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  1. It was lovely to meet you in person and your beautiful girl (who I still imagine being about 10!). Sounds like there are enough people up this way for us to have a proper Omlet meet next time you're up in Edinburgh!
  2. We've got mountains of dirty snow everywhere where the roads have been ploughed. Can't see them melting any time soon.
  3. Oh my word, how adorable ! Not sure what age they are allowed these, but I get bulls pizzles (euphemism for you know whats!) for Cassie and she loves them. I try not to think to much about what they actually are .
  4. I call this my Marge Simpson nest box!
  5. Hi, doing well thanks (although been stranded at home for 3 days!). That would be lovely, let me know when you'll be here. Can't believe Rosie is at Uni ! Oops, still getting to grips with this new format!
  6. Dogmother, I can concur with what Rosie says, it's blowing a hoolie here and snow is getting deeper by the hour. Sad to say my neighbourhood isn't what it used to be, we took Cassie for a walk this afternoon and came back to find our car had been vandalised.
  7. This is weird! I've not been on for over a year and haven't had a single notification during that time, until today! Nice to see some still familiar names .
  8. We had a pretty low key Christmas so it was fine! However, tomorrow we're going away to the Lakes for 5 days so we'll see how she copes with a holiday cottage - lots of new things to chew .
  9. Thanks, PM, it was very sad but inevitable at over 17 yrs old . Not sure if you've seen that we have a new pup who has been helping fill the Riley-shaped hole in our lives. She's got a lot to live up to though! *click*
  10. Haven't been on the forum much recently but got a notification so thought I'd pop in and say hi! Cassie is now 8 months old and is a lovely dog (apart from a bit of occasional growly snappy nonsense which we're working on ).
  11. Wilf is obsessed with the washing machine. He likes stealing underwear out of the drum whilst I'm unloading it and parades his treasures around the front garden Ditto to both .
  12. For those not on Facebook, I thought you might like to see Cassie's audition tape for under-housekeeper ... *click*
  13. Aww, congratulations, he's adorable! Such a cute little face . Love the name Goose! There's a collie near us called Stroma (always puts me in mind of a stoma but it's actually a small island off the North of Scotland, near where the puppy came from!)

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