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  1. WingingIt

    Messy eaters!

    Thank you, that's really helpful i think you're right that they are digging for their favourite bits!
  2. WingingIt

    Messy eaters!

    Hello! Anyone got any tips for the type of feeder I can use for messy eaters? We've always kept a tray (normal plastic house tray!) under the feeder to make the evening clean up easier when we take the food away, but with our 3 new mucky pups it's working overtime! I've never seen anything like the amount of spillage 🙈 it fills the tray and goes over the sides... perhaps I should start out with less food so they have to eat rather than spread?! This morning I thought I'd switch out the Grub feeder for the original water trough that came with the run (a go up) to see if an open top helped. The Bluebell hopped straight onto the side of it and settled in to feast - my kind of girl, she is food mad 🤣 with any luck this could be a temporary fix but thought I'd ask the experts nonetheless! They seem to love their food and 'help' to clear up the spillage when I take the feeder away so I don't think it's a dislike issue, but I am worried as we have fought a battle against rats in the past so I don't like food hanging around on the floor...
  3. WingingIt

    Rescues refusing to home to Omlet hutches

    Thank you!! I had never heard of them but will give them a google
  4. WingingIt

    Rescues refusing to home to Omlet hutches

    Unfortunately while my local rescue doesn't do home checks for rabbits and guinea pigs they do request pictures... they also request a 5ft hutch for 2 guinea pigs (!!) which rules out Omlet too! It's quite frustrating when my only options seem to be a) lie or b) don't rescue 😔 It's a very large rescue centre which I think often leads to a certain level of inflexibility... perhaps I can track down a smaller and less prescriptive place! I'm in South Cambs if anyone knows of anywhere
  5. Hello, We have an Eglu for our chickens and I live the ease of cleaning... I had hoped to get another to house some rescue guinea pigs or rabbits but my local rescue has a strict policy of not rehoming to 'plastic pod hutches' (so basically Omlet homes). Has anyone had this problem when dealing with rescues and Eglus? And has anyone else found a rescue that doesnt mind?! Thanks 😊