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  1. Hi all, thanks in advance for any thoughts / assistance you can offer I have got a 2nd hand Go and a 2nd hand Classic. I am keeping my eye out for a WIR and once I find one I can afford I will use one of the coops and sell whichever one I don't keep. At the minute my hens are sleeping in two different coops and are in two different runs when i am at work. Ideally I want to get them all sleeping together and in one run, so until I find a WIR I can afford i was wondering if there was a way to join the two runs together so they remain fox proof but so that the hens have the option of snuggling up together. At the moment they are spending most of the day free ranging in our garden but I obviously don't want 6 of them in a 2 metre long run! Before I start trying to pull the runs apart etc just wondered if anyone had tried this or if anyone had any thoughts?! Thanks! Rachel
  2. Hi all what do you use for grit please? are you meant to put the grit on one side of the "grub" feeder? i have been putting it in a separate covered feeder on the floor but it seems to let water in. Any advice gratefully received, thank you
  3. wow!! that is crazy expensive SoapDragon My kids were so excited about selling the eggs, I will try and do something as they have even built a website and done business cards 😂
  4. thanks both. I know I am being paranoid about it and I can't believe that all of the "frontdoor" sellers have insurance but unfortunately my line of work makes you paranoid 😞 the kids will have to earn their pocket money another way I guess and meanwhile our friends and neighbours can enjoy the eggs for free Cheers!
  5. Hi everyone, am new to the forum - hello! We have just got some lovely chickens, and are rehoming a couple more this weekend :) My kids wanted to sell the eggs for some pocket money. However, I would rather get some form of insurance in case (god forbid) someone claimed that they were made ill by an egg etc. I am a lawyer and so am very conscious of what can go horribly wrong... I am struggling to find out whether any companies offer this kind of insurance. I am sure it is public liability insurance but have been told by one broker it isn't that. My current household insurance said they won't cover it, NFU said they won't cover it and I am not sure who to approach. Just wondered if anyone else had insurance to cover them selling eggs and if so where you got it from (and roughly how much it cost, we are only probably going to be selling about £6 worth a week!!!!) Cheers Rachel

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