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  1. So pleased. It looks excellent and so helpful to our wild life. You will have to keep it in the shade in this hot weather as the sun will take all the oxygen out of the water. Peter
  2. My chicken run roof was letting in the rain and the bedding was only lasting a week. After putting the new roof sheets on, apart from waterproofing the run now the bedding lasts a month or more but I always change it at the and of each month So Pleased.Peter
  3. Hi, SD, I use varifocals and you have to get every thing correct or they will never be comfortable. First I get Pantoscopic (which gives me the medium area of vision). Tilt 10-12. (which is very important. Looking through them always point your nose at what you want to see and don't try and look out the side or the bottom of the glasses always move your head only. Were you point your nose is what you see. Keep them on for a full two weeks and if they are still not suitable take them back. Also ask them to wright down the information so you know what you want next time you need glasses. I go to Specsavers as they are more reasonable. Remember the staff are shop keepers and don't all know everything. The person I liked and was good at her job is the one I always ask for, they tell me they are all the same, Take it from me they are not. Good luck Peter
  4. That is a lot of snow.it makes my snow look like a sprinkling.Peter
  5. Snow gone in my village now, beautiful at the time but looking forward to the summer and so are the ladies they would not attempt to walk on the snow. I have put a few pictures you may like to see. Had a bit of a warm spell after the snow went but now we are at 6 degrees today. I will take the neighbours dog to the allotment for a bit of a tidy up. Peter.
  6. Girly, About the cooking. What I mean is I can give people accommodation but not food apart from toast and jam in the mornings. Plus there is a Weatherspoon's in Hexham 7mile away. York is about the only interesting place I agree with you. When my wife was alive we use to stay at the YHA private room very reasonable and walking distance by the river into the center of York. Or there is a regular bus service, till about 7pm. The Railway museum is excellent and free, even if you do not like trains. You would have to book on line. I hope this is all a help to you. When you are at the caravan you could come across to me and have coffee and see my chickens on the lawn, then go to the Roman Wall, I live near the best part of it. Peter.
  7. Grily, I would be pleased for the two of you to stay but May is to soon as I have just had my vaccine and still keeping isolated until the late summer.Peter I don't know about the name of the sheets but I am so pleased with them and the chickens left me an extra egg as a thankyou. Peter
  8. Excellent roofing sheets for the chicken run. I have used them to replace the timber sheets that lasted only 2 year. I have used this type of sheets before and they last for ever. They are made out of roofing felt, very strong, flexible easy to cut with a wood saw and no sharp edges. You could run a car over the sheet and it would spring back into shape but I would not recommend doing that. You can get them in different colours but I asked for green to match the coop. the cheapest price I could get them for was £10-00 for a 2m sheet from (Roofingmegastore.co.uk). Service was excellent and you can also talk to them on the phone. They also sell the fixings but they are a lot cheaper from (Toolstation). This type of sheet is an international product so my friend outside the UK should be able to get them. I could always put some in my case and bring them to you but you would have to put me up for a two-week holiday. Joking aside anyone wanting to come to Northumberland for a holiday are welcome to stay for free with me in my 3-bed bungalow in a beautiful village but you would have to cook the meals. Peter.
  9. Peter

    New build!

    You must go for concrete or paving slabs as you will be a mess of wood chips and mud. This can lead to the chickens having foot problems and they will stop laying. Just get some secondhand slabs and just lay them on the grass with the run on top and its as easy as that. I had 3 chickens then brought 2 more into my flock and it was WW3 as they can be so cruel to each other. I would get them but let them run outside together then coop them up separate until they get used to each other. Good luck.Peter
  10. I dont know how this is going to affect the Swap in future. As on the radio today people are having to pay large amount of tax to receive a parcel sent to them from EU. Peter.
  11. Thank you, L C. I see them now, Lovely gifts, that's my favourite type of sope. Peter
  12. Pleased your parcel has arrived. seems you are excited. looking forward to the photos. Peter
  13. Thank you for your reply. I will just continue to keep them in. I am the only one doing so in my village in Northumberland. Peter
  14. Can any one tell me what the up to date situation in England. Can we let our chickens out yet. peter.
  15. It has been excellent. I have enjoyed it and now I know that I am not supposed to say who I am. Oooops. Peter.
  16. I forgot to attach the photo.Peter
  17. Thank you Secret Santa. I have not used one in the past but when I opened my parcel on Christmas morning I was so excited the Scarf is so soft and full of beautiful colours like Veno Tinto and Jade. I have had it on every were I go, it is so warm but not clumsy like other scarfs I have tried to wear. My two sons and there family dont believe me as they think I have a secret lady admirer not a Secret Santa. Thanks again Secret Santa I love it. Peter
  18. I asked Santa one year for a wheelbarow and got one. This year I have asked for green wellies with a buckle on the side like a proper chicken farmer.Peter
  19. I received one from my son and his wife and I use it. Saves poking sizers up my nose. oops to much info.
  20. Looks like I am wedged between the north and the south in Northumberland. It is so annoying that I am keeping to the rules and a minimum of 3 other chicken keepers in my village are not keeping to them. I respect the chickens other people have and love my own birds and would not want anything to happen to them. Peter
  21. Excellent. Next year if you are lucky you may get a lawnmower.
  22. I forgot to put the photos on. They can see me working in the garden and me them. Peter
  23. I was just about to order "Veggiemesh" from (Gardening-Naturally). Then I remembered I had an alternative. I have covered their run with my grandchildren old trampoline netting which is very fine and will stop the wild birds from access. I am so annoyed that there are 3 people I know of in my village are not keeping there chickens in.Peter
  24. I have checked online with the regulations for use of CCTV cameras and he is allowed to view and record any area that can be see from a public highway. If I attempt to talk to him he will not answer. i will look more into it. Thanks Peter.

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