
  8. It's far too narrow on an iPad now!! It's 2015, the age of responsive web design, not 2005...
  9. I have had a nice reply from them today (at last). Thanks Omlet
  10. So, I've had someone cut themselves on my WIR door (not too bad thankfully) and after some investigation I've found this - the wire has been cut right through and is very sharp! It's been painted over so definitely done in the factory. The really annoying thing about this is that I've reported it 3 times now to Omlet and haven't had the decency of a reply. They gave me another email address to use on a Twitter but still nothing, so annoying...
  11. Good to know she's not the only one. It's very weird but her little white eggs are very welcome!
  12. Our black Orpington started laying a few weeks ago and is laying white eggs! I was expecting brown ones, but always wated a white layer so very happy but... any idea why they would be white? We bought her from Cotswold Chickens and they too thought they should be brown! They've very small, but seem fine in every other way. It's definitely from her as our other two are a Goldline and Reverse Sussex and they are both laying pink-ish eggs.
  13. Correct, I still have iOS 7. I've got an iPad 3 so have no intention of slowing it down with 8, didn't realise the latest Safari broke Photobucket though, will try it out on my wife's.
  14. The Photobucket website works fine on an iPad, I use it for my photos (not the app tho).
  15. Was about to give up and order from FoF, however at the weekend we spotted a huge pile of chips in the car park of a local country park... I contacted them and they said I could have a couple of bags for free or more if I donated to their volunteer run shop. So I donated £10 this morning and got told to fill 5 big garden bags! Some of the chips in the middle of the pile were starting to compost, but the stuff near the top was perfect. Won't name them here, but if you're in the North Northants area and want more info PM me.
  16. Omlet have told me these are only required if you have the Classic run with removable skirt, so turns out I don't need them. Phew!
  17. Although I didn't get any bantams I can also vouch for Cotswold Chickens, just bought 2 hybrids and an Orp from them. Took us about 1hr20 from North Northants (via A14/M6/Rugby).
  18. Thanks for the nice comments, the girls are currently having fun balancing on the branches! Confused about the spare skirt as I used all the normal stuff around the WIR itself, including where the eglu run joins on (as per the instructions). Maybe that's where I've gone wrong? This is the spare part (x2), it's angled at the top.
  19. Wow, our Orp has just laid her first egg after disappearing from the run for 30mins. Strange thing is it's white, I was expecting them to be brown!
  20. It's taken most of the weekend (1.5 hours Omlet, really?!), but it's finished at last. Girls seemed very happy, although typically weren't in it when I took the photo... I did have a couple of small pieces of run skirting left though, anyone got any idea what it was for? It came with the Eglu run adapter, not sure if I needed them as I previously had the 1 metre extension (removed that yesterday) and think I may have changed the skirt for that? There's no gaps or anything. I've also bought everything I need for the Newland mud management, will do that next week. At least now our Orp has room to stretch her wings!
  21. Can anyone recommend stockists of wood chips? Struggling to find any in local garden centres (Northants). Bark everywhere but no chips... Thanks!
  22. Me too, ordered a 2x2x2 with Eglu run connector which arrives tomorrow! The prices are much better than before. Anyone know if there are still hooks to hang treats from? Can't see them anymore in the photos.
  23. Thanks Dogmother I'm sure you are right, we went through this last time round too a few years ago. Off to a Welland Valley feeds tomorrow anyway, so will pick up some anti-peck spray as a deterrent.
  24. The Orp is being a bit of a bully, pecking the others with her huge beak (she's about 7 weeks older than the others). WIR ordered though and some new fence netting arrived today, so hopefully the extra room & some free ranging will help. Her name was "Flump" but if she carries on I may rename her "Vader"... In good news the little Goldline ate corn from my hand today, for such a young hen she is very tame!
  25. Well, you're not alone, we picked up 3 new girls today, 2 made it into the eglu, 1 decided to settle down in middle of the run! Had to "encourage" her in, but from past experience you only need to do this once or twice before they get the idea...

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