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  1. Peter

    Chickens in the heat

    When it is hot I give them cold milk and ice-cream in a bowl on the lawn and they love it. Peter
  2. Peter

    Countryfile Live

    If you get any info about it please let me know. Thanks Peter
  3. Peter

    Countryfile Live

    I forgot it was on and so close to my sister's house. I will have to put the date in my diary for next year. Do you know next years date.
  4. Peter

    Top of eglu ripped off overnight

    I mean the top not been fixed on correctly
  5. Peter

    Top of eglu ripped off overnight

    Have you found the ducks or have they run off. I think it could be a bit of each. The top has been fixed on corect and a predator has done the rest. I feel so sorry for you. Peter
  6. Thankyou that looks exactly what I require. Thanks Peter
  7. Dose anyone have any tips on stooping water feeders from freezing. Thanks Peter
  8. Peter

    Keeping Chickens 6

    With the coop complete and in place the next thing to do after I had laid an area of second hand paving (the paving helps in many ways, keeping their feet and straw dry, also their claws in good condition when scratching for food). was to make a run for them to use in the mornings, evenings on wet days and when we go on holiday. I used chicken wire knowing that it will not keep out Mr fox but at night they are locked in the coop. I ordered my 4 chickens but after a very long 4 weeks the chicken farmer let me down. So I contacted another chicken farmer and collected my lovely point to lay ICA Brown ladies within a week. He also told me the best place to buy food for them and lots of other advice. After 10 days I got my first egg and it tasted fantastic. Well that has brought you up to date. I hope you have enjoyed reading and the photos about me and my chickens. Peter.
  9. Peter

    Tiny pond

    Hi, I am nearly shure it will not eat the fish. You may have to put a little ladder for him to get out. You will have a lots of frogs sporn in there next year. Regards Peter
  10. Peter

    Keeping Chickens 5

    Yes I have used chicken wire but the coop door is always closed at night.
  11. Peter

    Keeping Chickens 5

    Thanks for your reply Serama. Yes you a are correct, there main supplies of water in the run. The water in the coop is only for emergency, in the event that I could not get to open it one morning. As you say they only use it very little. Regards Peter
  12. Peter

    Keeping Chickens 5

    The coop/hut was all completed so I ordered the chickens which were not due for 2 weeks which give me time to build the run. On one side of the coop I incorporated a large door and the other side two nest boxes. All with fox proof bolts. The roof is built with the same thick timber boards but I covered it and the nest box with perspex from an old shop display unit. The coop legs have coach screws inserted into the bottom of them so I can adjust them to keep the coop level. Inside I suspended an emergence water dispenser and a 50mm wide perch as any thing narrower means they do not get a good night sleep as they are afraid they will fall off and not be able get back on the perch in the dark. More to come Peter.
  13. Peter

    Keeping Chickens 4

    Yes I agree with the two reply's I will have to purchase some weld mesh to cover it. Peter
  14. Peter

    Keeping Chickens 4

    Next job was to create a window but also to provide some ventilation in the coop. Well it took me a full day to design and make it from two pieces of perspex sheet which slide across each other so when the vents are open or shut it is still a window in both positions. I painted the inside the coop pink because the chickens are ladies and to reflect the light all round the coop. More chicken stuff to come. Peter.
  15. Peter

    Keeping Chickens 3

    Pleased you agree with the internal door, at the time of making it I did not know to make inside or out but after your comments I am pleased the way I made it. Peter