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  1. Hiya - I have a new Eglu without the automated door as I don't shut them in at night, I've had hens for years in different runs and never have shut them in their actual house, the run keeps the foxes out and they seem fine with the door open, they can get up very early in the morning and I can have a lie in - however I do have to shut the nest box door at night...seemingly more so with this Eglu - whether they prefer the box to the slats I am not sure but I am hoping if I shut the door for a few weeks they might get out of the habit so I can be lazy and leave it open as I have with most other set ups. Anyway - this caused me to think, what is the point of an automated external door if you can't automate the nest box door as they will all crowd in there! Omlet need to design one. Not sure I will buy it tho...far too pricey for me...will have to rely on good old human hands and the nest box will just have to be open 24/7 if I am away. So I am very much with you on this one - but have absolutely no idea how you can achieve the automation - don't even know what Arduino is. Good luck!
  2. Thank you so much for the replies....really helpful. I had a Broughton before which I moved every day and it saved the grass fine - as we have a lot of it - so I am confident that my moving every day strategy works well for me, but it obviously wouldn't if it were on small lawn - and yes, sometimes they dig small depressions in the earth so I have to keep them away from where my sons play football! I thought that the eglu would be easier to move on its wheels (the Broughton does not have wheels so it was a question of sort of "walking" it sideways from ether end till it was on new grass). I'm interested that Kambro can move a 3 meter run - so that gives me a bit of confidence. I think I will buy the handles first and then if that helps maybe get the run extensions. I take Cat Tails' point that they don't "need" grass if they are fed properly, but it is the grass that makes their yolks an amazing yellow and it seems silly for me not to let them have grass when I have a lot of it. Having seen them eat it greedily when moved I am sure that they like it. Thanks all.
  3. Hi, I am new to this forum and have a new Eglu cube with the standard run. At the moment I just have 1 cockerel and 1 hen as I am waiting for some ex batteries to join them. However even with the two of them I would like them to have more space. I have the wheels and intend to move the whole thing every day. I have noticed that this is harder than I thought it would be (ground on a bit of a slope) and I am thinking of buying handles - why they don't just make handle shapes on the eglu itself I don't know, but anyhow. My question is - if I extend the run by 1- 2 meters (at great expense with the run extensions!) will I still be able to move the whole thing everyday? For me this is essential, they need fresh ground at least once a day - for their own welfare and for the welfare of my grass! I am trying to avoid letting the hens free range completely unless I can get an area fenced off - as I am having trouble keeping them off my new garden plants. Can anyone answer my queries and give me any other advice on moveable runs. Thanks in advance.