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  1. Dr Chicken, I also mix it with diatomaceous earth to help stop red mite. I always use a mask when using diatomaceous earth as it is very bad for your lungs Peter
  2. Hi Dr Chicken, yes it is. I dont have to cut the lawn any more as they eat all the 220 sq meters of it but I do have to use a electric rake on it to rake out the moss. I put it in the nest boxes as it is nice and soft for their bums. I change it every week. Peter
  3. Very good, I have never seen past eggs so impressive. Peter
  4. Having to stay at home. But I am quite happy in my garden with my ladies and a few good morning words over the garden wall from my neighbour. What more could I ask living in a small village in Northumberland by the river. I have attached some photos I took this morning. Peter
  5. Peter

    Sour Crop

    Thank you for your reply Dogmother. My ladies are all ok for now, it was in the summer that the incident happened. Peter
  6. Peter

    Sour Crop

    Has any one had to deal with Sour Crop. In the summer last year my neighbour contacted me and said that one of the chickens did not look very well. She was sitting not feeding or moving that is the chicken not my neighbour. She brought it over to me and it was quite happy in her arms.That was about 4pm. I put her and the others not my neighbour to bed early but had to lift her into the coop. I was thinking she had eaten to much but did not know to any thing about it. Next morning she was quite active like the others. After reading about Sour Crop I think that was the problem. Happy Peter
  7. I remember the day last year when I got my first egg. I was so excite. The lighter nights will help them to lay. Peter
  8. When they are about to start laying their comb usually turns very bright and fresh looking. Peter
  9. 20190305_123315.thumb.jpg.693055d0eee2d1665cc3b3f6ee356207.jpg20190831_142853.thumb.jpg.4bb35f46dd87c356b7571f16ff97fa7a.jpgI am 70 years and live in a small village in Northumberland England. I have a bungalow with 220m lawn were the chickens are free to roam all day. I bought 4  ISA brown hens in April last year and they are the perfect pet. They are so very tame and follow me round the garden plus they love it when I do jobs out side as they try to help me by pecking me and sitting on my legs. There is a caravan site not far from my house and people when passing sit on the wall and look and feed them.  I quite often go on holiday and I do miss them but I have a very good neighbour who looks after them very well. In my early years I trained to be a carpenter so I made the chicken coop to the design I though would be most comfortable for them and easy to maintain and keep clean plus it has a bit of character about it, I even painted the inside pink as they are ladies. I actually talk to them so I am probably a bit mad. Peter

  10. My automatic door is a cord from the coop door to my bed side, I just lean out of bed pull the cord and the door is open. Peter
  11. I have only had poo in the neat box once. I am very lucky or it is because I made the perch 2in wide and well above the height of the nest boxes. Peter
  12. Tricky I have so much enjoyed following you through getting the ladies and its great you have attached photos. Please keep us updated. Peter
  13. I clear out all the straw and scrape the slabs every 2 weeks. Then replace with new. Peter
  14. As ever I have got it wrong again. I have just purchased two large bales of straw. Looks like the ladies will have to make good of it until it is finished then use wood chips. Peter

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