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  1. I was thinking of trying to snip a normal run at the ends so it fits the angle of the side of the go up run. Then connecting them with cable ties. Surely this has been attempted or done?
  2. Might be a strange question to some and don’t know if this is possible but has anyone managed to create an L-shaped run from two Eglu runs? Want to extend but can’t afford a walk-in and we don’t have any space left in its current position. Currently we’ve got a 3m Go Up so would be interested in connecting a normal Go run to it somehow. Picture would be really helpful please :-)
  3. Best of luck getting one. Maybe give her a call? I’ll keep an eye out too.
  4. 1m extension coming tomorrow. Phew. 6 days until we pick up our three! Anxious but excited!!
  5. Well, long story but we offered her £100 plus postage to get it to us. Feel slightly ripped off but we’d have spent that on petrol and time so feel a little better. There was a guy on Facebook marketplace selling one in rayleigh but he wasn’t very responsive and wanted it picking up.
  6. Hi, we’ve struggled to find one however hit the jackpot this morning and we’re getting one couriered from Southmead Poultry who have them in.
  7. Yes, been scouring eBay, Facebook marketplace, preloved and gumtree. There’s a guy in Rayleigh near London advertising one but he’s not interesting in posting it (for £20 extra) or even meeting me in London (I’m there on Tues/Weds next week). I’ll keep trying but thought I’d ask on here as well.
  8. Desperately trying to get an Eglu go up 1m extension before the end of June. Would anyone have one for sale? We’ve ordered one from omlet but it won’t be coming until 23-29th July which is a bit late. If no one has one for sale, maybe we could borrow one for 3 weeks or so. We’re in Sheffield.
  9. Thanks for your reply, and the others too. We’ll take your advice. Do you reckon it’s a possibility the BHWT will allow us to only have 2 or is it their policy to take 3 or more? To make things worse, Eglu are all out of 1m run extensions for the Go Up until the end of July. We do want to buy one, anyone know where I could source one before the end of June? I just don’t know what to do for the best at this stage. Seems like someone is telling me I shouldn’t follow through with it!
  10. I’m taking delivery of an eglu go up tomorrow. I’ve read so much about keeping chickens but last night I read that the standard run only accommodates two hens. I’m already pretty anxious about keeping Hens because of the noise, smell and neighbours etc but equally I’m excited to rescue to a set of three girls. We’re in a terrace set of four houses. Our garden is fairly long but the fences are quite low so wasn’t planning planning to let them free range, only in the evenings when we’re in. I’m rescuing them from the BHWT at the end of June. I’m wondering whether to cancel my order and ditch my desire to keep chickens. I’m not sure I can accommodate the 3m run in my garden. What’s everyone else’s experience? Would it be evil to keep three rescued hens in a 2m run or can they happily get on with it? I suppose once we’ve put up the Eglu and sorted the garden there’s no turning back. I want to give them a good longer life and the BHTW only allow you to rescue a minimum of three. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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