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  1. For those of you who don't already know, I have a gorgeous new little bundle of fluff in my life (and heart) She and I would be very grateful if you could please vote for her on the Kitten Factor clicky If the link doesn't take you straight to her, you can search for Evie - she is hanging off a climbing toy and is listed as Evie, Shrewsbury. Thanks very much xx
  2. The Cube has now arrived and is all complete in the back garden and looking fab I just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you to Quin, who really went above and beyond to try and sort this mess out for me. I don't believe that what happened is Omlet's fault, obviously there are major issues with UKMail that need to be addressed - preferably by changing to a more reliable courier, but the product is still exactly what I wanted and I'm over the moon with it
  3. Thanks Claire & Anna. Considering it should have been delivered on Tuesday, but then UKMail lost 4 boxes, then they were eventually found and should have been delivered yesterday, you would think that they would have put it as priority for today but obviously not!
  4. Well I had a phone call at 8.15 from UKMail to say that they won't be able to deliver the Cube until after 2pm this afternoon It's ok I've only been waiting in for 3 days! Then had a phone call from Lauren at Omlet an hour later to check that everything was ok with the delivery last night! UKMail hadn't even notified them that the delivery still hadn't arrived, despite all their assurances that it would be here yesterday!
  5. Thanks both. I really hope it is sorted out soon. It's driving me mad now!
  6. Thanks everyone for your support. It's sort of reassuring to know that I'm not the only one to have experienced problems, but then that makes it worse because it means this should have been rectified before! No I'm really not happy When my Eglu was delivered, I ordered three hens with it so Omlet delivered it and everything was great. But this time...
  7. Having got some new additions a few weeks ago in the form of two beautiful Brahma ladies, I have decided to upgrade to a Cube from my trusty little Eglu. So placed the order on 19th June with agreed delivery of 24th. On the 23rd I had a phone call to say that despatch of the Cube had been delayed for a fortnight as some vital parts were missing. Obviously, there was nothing I could do about this and although very disappointed, reluctantly had to accept that I was going to have to wait another two weeks. On Monday (5th) I had an email to say that it had been despatched. Hoorah! Tuesday came and so did one box (albeit shredded and the frame inside scratched) but UKMail (couriers) said that 3 other boxes were missing!!!! I phoned Omlet and managed to speak to Quin who said that there should have been 5 boxes in total so he phoned UKMail and came back to me saying that they were trying to locate them. I spoke to him again this morning and they had managed to find 3 of the boxes but 1 was still missing. As they didn't know which box was missing they couldn't then resend out the missing items until I had received the others and could confirm what had gone astray. Three phonecalls later and the missing fourth box had been located and Omlet were given assurances that all would be delivered by 6pm this evening. Well they still haven't turned up!!!! I am absolutely furious now. Including tomorrow I will have wasted three days annual leave waiting for the flaming thing to turn up. I'm starting to wonder if it's worth the bother to be quite honest. I'm seriously almost to the point of cancelling, saving myself £700 and just use a small portion of that to buy a wooden house! If anything else is wrong tomorrow if/when it finally gets here it WILL be going straight back! Please listen to your customers who are experiencing this first hand and find a more professional company to deliver these expensive items. They really are not doing Omlet any favours at all!
  8. This happened on my Vectra this time last year and it was the cylinder head gasket so I would be very very careful about driving it anywhere as you can do some serious damage if that goes. Make sure you keep plenty of water in containers in the boot if you do drive it and if it starts to go up stop the engine and let it cool down. It's not good for the engine if it's going up to the red line.
