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  1. Part of our garden got very wet in recent wet weather, and the hens have shredded it. I plan to put a fence so the section has time to recover, but some re-seeding will be needed. Is there a grass or lawn seed mix that is particularly good for chicken gardens? Separately, could someone point me to a good resource on composting, particularly for medium sized gardens (20m x 8m). I think its time to make use of that .....bedding material.
  2. We have our hens 2 weeks now. When they arrived the rotary washing line was in place, and the Eglu went between it and the house. A few days ago I put in a new rotary line tube (in post mix), so that we could move the line and have the option of putting the Eglu in different places. The hope is that the grass can recover in the old places This evening the ladies were more lively than usual, stayed up late, and at one point all 3 were huddled on a kitchen window sill. I’m now wondering if they got used to nesting between the line (and clothes) and the house, and found the new Eglu location (plus dark space behind it) too unsettling. The kitchen window sill was between the new rotary line location and the house and the window sill isn’t much higher than the floor of the Go Up We eventually put them in the run, and they did make their way into the house.
  3. You know what, I haven’t a clue. Aubiose is what I bought for my hens. I’ll have to go back and check.
  4. I have a supply of bedding. I bought it online. I did look locally, but places I tried didn't seem to have chicken bedding or pellets. Can rabbit, or other conventional pet, bedding be used for hens? The easiest solution is to never run out, but there could always be an emergency.
  5. You don't say what the problem is; too many mice or too few mice. If you were running an industrial unit mice would be bad. If they are eating feed they will breed fast and you could be supporting a large population. On the other hand, small wild creatures must be a normal part of a healthy environment. We used have mice who eat the seeds off stalks of ornamental grass on our patio. Have a look at; Mice
  6. Apologies for reviving an old thread, but its an evergreen topic. Question is, what size or power, pressure washer do you need for an Eglu? Will the smallest be sufficient? I have seen a few references to Karchers breaking down, but they also seem to be the biggest seller. Maybe all small pressure washers get used and abused and wear out...what is people's experience?
  7. Thanks all. Now that i know cardboard transport boxes exist I will go looking for them, otherwise an off-licence or grocer may have something. And I'll add holes and a lid.
  8. This is an old thread, but useful to a beginner; getting hens home is a step that cannot be avoided! From reading the forum it looks like a trip of 2 hours shouldn't be a problem. I would have thought a 2 hour trip home from a breeder would be less stressful than a 2 hour trip home from a mart/fair, which the breeder might have travelled to. A box with some bedding (maybe a lettuce) is fine. Keeping them in the dark, but ventilated, is good. Judging by what people said, if I am buying three hens the box should be 50cm x 50cms (20 inchs x 20 inchs)? A deeper box with a top is probably a good idea? A few people mentioned cat transporters. A medium size cat transporter is 37x34x55 cm (15x13x22 inches), or a cat bed might be 40 × 24 × 47cm. We don't have one, they're a modest price. Would one be worth getting? A transporter could be useful for any vet trips later on. EDIT: a google image search produced; https://www.pulletsplus.com/product/pet-carrier/, but they don't say what size it is.

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