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  1. A very happy birthday Vickie:)) My elder son mucked about at school, and even though I sat with him through many boring hours of revision for his GCSE's he did really badly and it was obvious he wasn't going to go on to higher education:( He left school and drifted in and out of a few rubbish jobs and periods of unemployment and then got a job as an assistant to a landscape gardener, he absolutely loved it and has been doing it for 4 years now. He works for an industrial landscape gardening co. and has his ticket for driving diggers and dumpers. He says he loves working outside and the thought of being inside surrounded by paperwork makes him feel Your son sounds like a lovely boy and maybe he is just not academically minded and would rather work in a trade or with his hands. Good luck to him. Tessa
  2. We always eat at the table. No tablecloth, but placemats and everything else. It is probably my advanced age but I am a bit shocked when people I know don't own a dining table, my younger son and his g.friend don't own a table and eat watching the telly tsk. Tessa
  3. I insure my cat and dog with Animal Friends. They are non profit making, after costs all their profits go to animal rescue centres or similiar. I can't remember the premiums but they seemed reasonable at the time. I have never made a claim so have no idea how good they are at paying out promptly. Tessa
  4. I have the same one as ANH it was an Omleteers must buy a while ago. I have used mine on tiles and grouting, like Olly said I'm not sure I would use it on wooden surfaces. Tessa
  5. I make Welsh rarebit with grated cheese, lots of mustard powder some plain flour and a tsp of milk to gloop it all together, grill and garnish with lots of Worcestor sauce. Yum Tessa
  6. I get this too when I am stressed. I was told it was 'the aura of migraine'. Mine starts exactly the way Rhona described and then it gradually gets bigger and bigger until I have a real light show going on It lasts between 10 and 20 minutes and then starts to disappear round the back of my vision. I have been told it has no cure and is completely harmless. I don't get the migraine pain either but I do feel like a wrung out dishcloth afterwards. Tessa
  7. You could try Swarfega. Spread it over the grease patch, leave for a day then wash off with warm soapy water, I have no idea if it would work but Swarfega is specifically made to remove oil and grease Tessa
  8. Aw poor Bracken I was just wondering if it would harm if you gave her one of those really low dose aspirin, the ones people take every day if they have an iffy heart? Might help with the pain until the vet prescribes some pain relief. I totally understand if you feel nervous about doing this, but I think I would. Tessa
  9. Chelsea the medication we were prescribed was Metacam I would certainly urge you to try all the alternatives before going down this route. Tessa
  10. My old dog Sasha suffered from arthritis quite badly the vet put her on medication the name of which escapes me right now, and although it eased the pain and gave her much better mobility it nearly killed her as it damaged her kidneys We took her off the medication and informally consulted a homeopathic vet who suggested Rhus Tox and raw ginger and garlic in her meals, the results were amazing and after a very short while she was leaping around the place like a puppy She lived for another 5 years and died aged 17. We also gave her a drop of cod liver oil in every meal. I hope you find something that works Chelsea it is awful to see a pet in pain Tessa
  11. Can't help really, my fridge freezer is ancient but refuses to die If I had the money I would buy one of those Smeg American style fridge freezers but they are mega expensive even off the internet. Tessa
  12. This story really upset me too Apparently the dogs were in a regular police car, they had just been donated to the police, whatever that means. Tessa
  13. I think it will be aired next Monday. I was really looking forward to watching them survive on post war rations Tessa
  14. Great news Here's hoping for continual improvement and gentle breezes Tessa
  15. Hope you get the new dog, although barking mad does spring to mind Tessa
  16. I am so happy for you He is beautiful. I like the name chilli. How long before you can bring him home? Tessa
  17. I don't think cats hold grudges, I am glad she came through it ok, how weird that she didn't have a uterus Tessa
  18. Oh it was all going so well, second lot of washing pegged out in lovely sunshine, 5 minutes later it's thunder and tipping it down Tessa
  19. I am not really a sentimental type, but I do have a Wade turtle that my mum bought for me when I was about 6, I keep my sons' baby teeth in it. I also have a very pretty little cut glass vase that my mum used to put sweet peas in, I always use it for my sweet peas. Tessa
  20. I have had chickens for nearly two years and we have only eaten chicken three times during that period, we save it for special occasions, freerange only. My DH still hasn't eaten an egg that my chickens have laid unless it is in an omlette or in batter, it drives me crazy but he says he feels funny about them Tessa
  21. I hope it all goes well on Monday Emma. When Google had her engine out she had a lampshade but I took it off almost immediately because she hated it so much, she was fine, a bit wobbly the first day, back to normal the next. Tessa

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