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  1. I am amazed how can a book not be considered a proper present. I love books, always have and alway will. I spend hours in Waterstones just flicking and browsing. One of lifes great pleasures is reading a good book.
  2. Look at her doesn't she look wonderful. Good job
  3. E.cards for work related people and internet buddies. Card cards for family and friends. I keep my cards from year to year and it's nice to look back and see who we used to know, or as a prompt to get in touch.
  4. No problem she will be the whitest chook you ever saw once it's all dried and the others have helped clean her up. She knows what she's doing you know. To Kylie a dry bit of earth is heaven
  5. Dave's got darker feathers than Sharon and she's ever so slightly smaller too. I can see they are going to be well and truly spoilt and very happy. Thank you for taking them - tomorrow morning is not going to be the same.
  6. I hope Kelly goes - if she wants to win she should put in the work. Brendan's excuses were nonsense. The standard of the dance was an insult to the viewers and the other competitors who do give it their all. I'm sure the judges will save her though if she does end up in the bottom 2.
  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words and offers to look after the girls. Mrs Bertie is going to give them a lovely foster home with a view to probable permanent adoption. And they will not be a million miles from me so I know I can call in and see them from time to time. I know that eventually I will get through this hard period in my life - but for now it's better for the girls to be in a loving home where I know they will be cared for and happy. You haven't seen the last of me I shall be glad when 2007 is over - it's been pooh.
  8. Thank you - if I could keep them together and relocate then that would be great. They all get on wonderfully together. I will miss them.
  9. Thanks for all your kind words. I'm in a sad, bad place at the moment emotionally. When all this is done and dusted and I'm out the other side, hopefully I'll be in a place where I can start again with more girls. But at the moment it's not fair on them to keep them. This house will have to go and when I start my new life alone, hopefully I'll have a garden and get some more girls to love.
  10. I love them and it breaks my heart to ask - but my husband has decided to break up the happy home and I cannot cope with the girls and everything else. I've got 2 beautiful polands, 1 silkie and 1 light sussex. None of them are laying yet - but I would prefer not to take them back to the poultry farm if I can. Please PM me if you can help and give them a lovely life in a happy home. I live near Fareham in Hants.
  11. I use a combination of bark and hemcore - the ground is earth and it seems just fine. Not pongy at all and they seem to enjoy. And the pooh seems to disappear.
  12. What a great afternoon we've had. There was the great tomato chase and the 'lets show the big cat just who is boss around here'. There was a spot of line dancing from the girls, and some serious crying when Kylie got separated and couldn't see the others. I thought I was going to have a huge drama getting them back to the ark as they couldn't see it and don't seem to have inbuilt satnav. But a trail of corn and they were all safely tucked up back in the run within 5 minutes. Lots of serious preening going on now ready for bed. Don't know about them but I'm exhausted
  13. We are perfectly happen with our wooden ark. The girls seem to like it and it's no problem to keep clean. I would have liked an eglu but they are way to expensive.

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