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  1. Hope you are feeling alot better today Fred !
  2. They definitly have a point Claret. Not sure about the having a 'flash' bit
  3. Mrs Bertie - DON'T READ ON FURTHER ! I had a whole half of a gorgeous scrummy Hotel Chocolate eggwhich my sister got me for Easter. I then had some of the little truffles which were inside
  4. clucky1

    Egg Boxes

    I'm a 'pink' flights of fancy girl - like Mrs Berty - they are very nice
  5. Look forward to seeing it - hope it hasn't gone to your chooks head and that they haven't been giving you unreasonable demands....'special diet' - 'candles around coop' - special bottled water etc.
  6. Eeegh - yuk. - by buttered croissant just isn't as appealing now.
  7. If it is not a recorded message. Keep a whistle by the phone......then blow it hard when you get that call
  8. They are really lovely pics - My chooks will be jealous (better not show them the pics) as they have to make do with the muddy area under our trampoline.
  9. They are really 'lovely. She definitly seems at home.
  10. I can't see what else you could do - apart from showing them 're-runs' of the chicken run on the DVD you mentioned Me thinks they are just trying it on...
  11. That is the 'strangest' thing that I have seen in ages
  12. Thanks Fred as a newby to sky+ I was just wondering the same thing.
  13. I have got a male 'statue' in the garden (if you know what I mean ) You could always borrow it and create a display to redeam his modesty...
  14. That was VERY weird It would be fine for the man until they had to 'deliver' - clean nappies - do the late nights - clean up the etc...................

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