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  1. That's great advice, thanks both.
  2. I heard that bantams tend to be a bit more flighty and we will be letting them out of their run so it prefer something a bit slower and bigger I think. It took months to choose the coop and now I think it will take months to choose the breed!
  3. That's really helpful, thanks. We haven't entirely decided on which chickens. I had my heart set on rehoming 3 chickens from the bristish hen welfare trust but just today someone warned me against doing this, saying they are likely to have behavioural and health issues and therefore not great with kids. Also they said they aren't good layers. We want 3 chickens as pets with benefits so fun for the kids but also lay eggs. We have a 3m run Any thoughts on which hens to go for would also be appreciated!
  4. Hello, I am new to this forum and chicken keeping, so thank you for having me. I have bought a second hand eglu classic and have been reading a number of threads on here about the best way to set up an eglu classic and run. The conversations that I have read so far focus on the set up from the point of view of what material to put in the run if it is going to be permenant. I (think) I have decided that the run will be in a permanent position because we only have a medium sized garden and that I will use Woodchips as the base. My query at the moment is how best to set the run and coop up to make it as fox proof as possible. Is it best to peg down the skirt into the ground or lay the whole thing on patio slabs? Or do you put the patio slabs/bricks on top of the skirting? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Laura