  9. Don't put your self down dear, the pizza was cooked to perfection the garlic dough balls were heavenly.
  10. Hi Everyone Thank you ever so much for all of your kind messages, support and hugs on here and on FB. I ended up crying again when I read all of your replies. I'm absolutely certain EOH is finding it very difficult and I know we all deal with things differently and in the best way that each of us can, but he certainly isn't helping at the moment. I think you're right that men in particular, find it difficult to deal with things like this and can shut themselves off, almost in denial. Our relationship never descended into hatred after we got divorced and we both remained as amicable as we could. We always put Ashley first, above everything and everyone else, but I just wish that he could try to understand how hard it is for me trying to carry on without Ashley, let alone that I'm having to sort out everything that needs to be sorted on my own. And I'm only doing the things that HAVE to be done. Everything else is having to wait. Someone has suggested tonight that I phone the Chief Executive's Office at the hospital to see if they can send someone out to me regarding the donations so that's what I will do tomorrow. Time is moving swiftly on, and I'm very conscious that cheques have to be banked within 6 months so I think, ultimately, I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and do it myself without EOH's input about the cause at the hospital to which the donation is going. Hopefully that can then be done in the next few days and it means it's something less for me to worry about. The school and Ashley's friends have all been absolutely wonderful. I still see the boys on a regular basis - they usually pop round once a week to see me, which is lovely. They talk about Ashley all the time and I am never in any doubt that he meant the world to them. I thought the dedication of an Ash tree at the school was a beautiful idea and I really do hope EOH will be there for his own and Ashley's sake. I will ask the school to contact him separately and hopefully they will be able to get through to him. As difficult as it will be, I'll be there come hell or high water. Thank you so much for thinking of us. You've all been so kind and given me so much love and support. Love & Best Wishes Jue xx
  11. Hi I know I haven't posted regularly for quite a while, so I hope you're all ok? I'm still finding everything surrounding Ashley's accident and death very, very difficult to come to terms with and it's not being helped by my ex-husband aka EOH. Certainly ex for a reason!!!!! The main reason for us divorcing was because he was 100% self absorbed and didn't give a fig for anyone but himself. I've not heard anything from him at all for over 8 weeks. The inquest into Ashley's accident has been held in that time and EOH knew that I was the only person who would be attending as he couldn't face it. I completely respected his decision - TBH if I had any choice in the matter, I wouldn't have gone myself (believe me it was the very last thing I would ever want to attend) but I couldn't bear the thought of the last 24 hours of Ashley's life being discussed by complete strangers. He deserved someone to be there for him. EOH hasn't even texted or phoned to ask what the verdict was or if I was ok despite knowing that I was going on my own. As far as I'm aware he doesn't even know what the outcome was. I left him several messages a couple of weeks or so before the inquest which he hasn't bothered to reply to, as I needed to discuss the donations with him. I've tried and tried to talk to him about it but he won't and is just leaving everything to me. I know he's probably finding it as difficult as I am, but I really don't think it's fair that he won't help me. We were both Ashley's parents and I'm sure he would be really upset if he thought his Dad was behaving like this. I just want a little bit of support and I don't think that's too much to ask. I had to go to the Funeral Directors by myself to pay their invoice and was in pieces by the time I came out of there and the same with the inquest. I could barely walk by the time that had finished. It feels like the minute Ashley passed away, EOH's responsibility to him ended. As for the donations - thank you from the bottom of my heart to those of you who sent them. You absolutely blew me away with your kindness. Unfortunately, I still haven't forwarded them to the hospital because it should be on behalf of both of us and not just me. Aside from that, I can't bring myself to go near there to take them and I don't want to post them. I just think it's something very personal and should be done in person. I've had hospital appointments due in the last couple of months and cancelled them as I can't face setting foot in there after everything that happened. EOH may well feel the same way as I do about the hospital, but he could help me by trying to think of ways around it and, again, should I really be having to do all this on my own? I've now had a phone call from the school this afternoon to say that they have bought an Ash tree and had a plaque made and are having a dedication service next Tuesday with the lovely lady vicar who conducted Ashley's service. The school need to know that the time and date are ok for us both so that they can get everything organised. Can I get hold of EOH? No!! It's got me so stressed out, I've ended up in tears again On top of all that, I'm still off work, having been diagnosed with PTSD (I'm now on anti-depressants and awaiting an appointment with a psycho-therapist) because I was with Ashley when he had his accident, and while I've been off have found out that my team has been merged with another and my office and everything else moved. Oh and guess who my new Manager is going to be? EOH!!!!!! Aarrrrrgh!!!!!!! I really don't think I can take much more. Sorry for my rambling rant, but I just needed to get it off my chest I feel absolutely torn apart because my beautiful, intelligent and loving son is no longer with me. I miss him so much more than I can ever tell you and the physical and mental pain of that is indescribable. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that after each day that passes, I'm a day nearer to one day being back with him edited to add: I know that I can rely on you to tell me if I'm being unreasonable x
  12. Very very very very very very very very very very jealous at the R8 . You lucky, lucky lady (photos please) Sounds like you will have a fab weekend Have a great time.
  13. Hi Em I don't know what side of the West Midlands you are but I know there used to be a very big one at Bridgnorth, Shropshire (not too far from Wolverhampton). I'm sure they still hold it every Sunday. There are some big ones in Telford too so I believe. This might help
  14. That's fantastic news I bet midnight can't come soon enough

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