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  1. If you have the urge to have chickens then go for it. I am pleased you are thinking about their health first. Yes 3 or 4 chickens will be your limit. They are a very intelligent pet much more than most dogs and cats. If you keep them entertained in the run (as there are many ways). Like you say you cannot let them out, then dont. If you happen to let them out they will always wanted to be out. So yes get your chickens but keep to these guidelines. I am always here to help. I have 3 brown hens and I love how tame they are and lots of eggs. Have a look at my photos. Peter
  2. Can you tell me more about what Christmas swap is please. Peter
  3. 365 ways to cook eggs, Cookbook. I purchased the book second hand, it had been used a lot and loved as it still had food and fingerprints on the out side cover The first time I boiled an egg this way I was amazed. You leave them for 17min for hard boiled but I only leave them for 9min and the egg is between soft and hard. Give it a go you will be amazed. Tell me what you think when you try it. Peter
  4. My ladies have been laying so very well but when they were about 18 months old the egg shell was so very very thin and sometimes break in the nesting box. I have always give them oyster shells as grit to help them to digest but also to boost there calcium levels but did not make any difference to the shells. So I thought I would give them calcium carbonate and after 6 weeks there egg shells have got back to a good condition nice and strong.I just sprinkle a teaspoon of Calcium Carbonate in there mash in the mornings. Peter
  5. After the winter my chickens were looking rather scruffy so I decided to worm them I asked about worming pellets at 4 farm shops in my area and non could provide them only powder which is messy to mix and not good for your breathing. I would like to thank (The Dogmother) for helping me with information were to get pellets. I had only 4 chickens to worm, but the size of bag I had to purchase was more than I wanted so I wormed them twice with 3 weeks apart. I got them from "Farm and Pet Place" 10kg Layer pellets with flubenvet £8.49 + £3.99 pp.
  6. Yes she loves to collect the eggs or should I say 1 egg. As she dose not understand that they break. I have a very realistic rubber egg of the same colour. After I take the fresh egg out of the nest box I replace them with the rubber egg and she is so happy to bring it to me.
  7. Granddaughter feeding chickens, She came to see the chickens at an early age and she just loves them. We always make sure she dose not have her own food in her hands as the ladies will frighten her if they try to take it from her little hands. She is ok with feeding them corn as she throws it on the lawn. Her mother is frightened of them.
  8. I had my ladies for 18 months no pecking order then one of them was not well for 3 days then after she recovered one of the others became the queen and pecked it when it was trying to feed. Peter
  9. My Vet told me they do not like chickens, well that is what I told the chickens, so never needed one.
  10. Woooow, well I was thinking when I built my coop and run my eggs should be worth about £20 each but the amount of money some of the members have spent there guess must be in the thousands. Peter
  11. Pleased you are keeping well now. I have just been a member of the club for about a year and do get into trouble off some of the other member, I have been told I am a mischief. Do not know if that is a norther word.Take care. Peter
  12. Hi from UK, Northumberland. How did you get on with your chicken coop and are the chickens doing ok. Put some photos on for us to see your progress and lovely hens. Peter
  13. Hi USA, you will be pleased to be getting back into keeping chickens. All my life I have always wanted to keep to them but only got them a year ago after moving to a house with a large garden. Some of the ready made coops I agree are good but expensive, there are others that are cheep which look good but start to fall to bits, especially were I live in Northumberland UK. To keep things cheep I would make it out of OSB practical boards and if coated with a good coat of wood stain it will last a lot longer than the cheep alternatives. Peter
  14. The straw & poo I put in a plastic bag for 5 months then put it round the raspberries and mixed it in the tomato plant pots. The liquid poo is made from fresh poo. I have not looked into the acidic content, all I say is take care it is quite strong but good. Peter
  15. Luvachicken, As I said it can be very strong and you dont realise it until things grow out of control. Example, in December I put the straw & poo from the run round the ground of the raspberries then in march when they started with new shoots I fed them diluted poo 1/2 Lt to 5 Lt of water on two occasions and they have grown way to fast. I wanted my raspberries to be more of a hedge than for the fruit so all is well. My tomato plants are grown in a mixture of last years straw, poo & compost then I feed with 100 ML poo to 5 Lt, water once a week, or longer some times. I am feeding my lawn 1/2 Lt to 5 Lt of water. That is 3 examples but remember I am just experimenting and trying to find the correct balance. Good luck. Peter

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