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  1. I haven't posted for ages but have continued to lurk from time to time and this topic is dear to my heart. We have been motor homers for 8 years and love it, and still have the same 'van'. Payload can be an issue. By the time you have included bicycles, barbecue, picnic table, chairs and all the necessary stuff you will use, the van is soon overloaded. The limit in some vans is exceeded with very little added. Our van sleeps 4 but there is usually only just the two of us. There is an over cab double bed which can be left made up and pulled down at night. The two single beds are fixed, and can be converted into a double. I use one of the singles as an extension to to the kitchen work top by placing a thin length of plywood on top Space can be a problem but what you gain with one type of layout means you lose in other ways, I would hate to have to make up the bed every night for example. We have a 'garage' at the rear which is brilliant for carrying and storing stuff that would otherwise be brought inside the van Look at loads of different vans to find the layout that suits you, hiring seems a good idea too. It will be steep learning curve that's for sure.
  2. Congratulations to everyone losing wieght You all seem to be so positive. I have been doing the 5:2 diet for 8 weeks and have lost 12 lbs. I try not to get too bogged down with calorie counting on my fast days and I survive on endless cups of tea, home made soup and hard boiled eggs, maybe a slice of toast. I have joined The 5:2 Fast Diet Forum mainly to use its tracker facility which I find is really useful. It's great to see my BMI coming down as well. I find measuring my waist problematic because I'm not sure the tape measure is in the same place each time! I am hoping to lose another stone. Another bonus of this diet is the money saved, not only on food but on membership fees to weight watchers and the like.
  3. I tell them I have just had my "windows" upgraded with nice wooden frames with double glazing. They think they are dealing with an idiot and hang up.
  4. I think they need something to dig into to be effective.
  5. I have just got around to putting this stuff behind my radiators, I bought it last year and seeing the weather forecast has spurred me on. Hope it works. Phew, I'm shattered.
  6. I'm also terrified of falling, having sustained a spinal fracture some years ago. I have a pair of yaktrax which are great on ice and compacted snow, But are lethal if worn on tiled floors. It means removing them before going into a shop and putting them on again when you leave,which is a pain.
  7. We tiled on tiles 20 years ago and they always looked good. We have had some building work done recently so have had to start afresh. My neighbour has 3 layers of tiles in her bathroom
  8. We must be in a minority of two, Duncan08. I've seen plenty of tattoos on older people where skin and muscle tone is poor and it is not a particularly good look. However, it is down to personal choice and I would always defend that.
  9. It just shows how insensitive the new owners are to the long held traditions of the club. I don't particularly enjoy football but will be adding my name.
  10. Sleeves can have a lot of stitches at their widest point. Two sleeves might also be very heavy and seem to take ages to complete. This could put you off knitting altogether. It is still possible to make an error especially if you put the knitting down half way through a row and come back to it later. I use a stitch counter which slips on to the end of one needle. This works well for me.

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