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  1. Yes I agree, I was brought up on a small island off the coast of Scotland and I was given unpasteurised milk & runny eggs and all was well. I would think most of us started keeping chickens for pets and eggs for the table is one thing but when you sell one egg you are in business. It is an easy trap to fall into even though you have good intentions of helping others. I would love to say stop being doom and gloom but it is fact. And at the end of the day it could be your house and savings gone. Peter
  2. There are bugs, but this bug can kill, the yolk of an egg is only cooked when the egg is totally boiled. Soft boiled, fried and poached are not totally cooked. I always keep my chicken housekeeping to a very high standard but I cannot be shure l will not get affected. I am not saying I know all about the bug but I am not prepared to take the chance of passing my eggs on to others without having insurance. Peter
  3. I have seen a program on TV and I have realized that Salmonella can pass on by milk, cheese, EGGS etc. and pass onto humans. It is not common but it does happen. I have stopped selling or giving away my eggs as I do not have insurance to cover me If this happens. Even the people that keep on top of their chicken hygiene can fall victim to it. If someone dos catch Salmonella from your eggs the government will trace it back to you. and a (No claim no fee) company can claim hundreds of thousands from you or even manslaughter. I now only give my eggs to my family which is still taking a chance. peter
  4. Peter

    New additions

    How long do you have to quarantine for. Peter
  5. Peter

    Longer days with a light

    I have noted that there egg laying has reduced so yes I will have to give them a rest. I did not get them totally for the eggs, it was the best pet that suited my life stile, like going on holidays. Peter
  6. I have installed a light in the coop to extend the day light to 15hrs. The light comes on at 4am until 9am then daylight takes over. I will have to see how they are in the morning. The local nursery school were looking over the wall at the ladies so I let them stroke them and feed them. The carers were so please. Peter
  7. Peter

    Hot day for my ladies

    Been a lovely hot day in Northumberland. The ladies were so hot, so I cooled them down with ice cream on the lawn.
  8. Peter

    Chickens in the heat

    I have checked it out and milk and associated milk products are ok in reasonable amounts. I had some soft shell eggs so it stopped when they were getting a little milk in there mash. Peter
  9. Peter

    Chickens in the heat

    When it is hot I give them cold milk and ice-cream in a bowl on the lawn and they love it. Peter
  10. Peter

    Countryfile Live

    If you get any info about it please let me know. Thanks Peter
  11. Peter

    Countryfile Live

    I forgot it was on and so close to my sister's house. I will have to put the date in my diary for next year. Do you know next years date.
  12. Peter

    Top of eglu ripped off overnight

    I mean the top not been fixed on correctly
  13. Peter

    Top of eglu ripped off overnight

    Have you found the ducks or have they run off. I think it could be a bit of each. The top has been fixed on corect and a predator has done the rest. I feel so sorry for you. Peter
  14. Thankyou that looks exactly what I require. Thanks Peter
  15. Dose anyone have any tips on stooping water feeders from freezing. Thanks Peter