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  1. Thanks for posting the Eglu thread on soap nuts, so maybe not the ones from Lakeland as they sound rubbish. I will have a ponder, maybe one cannot help save the planet and have sparkling clean clothes! I read about the vinegar tip on another thread and am defininely going to try it, I don't use conditioner and try and line dry everything, but I don't really enjoy 'crunchy' towels and the vinegar could be the answer. Thanks to all for your comments. It is VERY windy here in London, my hens have turned really hyper I had to shut them in their run early. Tessa.
  2. Thanks for the info Shirl. I tend to bung everybodies clothes in together, maybe I will buy some and try them just on the grown ups clothes. Tessa
  3. Hi, my first posting on the Nesting Box forum. You all seem very knowledgable about all things eco so ....... Today with the Sunday paper I got a Lakeland catalogue. One of the items they sell are soap nuts a natural way to wash clothes in the w.machine. I use Ecover washing stuff it is expensive and to be honest not that great for really bad stains like ketchup, it is not me that's a messy eater but my 18 month old grandson who lives with me. Anybody tried soap nuts? Are they any good? Tessa.
  4. Through my local Freecycle I have been in contact with a chicken keeping person who is proposing to start a collective chicken feed purchasing scheme. She will drive to Titmuss in Herts and, depending on demmand bulk buy layers pellets, they give quite a big discount for bulk buying, and as she is collecting there is no delivery charge. The area of London she is prepared to deliver to is the Borough of Haringey in North London. So if anybody lives in Haringey or on the borders and you are interested, please PM me and I will give her your details. Thank you Tessa
  5. Yesterday as I was scrubbing poo off the roosting bars, I wondered if chickens HAVE to perch on wood? Could I cover the bars with that old Blue Peter standby Sticky Backed Plastic? I am sure it would make it easier to remove the poo. Anybody do this? or an alternative? I apologise if I am asking questions which have been discussed many times before, but I am a very new chicken owner - and loving every moment of it! Tessa
  6. Thanks Olly for the info. It is a bit far for me to drive, but their catalogue is great. Tessa
  7. Thanks Richard. I was under the impression that people used the powder as a preventative measure. I scrub the bars and inside area every 3 days or so, so I will take your advice and not waste money. And I should have thought of the online Omlet shop durrrrr. Tessa.
  8. As a brand new chicken keeper I am gradually trying to assemble the various things I need to keep my pets in tip top shape. I spent all day trying various pet shops to buy some red mite powder, absolutely no luck at all. I live in North London. can anybody help with a shop where I might be lucky, or an online shop maybe? Also garlic powder, I tried supermarkets the health food shop to no avail, help here also? I used to read a lot maybe do a spot of housework occassionaly, since I have my chickens I seem to spend all my time on fox watch while they are free ranging or scanning this forum for tips and ideas.....I'm not complaining.its more fun than hoovering! Tessa.
  9. We have only had our 3 chickens and Eglu for two weeks, but already my very clever husband has devised an automated Eglu door opener which can be used without leaving the bedroom. We are both retired, our children are grownup so there is no need really for us to be up at the crack of dawn. He has made a wooden device which clamps on to the door opener this is attached to a rope which is slung over the tall trees in our back garden and leads to the bedroom window which faces the garden. All we need do is get out of bed, yank on the rope and the door opens, check to see all three come out and feed and then back to bed until a more civilised hour when we let them freerange. It means we can't lock the door at night, but he is currently working on another idea which means the door can lock and will respond to light, a bit like those security lights which come on when it gets dark, so we won't even have to get out of bed. I don't really mind getting up on a lovely summer morning, but in mid February when its raining and freezing cold, no thanks. Tessa.
  10. James, I am sadly not a fan of any football team, however both my sons are "Ooops, word censored!"nal fans if that makes it better. I live in Crouch End, so not a million miles away from Islington. Saw a fox in the garden tonight, luckily my new pets were already tucked up safely asleep. Following instructions from this forum I have sent my husband out to pee round the run! Tessa
  11. We have had our Eglu (green) and 3 Miss Pepperpot chickens, Annie, Winnie and Minnie, for a week now. We are enjoying them very much and have taught them to come to us for treats by ringing a bell. We are keeping them in quite a small back garden in London, we let them free range as much as possible. I wondered if there is anybody else keeping chickens in a back garden in London, preferably North London? This forum is great, I learn so much by reading all the messages. Tessa.

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