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  1. Hello Strange time of year to be chickening perhaps but we are finally ready to do our tiny back garden and part of that plan is to put in a fixed area for chooks. where we are (seaside town, urban, etc) there’s plenty of rats about I’m sure. I don’t want to give them a chance to get a taste for chicken food and I’m wondering if anywhere sells rat proof runs or if it is possible to make them. The eglu runs aren’t. I’m unsure whether framebow/flyte so fancy would be. Or is there another option..... still can’t decide what coop to go for (cube, framebow, flyte so fancy) but I guess that kind of hinges on the above. thankyou for any help!!
  2. So..... the garden is 4m (at the narrowest) by 6m so plenty room to put and Eglu cube plus an extension..... Now just to decide if that is the best option run wise (and to start saving!) thanks for the slabs tips!
  3. Oooh. Good plan on slabs. Off to google aubiose! Does anyone have a rat proof run then? Would it be preferable to build my own run infront of the cube or is the rat issue over egged (sorry 😉)
  4. Thankyou both! I’ll go and pace put the garden I think. Having thoughts of sitting on woodchip, possibly with the cube at the far end facing back so we have a clear view of the girls heading to bed! Is the Eglu run rat proof? Any tips on permanent siting and making the run chicken appealing and pretty?
  5. Hello i had an Eglu and chooks a few years ago and have been desperate to get back. Life has changed somewhat and my lovely big wir and free range garden are no longer an option. But I think a cube with a run extension sites on woodchip with 3 fancy hybrids may work...... i could then let them out into the rest of the garden when I’m home. I’ve attached an awful pic of my garden, excuse the dog pee grass.... thinking over to the left as the Balfour is to the right. Maybe cube facing window? what do people think? Cube vs up? How do you get on with permanent siting? General other tips?

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