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  1. Usually a new member of a Freecycle group has to be approved by a moderator before his messages go live, this generally happens within a couple of hours of him joining. The approval process is just to check that a new member if not a spammer. When his posts go live anyone interested in the items will e.mail your O.H. directly. Hope he gets some takers soon. Tessa
  2. Well done Alfie a true feline star I have no intention of putting Google into a show but I am interested in what judges look for in a Maine Coon, I presume the tufts and tips are important but is there anything else crucial? Tessa
  3. I can log on but none of the applications work for me Tessa
  4. We took Polly to dog obedience classes and I really enjoyed them and so did she. We did all the things mentioned by others adding a new skill every week. She walks with a completely loose lead now and that is thanks to the training classes. I wish we had an agility class near us, I have searched online and the nearest one is about a 45 minute drive away and has a 2 year waiting list I would also like to take Polly to flyball but there is nothing anywhere near London. Tessa
  5. I have to correct you, Freegle did not steal groups from Freecycle. Freegle did not exist as an entity until the Freecycle owners decided to move and they chose the name Freegle to use instead of Freecycle. No one has stolen anything, the owners have every right to change the name of their groups. "Ooops, word censored!"ody seems to mind much what the groups are called as long as they go on keeping stuff out of landfill. Tessa
  6. Ok I'll have a go at explaining the move. The US founder of Freecycle wants the whole kit and kaboodle moved from Yahoo groups to an independant format called My Freecyle, where he, the founder can start making money from ads, there are no ads on Yahoo, so "Ooops, word censored!"ody makes any money. Understandably the owners of the Freecycle groups are not happy about being forced to move their groups, and one by one the founder has been picking them off and putting in new owners which move the group to My Freecycle. After literally thousands of e.mails a very large number of owners decided to jump ship and set up their own independant groups still on Yahoo and call it Freegle. It's complicated, but I think they did the right thing......corporate greed that's what it's all about. Tessa
  7. Polly also goes into a frenzy at the chicken run, we tried water aversion therapy but she loves it so absolutely useless. The dog trainer suggested we tried putting two biscuit tin lids in a plastic bag and drop it suddenly on the ground or banging it on your leg, this works a treat and stops her dead in her tracks, I don't even have to bang it now she sees the carrier bag and just runs back into the house This would avoid the wet dog smell in the house, although personally I quite like the smell Tessa
  8. Polly the collie nearly pulled your arm out of it's socket when we first rescued her At dog training classes we were taught that the minute she started to pull we should change the direction of the walk so she never actually got anywhere, and although you do feel a bit silly and it takes ages to get anywhere it did work and she doesn't pull at all any more. We also used tiny treats once the lead was loose. If your dog is not food led our trainer told us to use what he called 'high quality' treats maybe tiny pieces of raw meat rather than just normal dog treats. Tessa
  9. Couldn't agree more Olly, it is soothing, it's a bit like listening to cricket on the radio, I haven't got a clue what's going on, but it is very cosy. I will certainly complain! Tessa
  10. They can't As long as the name 'Freecyle' isn't used moderators can change and move their group wherever they want. I am a Freecycle moderator, not an owner though and our group is still with Freecycle, although for how long I've no idea. I am glad some of the groups have made the move, the US owner is power crazy and a real pain to try and work with. Tessa
  11. That's great ANH, I know you were dreading introductions, I am so glad it is all going so well so far, slowly really is the way to go Tessa
  12. That is really encouraging for day 6 I am on day 21 of introductions which is roughly when peace should break out. To be honest I haven't had any argy bargy, well nothing to worry about. A bit of chasing and very half hearted pecking, but now they happily freerange together but still in two distinct flocks. I still have my WIR divided because I'm not sure about the early mornings and they still sleep separately, the new girls in an old rabbit hutch, but all in all I am extremely relieved that it has all gone so smoothly. I put off getting new hens for over a year because I was terrified of introductions having read so many horror stories on the forum, but fingers crossed it has been a piece of cake I hope it goes as smoothly for you Tessa
  13. Absolutely gorgeous Shame my mum isn't alive she was a fabulous knitter and loved doing complicated patterns like that. Tessa
  14. I used to be a dance teacher, taught ballet privately and 'dance' in State schools. When my children started arriving I gave it up and opened a shop recycling children's equipment, toys clothes etc., Now I am retired, I drink a lot of tea, play a lot of Scrabble and do a fair amount of grandchildren sitting, life is good Tessa

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