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  1. Hi from UK, Northumberland. How did you get on with your chicken coop and are the chickens doing ok. Put some photos on for us to see your progress and lovely hens. Peter
  2. Hi USA, you will be pleased to be getting back into keeping chickens. All my life I have always wanted to keep to them but only got them a year ago after moving to a house with a large garden. Some of the ready made coops I agree are good but expensive, there are others that are cheep which look good but start to fall to bits, especially were I live in Northumberland UK. To keep things cheep I would make it out of OSB practical boards and if coated with a good coat of wood stain it will last a lot longer than the cheep alternatives. Peter
  3. The straw & poo I put in a plastic bag for 5 months then put it round the raspberries and mixed it in the tomato plant pots. The liquid poo is made from fresh poo. I have not looked into the acidic content, all I say is take care it is quite strong but good. Peter
  4. Luvachicken, As I said it can be very strong and you dont realise it until things grow out of control. Example, in December I put the straw & poo from the run round the ground of the raspberries then in march when they started with new shoots I fed them diluted poo 1/2 Lt to 5 Lt of water on two occasions and they have grown way to fast. I wanted my raspberries to be more of a hedge than for the fruit so all is well. My tomato plants are grown in a mixture of last years straw, poo & compost then I feed with 100 ML poo to 5 Lt, water once a week, or longer some times. I am feeding my lawn 1/2 Lt to 5 Lt of water. That is 3 examples but remember I am just experimenting and trying to find the correct balance. Good luck. Peter
  5. I have been looking to purchase Flubendazole. I have only 4 chickens and the pellets will go out of date and they are expensive. I can get Flubendazole powder which has a much longer shelf life. What do you think about that way of worming them. Peter
  6. Peter

    Ta-ta pie

    Thank you thats a great help.Peter
  7. Peter

    Ta-ta pie

    No I just make the pie and put it in the oven as the recipe, I see what you mean, I do have some ceramic beads.
  8. Peter

    Ta-ta pie

    What a fantastic blue sky this morning, just got out of bed chickens were let into the run at 8am with my bedside mechanism now I must feed them. I made a Tar-ta pie yesterday and I need no help to eat it but to know why the top pastry and rhubarb are cooked but the the pastry on the bottom is not. This happens quite often. Help. Peter.
  9. Soapdragon I will say more about my vine later in the year.Peter
  10. Good afternoon from Northumberland, Its been excellent weather but the sun is just peeping through the clouds today. Chickens are happy sunbathing in the sun that is when they are not helping me.The tulips are on their last legs but they have done me well for cut flowers in the house.the trees are in full blossom and the grape vine in the green house in growing at a tremendous rate. I will keep you up to date with the vine. I was also thinking of the grapes last night when having a glass of vino tinto.
  11. Valkyrie you are so correct, I don't no what it would be without them now.Peter
  12. Hi Luvachicken, I collect the poo out of the coop and scrape the poo from the concrete floor of the run but when I am doing it the chickens try to help me, they are so friendly to me. Then I just let the poo, bits of straw and wood chips foment for two weeks then strain off and bottle it. BE EVERY CAREFUL NOT TO STAND IN IT AS YOU WILL GROW TWICE THE SIZE. Peter
  13. I planted raspberries to be a hedge and this year, I have been giving them Magic Pollo Poo Fertilizer and they are way ahead of any I have seen, hope they have fruit on them and the tomatoes are also doing very well on it. It all started when I could not purchase tomato plants because of lock down so I started making liquid chicken poo fertilizer and took some to the allotments and at a 2m distance I exchanged it for 4 tomato plants. The only thing now is they want more, I think I have hit on a winner. ( I gather you will all know Pollo is Spanish for chicken) what a clever Peter.
  14. Well I am getting through lots of jobs and the sun is out in our little village. I have had an our sitting in the sun and people I know and some I dont are having exercising walks they all give me a happy good morning or wave. Dot think I have see so may people go past even when the caravan site is closed. I was watching Gardeners World on BBC TV, and they have got new this year 4 or 6 Light Sussex hens, so it will be good to see how things progress. Peter
  15. Thanks Dogmother I will look into it.Peter

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