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  1. Well I suppose I could. I do not dislike mice, however they destroyed some stuff in my shed and constantly been leaving droppings and pee everywhere. But the fact that my cat is bringing the mice in the house in the middle of the night (waking me up) and on occasion leaving eaten bits of it on the floor is the major issue. I have a toddler at home and one baby on the way and I do like/need to sleep when I can. We did not have a single mouse for 3 years before we got the chickens and so if I had to choose, the chickens and the cats are staying. The mice preferably not.
  2. Thanks Egluntyne. It seems like a good idea but then they will wake us up in the early morning because they will be hungry. And I reckon that the mice would come for the leftovers on the ground anyway. But I will consider it, thanks.
  3. Yes, it seems like it. I have seen the mice coming for the food during the day too. But that was when the fencing was leaning on a shed, and that way the cats could not get to the mice. Now there is a free space where the cats can go and so the mice are coming only in the night I think.
  4. Hi, I have successfully cleaned whole shed and put all pellets and corn into plastic boxes so no mice are living in there now. However, my cat occasionaly catches a mouse and brings it alive into the house which I do not appreciate much to be honest Anyway, yesterday he actually came with two within one hour! I went with him to see where he was waiting for them and they must be coming from under my neighbour's fence and straight to my chooks feeder. Now, what do I do? I would like to get rid of them, so I got some snap traps and one humane trap (bait eaten, mouse nowhere to be seen) from previous trial in the shed. However, I can not use the snap traps outside of the chicken run as the cat could get injured and if I place them inside, then the chooks could get their foot in in it in the morning. The humane trap was useless in the shed so I can not see how it would work outside.Poison is out of the question obviously. Does anybody have an idea what to do or has been successful with any other type of trap? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!
  5. I bought a big bag of mixed corn at our local Pets at Home for chooks and the wild birds eat it too. It was £9.99 and I reckon it will take about 2 years for the birds and two of my girls to eat it (as a treat).
  6. Thanks everybody, some really good ideas! I think we will try to get tickets for the Cirque du Soleil , mainly because of the venue. I am a big fan of Royal Albert Hall
  7. Hi, my sister is coming in one month time and I would like to take her for some show/concert or something like that. As I have not been anywhere for over a year (due to breastfeeding) I really would like to go and see something funny. However my sister does not speak much English. Years back I went to see the Blue Man Group and that would be perfect. But they are not performing any more. Does anybody have any suggestion of some comedy show or something where the language is not the main part please?
  8. As our garden is very secure, we leave our chooks in their run (omlet netting) all the time. We have been know to leave the house for 3 days and the chooks did not even notice I think. They do not need much, as long as you give them loads of food and a full bucket of water. If we did not have cats who need feeding by neighbours and the eggs did not need collecting then I reckon they would not need us till the food supplies run out.
  9. OMG a year! What a lazy bum that one has Totally agree with that I do not know,but I think I will give her another month or two and then I will perhaps re-home her as I really do want to have some eggs for the effort of keeping them. Or maybe it is time to get two new girls to increase the chance of getting some eggs. Not sure what would hubby say though as he thinks 2 are just enough.
  10. Hi, to be honest I am getting a bit fed up with one of my girls Sky (Skyline). She started moulting in the middle of September. She looks fabulous now, however since starting she did not lay a single egg! OK, I know it takes a few weeks as their body is exhausted, but 3-4monts The other ISA brown lays every day (it is her who should take a break I reckon). What is the longest time your chook decided to take a break? I like her, however the main purpose of keeping her are the eggs to be honest. Yes, and she is fairly young, I think 2years or so.
  11. We are two adults and a one year old (next week). I do one big shopping once a week at Tesco for about £60. When nappies are needed than it jumps up a bit (but using washables keeps the cost down and environment happy). As we eat loads of home-made food as veg, pasta, rice and soups, these are all fairly cheep. I agree, the meat part is the expensive one. Mind you, hubby mainly eats lunches at work and we tend to have a weekly takeaway for about £12 So overall I reckon at home we spend about £80-£90 a week on food + nappies.
  12. Sorry, would love to help but have no idea what to do with this. You would get calcium injection in the hospital I think, but if it is mainly cosmetic then I reckon it will disappear soon. Good luck! You have my sympathy (ps. are you sure you are not pregnant again? )
  13. Yes, we had some snow in London too! About fifty or so snowflakes What was more interesting that council immediately sent people to salt the roads..the salt was then flushed away by the rain which followed Nice way how to spend money and look after environment, well done Tower Hamlets!!

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