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  1. Oops...Definitely more than your recommended daily limit of salt there Fred ...thank goodness for FB BHWT is very busy at the moment...we've got lots of homes ready for over 600 hens in my area now all we need are few rescue dates...so I have everything crossed for a rescue date soon
  2. I'll forgive you...it has meant I didn't have to water the garden today...which means I have some time for the forum Hope you get a chance to enjoy your new garden furniture tomorrow...it's supposed to be nice and sunny again
  3. Just popped in to say hi to everyone on the crazy thread :D *waves hello* Not been around much...very busy with my BHWT work and have been having a big life/house sort...nearly done just few more bits to do and then all will be good Hope you have all been keeping OK...have missed you all xx
  4. Glad to hear it's not just me who hates clothes shopping I hate it with a passion. I desperately need to go clothes shopping...was going to go this afternoon, but as it was pouring with rain I took a raincheck
  5. I'm sticking with the new forum format...but I have to say it is taking some getting used to...I don't like change
  6. got to be something to do with cookery...but what
  7. Scuba diving parachute jump ...or something a little calmer and more chicken related
  8. Awwww bless...my darling Sammy is sitting with his head on my lap, looking up at me with those big dark puppy eyes. Does he love his mummy... oh yes he does...after all he's a Lab and I'm eating cake
  9. *passes Cookie medicinal calorie free cake*
  10. think I need another cuppa and a cake to help me get used to the new board...anyone want to join me
  11. I do like a good loft sorting...it's on my list for the weekend, along with the garage and the shed
  12. Just seen these ... lovely but oh so pricey :D http://www.emmabridgewater.co.uk/Pat-Albeck/Bright-Hens-Tea-Towel/invt/pabh914
  13. Afternoon all :D Far too many pages to catch up on so I hope everyone is OK Hugs to those that need them, chirps and clucks to any new chicks and whatever anyone is thinking of buying, hatching or acquiring...just go for it My motto of the day is...better to do than to spend a lifetime wishing you had

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