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  1. I think I remember him singing live on TV or radio not too long ago, and he was awful, couldn't hold a note.
  2. You really have my sympathy. I hope you get an answer and the right treatment soon. I fractured my spine 12years ago in an accident at home but the worst pain came from a trapped nerve in the shoulder which felt like a ripping sensation down my arm when I attended to personal hygiene. I wouldn't wish this on anyone
  3. I find that heavy grease marks on cotton can be removed with Swarfega, the gel used by car mechanics on their oily hands, even if I have washed and dried the item first. I have never tried it on linen however, but maybe you could gently massage a small blob onto the marks and then wash in the normal way. The smell will be present after washing but it will disappear after drying.
  4. Moths worry me, particularly those that crash into windows on warm summer evenings when the lights are switched on.

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