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  1. Pleased your parcel has arrived. seems you are excited. looking forward to the photos. Peter
  2. Thank you for your reply. I will just continue to keep them in. I am the only one doing so in my village in Northumberland. Peter
  3. Can any one tell me what the up to date situation in England. Can we let our chickens out yet. peter.
  4. It has been excellent. I have enjoyed it and now I know that I am not supposed to say who I am. Oooops. Peter.
  5. I forgot to attach the photo.Peter
  6. Thank you Secret Santa. I have not used one in the past but when I opened my parcel on Christmas morning I was so excited the Scarf is so soft and full of beautiful colours like Veno Tinto and Jade. I have had it on every were I go, it is so warm but not clumsy like other scarfs I have tried to wear. My two sons and there family dont believe me as they think I have a secret lady admirer not a Secret Santa. Thanks again Secret Santa I love it. Peter
  7. I asked Santa one year for a wheelbarow and got one. This year I have asked for green wellies with a buckle on the side like a proper chicken farmer.Peter
  8. I received one from my son and his wife and I use it. Saves poking sizers up my nose. oops to much info.
  9. Looks like I am wedged between the north and the south in Northumberland. It is so annoying that I am keeping to the rules and a minimum of 3 other chicken keepers in my village are not keeping to them. I respect the chickens other people have and love my own birds and would not want anything to happen to them. Peter
  10. Excellent. Next year if you are lucky you may get a lawnmower.
  11. I forgot to put the photos on. They can see me working in the garden and me them. Peter
  12. I was just about to order "Veggiemesh" from (Gardening-Naturally). Then I remembered I had an alternative. I have covered their run with my grandchildren old trampoline netting which is very fine and will stop the wild birds from access. I am so annoyed that there are 3 people I know of in my village are not keeping there chickens in.Peter
  13. I have checked online with the regulations for use of CCTV cameras and he is allowed to view and record any area that can be see from a public highway. If I attempt to talk to him he will not answer. i will look more into it. Thanks Peter.
  14. Hi all thankyou for your replies. From today onwards when I go to give them their mash in the mornings I will let them wander round the grassed area near the coop for 15min then when I put there breakfast mash in the run so they are happy to go back in, I have also been giving them a bunch of cabbage leaves just within reach so they are getting exercise. One of my neighbours is not very nice and has fallen out with every one round him. He has put up cameras and reports every thing that goes on round him on social media now. So I have to be very carful as I am being constantly watched. My other neighbours are lovely as they are always asking about them and giving them bread. Peter.
  15. It’s wet overcast and cold plus we are on level 3 virus restrictions but it could be worse as we can still go out to exercise but after today my poor ladies are restricted to there coop and run which is covered in a type of plastic to stop any wiled birds from getting in. Last year in the hart of the winter I did get a robin taking food pellets from the chickens dish and it did enter the coop through the wire, so they can get through small holes. Some people near me have asked on the internet if anyone can rehome their chickens. Don’t know how long it is going to last as I have no experience of it in the past. Peter

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