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  1. Like Becki above, our girls are in a small run for overnight safety with a wider open-topped run around them which they use during the day. See picture (first pic is an old one from when the fence first went up, but you get the gist). Does anyone know what this rule means for runs like this? If I put some kind of soft netting over the top of it all, would that be sufficient? They'll go stir crazy if I have to leave them in the Omlet run only... Also anyone know how long this rule was in place last time around? Weeks? Months? 😬 What would I do without the Omlet forum to ask these things...
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264777808747
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264777790394
  4. Lavender sounds a bit nicer all around! I did wash out the coop a couple of days later to rid it of the chip shop smell... we have an Omlet coop so it wiped away quickly, but i'm not sure it would be so easy to ditch the stink with a wooden coop!
  5. It was a slight variation on that - I separated my big bully girl (good job she's gorgeous) early in the day - she had a fabulous day out in the garden out of sight of the other girls (my dog - who was not allowed outside as a result, was livid) and gave her a nesting box to go to roost in. It's not a safe enough box to have separated her for long - we have local foxes! Then I went and scooped her out of there at about 9pm and popped her into the coop with the other sleepy pair, and sprinkled a little of the vinegar solution over three indignant girls. I hung on nearby listening and they settled back down to silence and stillness within a couple of minutes. It was bliss thereafter. I was a real sceptic but I cannot credit the change to anything else! These are my two remaining handsome girls... Dotty on the left was my bully while Blue on the right was half bald with bullying.
  6. Thank you Beantree and Dogmother! I don't live near the Cotsolds, I just rang them for advice... and yes it was the vinegar trick! I had tried absolutely everything else recommended here and elsewhere and was ringing C.C. for a permanent bit for my biggest bully when they told me to try the vinegar thing first. I was astounded! My local supplier of young hens is probably a bit thin on the ground at the moment because everyone went chicken mad when this social meltdown started... but normally he is well stocked. I will leave my two as they are as long as they still seem happy then - but will be on standby to act! Thanks again both!
  7. After months of struggling to get my little flock of 3 to get along, an old pigeon-keepers' trick courtesy of Cotswold Chickens did the job and since Xmas we have enjoyed a blissful trio of happy, funny girls. Disaster struck this week when our sweet Goldie died, leaving only 2 girls in the flock. Happy mothers day I had initially thought that I might expand the flock in a couple of years time, taking on another couple of POL girls when this gang got a little long in the tooth for laying. Now not sure if I should be sticking with that or if the dynamics of just 2 girls means I should bring that plan forward...? Not to jinx things but so far the remaining 2 ladies are getting on fine as a duo. anyone got any experience of a teeny flock?
  8. I've tried again with the Omlet bumpa bits - soaking in boiling water first meant that a couple survived the process! The two worst offenders are now bitted and unlike last time so far they have not yet managed to snap them off. Is it true that I can only leave these on for 2 weeks? I can't see that being nearly long enough given how many relapses these girls have had on the feather picking front Does anyone know of anything similar that can be used longer term? Chicken peepers worked briefly but my chief bully worked out how to navigate without forward vision within the month... PS I disregarded the Omlet advice on space following the replies to my initial posts and the girls have had a very large area for over a month
  9. UPDATE/FURTHER CRY FOR HELP: After a month or so of living in relative harmony in this newly large space, I went out this weekend to find that all the girls are missing feathers. The original bully is least scathed, the original picked on girl most so. No blood that I can see - YET - but they look a bloody mess with big bald patches. Bald legs, bald around tail, etc. My partner has been away all week and I only see them in semi darkness at either end of the day (long work hours) so I'm not sure how many days this has been going on. The weather has been terrible altho they have significant covered areas (the original run is almost entirely sheltered). We tried to fit a bumpa bit on the most pecky one a few weeks ago - we went through 4 before giving up. Either they snapped going on, or she snapped them herself within seconds. And yes, we watched the videos. The run is also filled with a frankly comic amount of 'enrichment' stuff to explore. I am back at my wits end, and totally baffled as to why keeping chickens is proving to be this stressful - we are not new to keeping animals and have 4 other pets inside the house who are incredibly low maintenance by comparison, despite being much more needy on paper. I have borrowed anti pecking spray from my neighbour and essentially drowned them all in it but this was not long before bedtime so effectiveness has yet to be ascertained. Anyone got a top tip for a good one? Or literally any tips at all beyond effectively renting a football pitch with round the clock entertainment to keep them on? I am all out of energy and ideas with these ladies.
  10. 'Blast' earlier was supposed to say blasé! Unfortunately there's still a bit of pecking going on from Dotty to Blue (Goldie just stays out of it) but it's less intense and hopefully the bumpa bits will arrive soon 🀞 There's no way we can stretch financially to the Omlet walk in run, particularly at that size (and having seen rats merrily skip through the Go Up wiring I would rather have something tighter wired!!) but we will think of something! It's nice to see them with so much room
  11. The run is a Go Up with 2 additional 1m run extensions on the fitted Go Up run - I sent pics and measurements to the ex batt rescue and the place I got these girls and they were all very blast about me putting 3 hens in... I naively believed them! We have temporarily extended the space as you can see but we will save up for a more permanent solution - maybe just a better outer fence!! They already have x2 water and x2 feeding stations already but I will look into the tonic! Thanks for the tip 😊
  12. Thanks everyone for the tips! As mentioned they can't be fully free range here - too many dangers including my lurcher and foxes. I appreciate the suggestions on smaller hens, but given that I've already got the girls I've got, that's what I'm having to work with πŸ˜• Maybe the next generation can be bantams! I've put chicken peepers on Dotty (have ordered bumper bits but needed something for the short term until they are delivered and that's all I could get locally). She was cross for a min or two but now seems totally relaxed and the pecking has stopped. Thanks for the offer of help Dogmother! Unfortunately we're over near Cambridge. Today we've fenced off a large area around the run with temporary garden fencing - not fox resistant but they seem happier and we will just have to try to manage the risks as best we can until we can afford a more permanent solution 😬 my neighbours cats are hunters too but I've no clue if a cat would go for my girls? They are quite stout ladies so I hope they will not be seen as cat-prey... 🀞 For now it's nice to have the situation vaguely in hand, chilled girls, and to be able to walk among them πŸ’“ we really love these fluffy monsters so I'm hoping we can make it work... PS excuse Blue's violet rump - she is a multi coloured lady at the min for her own good!
  13. Thanks everyone. I'm definitely waking up to the fact that I've listened to the wrong advice which was foolish... altho in the short term I don't know where that leaves me! At the moment I have a clearly p*ssed off Dotty patrolling her own mini run and 2 confused girls in the main one. Options in the immediate future either seem to be to risk the foxes and allow some free ranging when I'm not here to supervise or to try to rehome one of the chickens (which I'm not sure how to do safely)... feels like a bit of a rock and a hard place! If I allow some free ranging then I'm also not sure how to safely handle Dot's interactions with Blue in the coming days as I'm assuming the bullying won't just stop immediately - I was considering a 'bumpa bit' or equivalent but I have no idea if those are a) cruel or b) effective. Anyone know? My dog is delighted as for once he is my best behaved pet πŸ˜‡
  14. We followed guidance on the Omlet site, and from ex batt rescue, on space per chicken in a run. Seems we were misled, which is an extra blow. We have space for 2 rather than three by the sounds of it.

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